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Lunch Date with Prince Of Pop


Honestly, I like K-Pop. It doesn’t bound to only male boy bands like what most people think but also female bands as well. So, generally what exactly is Korean Pop culture or the K-Pop Culture? To me, it contained several elements as followed.

Good dance moves, good dance beats, a song with not only soulful singing but also good rapping element blended in.

I always wondered how come Malaysia did not come up with something like that? Since K-Pop is literally the latest craze among Malaysian teenage girls, it would be a great selling point. Fortunately, I’m not the only one with this thought and here is one of such band, Prince of Pop or P.O.P for short.

They are hailed from Sabah and this is a short introduction of P.O.P for those who are not familiar with them. Introduction courtesy from Caroline.


Their journey begun from 2006 up till present. The Prince Of Pop started with the combination of two different group members that joined the first season of the reality show called Gangstarz. On the 2007, the name of the band changed from Triple Prince to Da’Prinz ย during the second trial on the second season of the Gangstarz. They had recorded EP songs with title called ” Ada Hiivai Dandi Toh & Nung Noilaan Ku ” and also had been performing from place to place at Sabah. 2009, they represented Sabah to join the GAwai-Kaamatan festival at Auditorium P.Ramlee, Kuching, Sarawak which organized by the RTM.


2010, they met Cat Farish and were offered to be artist under the Cat Presents Production Sdn Bhd. They came out with a single titled ” Buku Baru ” which had been the soundtrack for the drame named “Seribu Kali Cinta” in TV3. Till the year of 2011 which is present year, they had won the Anugerah Juara Lagu Carta Kadazan Tempatan RTM Sabah on the last 12th March. Their band name were changed again to P.R.Inc and finally to P.O.P.

The lunch session with P.O.P was held in Nandos, Sungei Wang where they are due to make their first debut showcase later that evening.

Sincerely I apologize for not featuring another member of P.O.P because he was busy with the other fans and by the time he’s free, it simply slipped off my mind to request for a solo pictures. But I believe he’s one of the personal favorite among the fans.

Food is great and all, I especially enjoyed the company I had as most of them are involved in the media industry. Also not forgetting their fans as well.

Food for the day is quite good as I'm a fan of Nandos

Star quality? Probably but what P.O.P had in most of them that made them well-liked besides good looks, dance and voice, is their friendly personality. They mix around, eat the same food with everyone of us rather than being reserved or distance themselves from us.

They connect with the fans as much as they could like what a friend would do to another friend. There are activities being held to keep the vibes up. Luckily I am not chosen for those activities as I wouldn’t be able to do what am I required to. Kudos to all the participants.

There is a quiz and lucky draw session which both me and Caroline won. Pretty good day I must say.

Last but not least, a group photo session with the members of P.O.P. It’s my first time mingling with a bunch of stars and it’s definitely a good experience. They might be new but they soon to be one of the most famous bands in Malaysia’s history. Check out several videos of them and be the judge yourself.

P/S: Thanks to Feeq for this lovely opportunity to meet with the upcoming superstars of Malaysia.

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