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I guess the only thing that attracts people over to my blog is the way I see things. Not because how sometimes I made some dumb jokes online or how vulgar my language can be at times. Seriously, I sometimes think that my blog is slightly on the dull side and a few friends of mine said that my blog is boring, blogs should have more pictures instead of words and even good blogs shouldn’t contain any much vulgar words. Except for “damn”. At first it made me a bit down because not much people appreciate what I wrote. But then again, I do not want to be just “another” blog on the internet.

I honestly do feel glad that I didn’t change. Many people come to recognize my blog for the contents I wrote. I do insert a few pictures grabbed from Google in order to reduce the boredom.
I studied ergonomics in my design course so I know. An aspect that my design field eventually helped out. To be honest, I am not as wise or mature as many think I am. I am really flattered by how some people are influenced by my writing but I do not think I am qualified enough to guide or judge anyone yet. What I am doing through my writing is to write my views from another point of view which many had failed to see.

What I Learn In Design Classes

I look back at the blog posts I wrote previously and I realized how shallow and common my view was. I realized that there are many things that I had overlooked and life isn’t just a singular aspect. All thanks to the design lessons I had from my lecturer that I finally begin to see things I couldn’t see normally. Although he implies this in our design sense but naturally it develops into my general thinking. Life had never been the same to me anymore. In design, we had to make many considerations contrary to what many people thinks.

Most people thought that designers had it easy in their job and the fact that most industrial designers in Malaysia are not appreciated is one of the proof. If everything we need to consider is just the aesthetic appeal of a product’s outlook, we definitely have the easiest job in the world. However, how many people realize that we designers had to consider much more than that. The correct seat curvature, leg structure that is strong enough to support weight, backrest inclination, assembly parts, manufacturing and material considerations. All these is just a minor part in designing just a simple chair for your ass. Apply it to our daily life and hence we have the origin to many of my blog posts.

Looking At Many Perspectives

To tell the truth, I too still neglect many areas in every opinion I gave. Some might comment that they had never think of it that way and it’s so true, but what I wrote here is not necessary what’s best. I’ve learned to take in many considerations and look at things differently. Sounds easy but it is actually very hard. What I learned in these 3 years is not enough and there are many who failed to do what I did now. Not blowing my own horn but it is a fact. Probably because I’m used to people judging me by my looks and then got everything wrong in the end, that I am much easier to understand the concept of looking things differently

My Blog My Views

That’s the story behind the inspirations for most of my blog posts. I am trained to think in many ways but not necessary correct. My blog might represent my views and thoughts but it doesn’t represent me totally. Just a small part of me. Probably this is called creativity? I’m not sure but I just want to let people know that we can never something accurately. There are many ways of seeing things and the environment we lived in had influence our mindset to look things in a smaller scope and sometimes biased. What I intend to do through my blog is to provide a much more unique view in things.

I never wanted people to look up my blog as a guide in life if that’s what you are thinking about my intentions. I just want people to realize that we should open up our mind towards every little details in life. What I said over here is not necessary correct and I might overlooked certain things as well and also biased at some occasion. It is weird to see some adults asking me for tips in life as I am just 23 years old without even a girlfriend right now. I’m not saying people that comment over here but also other people I know outside of blogging world. That’s why I always wonder, what kind of person I portray online? Care to tell?

That’s all for now. This entry is just to keep my blog alive. May be I should get back to blogging some serious jokes in my life, don’t ask me why but I seem to encountered many retarded craps in my life and never fail to entertain people with them… Hmmm…..I should….Next post…

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