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Lucky 4D Number From God


If you are a Chinese or a Malaysian or a Singaporean, you would know that there are people who would make offerings to spirits or deities or Gods in order to request a lottery number from them.  The number provided is believed to be able to strike one of the top prizes. Gamblers sure do will try anything just to get rich from gambling right?

The story below is told by my uncle who happened to his friend. THIS IS A TRUE STORY. I would use myself to represent that friend of my uncle so please don’t think I had ever went to any ritual like this. I had not and don’t intend to. Please enjoy.


It’s DAMN TRUE!!! As soon as he went into trance and act as though the Hokkien deity had possessed his body, he got up scared to scout for the police car. The above situation is a REAL STORY. Every bit of it except for the fact that I’m in the scene. As soon as he found out that is not a police car, he suddenly WENT BACK INTO TRANCE state pretending as though everyone did not see it and nothing actually happened! What’s even more hilarious is this.

Yeap, he actually had the nerves to pretend nothing happen and proceed to ask whoever want the number that he claimed Tua Pek Gong gave him. Of course, none of them bought it and just left while being very very convinced that they were almost conned by this idiot.

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