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Lost World Hot Springs And Spa


The highlight of the trip or may be I should say the entire place is definitely their hot springs. The Lost World Hot Springs and Spa . They covered a space of 80,000sf that consists of Infinity Pool, Lost World Steam Cave, Foot Spa, Top of The World Pool, The Geyser of Tambun, Crystal Pool, Saphira’s Lair, Saphira’s Baby Pool and Crystal Spa. The name of the places definitely suggest our time spent here is not going to be enough.

I like how they uses a fire breathing dragon or dinosaur at the entrance. This will definitely appeal to kids.

Love the entrance leading all the way to our destinations. A rustic and raw design to create a warm welcome.

Interestingly, here at Lost World Hot Springs and Spa, coffee is not just a drink. It is also a product for your skin. Here, they have the Coffee Sea Scrub and also Coffee Mask that smells absolutely delicious but not for consumption. The girls are definitely having a kick out of it but I shall pass. Never a fan of anything sticky on my face. Please don’t think sideways.

And like any other spas, massages are provided and they are good. Never a fan of massage as well but what else can I do when the girls went for a facial treatment with my favourite beverage?

It is an open air mixed hot spring area and of course you have to cover up. But if you ask me, I would prefer to have a room and hog all the place for myself. Seriously. That’s bliss.

Another interesting aspect on The Lost World Hot Springs and Spa, is they provide a fortune teller that could read your fortune. She could answer all your questions and also tells your past and future accurately. I actually didn’t went and consult her because it is sometimes better not knowing as the future might be a result of our actions rather than predicted.

The experience of a hot spring spa was definitely refreshing. There aren’t many hot springs in Malaysia let alone a spa built on it. On the other note, the whole place was actually built on my father’s childhood hang outs. He used to live there and frequents the hot springs nearby. Coming here definitely made me experience my father’s childhood and I wonder all the things we now had missed out on.

For more info:
Facebook: The Lost World of Tambun
Website: http://www.sunwaylostworldoftambun.com/

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