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Malaysia and Alien Invasion Part 1


We are no longer stranger to alien invasion stories and movies. It is almost laughable that almost alien movies out there decided to start attacking America first before going anywhere else. I know it is just a movie and every movie wanted to showcase their nation to be the hero. And it is not like I take it seriously where the heck the aliens start invading from. However, I wondered. What if the aliens decided not to invade America first for once. How about, let’s say, Malaysia? How would we end up in that battle or war? How far can we fare against these aliens? Well, this is how I would depict it.

Firstly, the ever usual jam when something interesting happened even when a car bumped another car a little bit would definitely kill us all in this alien invasion. We simply have nowhere to run and most of us are too busybody to be able to actually survive. Who else can we blame if such a thing happens. Even if someone who did not want to see what’s going on but sane enough to wanted to flee at first sight will be unable to do so? Why? Got stuck in traffic jam. Malaysians’ favorite excuse.

Secondly, I would like to think that for once, everyone would be glad with “Malaysians’ Time” which are more often than not later than promised time.

What are the first thing people do if there is anything strange happening? We Facebook, tweet or instagram about it. What makes it different this time? Remember the time where there are several small “quakes” over in West Malaysia and the first thing people thought is to post it up on social media rather than survival skills. So what happens if Malaysians saw a real life alien in front of them? They do the same shit I would guess. Either that, or they will be smart enough to run away, before stopping to post it on social media again. What the hell is the difference?

Right now the score is 2-1 with aliens leading the way. So how would this “epic battle” ends? Will Malaysians actually fought from behind and all the way to the front to claim victory? Or will the aliens squash us like bugs and have us as satay? Stay tuned for next week’s episode of “Malaysia and Alien Invasion”.

But seriously, who do you expect to win? What do you think it will happen when aliens invade Malaysia?


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