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Long Bitching Pt 1


I had to delayed my supposed blog to further dates due to my tight schedule. I am busy and that is VERY BLOODY FUCKING busy…. I had to let out my stress in this post.. I feel i had to… I really had to… I’m gonna rant, insult and complain and it’s not going to be pretty…

1. Complain 1
First of all, i would like to stress again…I AM VERY BLOODY FUCKING BUSY…. You people do not believe me then just keep your mouth shut and i don’t care..you wanna doubt me then go ahead…I don’t fucking care but if you wanna doubt me and deliberately do it in front of me then you are not getting on my good side at all… I absolutely hate it when ppl do not believe how busy i am, it’s just that you don’t bloody enrolled in Industrial Design in UTM.. Lack of sleep and heavy workload…which SRI students never experienced it before? Even parasites that never do any work also experienced the same torture…If you wanna take into account that you slept at 2 and then boast that you too lack of sleep then fuck you..you never tasted what is like to sleep 2 hours max per day for a few days straight…I never understand why exam-based students need to complain and sometimes boast how stressful they are and even said i have an easy life here(coz i need not face that much books)…well i challenged anyone who think like that for a duel..The conditions are as below:

1. Try to take a can of putty open it near you and leave it for a few days…
2. Try sanding that bloody putty’s surface until it became glossy enough
3. Try using tonnes of spray cans for a few days
4. Try applying putty and try to get it even (one of the most fucking hard thing to do)
5. Try to sleep 2 hours a day while doing this (i never even put in don’t sleep at all)
6. Try doing your bloody 3d modelling while doing this
7. Try writing your report while doing this
8. Try preparing for exam while doing this
9. Try preparing your panel while doing this
10. LAST of all, PREPARE your hardwork to be Critisized and insulted during your presentation

Do this for 1 week, and you still think thatstudying your books late every night is more hectic and stressful, then i would gladly exchange course with you and even pay you for it…Anyone up for challenge?

And i hate it when people complain that they are lack of sleep when all they did was watching dramas or shows till late at night or even gaming….You people are very ignorant and never tasted the bitter part of life..

And i absolutely do not understand why people will question me when i said i’m busy…Is it because i used to be fucking lazy? comments like….”busy still online?” “busy still can surf net?” “busy still can watch show?” Why can’t i do that? those entertainments are for short term, I dun bloody facebook for 3 hours? You might see me online in facebook 24/7 but look at my activities for God’s sake…look at the time…the ranging and random and not continuous time…Busy cannot rest awhile? It’s the same as eating or sleeping when busy? Why don’t you just don’t eat or sleep until your work is done? if your work can only be completed in a week’s time then why not don’t sleep or eat or even drink for a week? I need to release my stress and worries by facebooking once awhile and watch some shows…the shows i watch is only for awhile then pause then continue my work…SHOOT ME FOR DOING THAT……….

To those people (note that i say people not person which means not only 1 who say that) who has been really ignorant then please research on my course or even interview designers for it..you think it’s damn easy to study this design course? Take up my challenge..I even save you the trouble of researching and designing…

2.Complain no.2
Every sem i’ve been blessed with “wonderful” group member that could entirely screwed me upside down…Last sem, i had this group member, S who entirely screwed up my project. S never did anything like i ask her to and her constant complaints about how long her bloody com need to render a few seconds animation….a few hours for 3 secs? Do she seriously thinks i’m dumb? Please take note that her cpu is only a week old and had a Quad Core processor in it with 4GB ram…My computer took less than an hour to render a 3 sec animation and my com is only a Core 2 Duo with 2GB ram… Conclusion?
Intel had better step up in their processors’ develepment as C2D had tremendously overpowered C4Q…
I had asked my senior to help me render my animation with his Quad Core com and he took less than 20 minutes to do so…WOW, magic!!
I shouldn’t jump into conclusion yet, S might be good in doing her animation, in terms of motion, lighting, materials etc etc…which explains the amount of time she need…I only got her work less than a minute before my presentation and wow…she overestimated me for being able to combine these shits in a few secs..the next thing i know? She’s on the way back to Melaka which means it’s down to me and my other group member to present our stuff…I checked her stuff with great expectation and hoping S could prove me wrong with her works…One word to describe her work…
I seriously cannot believe her works….It’s so unbelievable terrible that i really wanted to strangle her to death….Although I’m not expecting anything good from her but it seems i had OVERestimated her…..I’m serious about this…The flaws? Not even a minute long for total animation which is the minimum requirement for each member to do, not according to the storyline, No linkage between scenes, nothing good about it, No movement, It’s terrible enough to make me blow my top and good enough for many people to laugh at it….The only thing that stop me from screwing her is that I do not want to talk or see her anymore…To make things worse is she do not even wanna apologise and even had the guts to act as though nothing had happened…If you are reading this, I do not need your apology or any shits….if you do not have the guts to admit and talk to me about then then you are really worthless..

This sem, another group member like that…..Damn, all thse people should be grouped together to see how sucks can they be… If you happens to read this too…Insult me for being mean with my words but i have the rights to do so… You do not need to do 3d modelling and GA and help out with the modelling and cut wood in this bloody group project.. I could forgive turning up late for meeting or work for 30 minutes…but an hour? 3 hours? you don’t bloody live 200 km away and you just live about 200 meters away…Turning up when everybody had finished their work, not apologising and still act ignorant about it? As soon as i grad i will give each of these assholes a piece of my mind…I don’t bloody care what you need to say or insult…..You only do design report and how about exchanging workload?

WORSE of all, when she turns up, she puts up such disinterested and ignorant outlook…the only thing that holds back my punches is I don’t hit girls…..if there are anyone who thinks that i wrongly judged her, here’s a newsflash…I”M NOT THE ONLY ONE..Juniors, coursemates from other sections….AM i being a little too sensitive? Fuck people who thinks so…try having her in your group…I wonder can you all really bear with all this..

That’s all for part 1, I wasted much time doing this…Time to hit back to my 3D modelling…I will definitely continue this….

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  • hooichie

    calm down man!! haha…relax relax…holiday is coming soon!!! haha…btw, i noe student who study design in utm got alot of assignment and each assignment got little marks nia but u nid to do alot in order to complete it..my fren always knock my door and ask for my help wif a sleepy face…she also got sucky group members like u!!! haha…pitty u guys la…anyway..jia you jia you ba!!! good luck in final~~

  • Hooi

    I didn't sleep for 3 days (at least)…….huhuhuhBut you are more pity, need to do everything, LK drawing, model, sketching, report and more….'Even parasites that never do any work also experienced the same torture'…I like this sentence XDMy model still haven't finish T-T and 2 panels some more…..suck ah

  • Eric Lee Huangshi

    Hooi-that line should be my quote of the week lolhooichie-thanks for the support

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