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Malaysia Super GT and Eric’s Way of Scoring Chicks Fan Base


Honestly, if you had been in blogging long enough, (not exactly famous or what), you would notice that the most important fan base to have is chicks. Seriously. I have been blogging since like 2006 although only last year that I began put in some comic blogging style in it. I don’t really consider myself a comic blogger though, because I seriously think I wouldn’t be doing comics for every single post I have unlike this comic blogger I know, Ernest. You see, having large fan base of chicks is an added advantage. Because when a chick “Likes” or “Shares” your link, there would be few of her girlfriends be visiting your blog and also an army of perverted stalkers to click in your blog. Yeap. There you have it.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m desperate for chicks fan base already! Oh yeah, you are asking about Caroline, no she don’t count. With her being taken (by me), I don’t think she had an army of perverted stalkers now. But she do generate quite a number of visitors for me when she shares my link and I gain absolutely nothing for her when I share her links. Damn. But let’s get back to chicks. Oh yes. So where do I get these amount of chicks? Probably most of you guessed it, the Malaysia Super GT event.

Yes! The Malaysian Super GT is back! The sexy machines that graced the Sepang Circuit is definitely something you wouldn’t want to miss. If you are a car enthusiast and if you thirst for something fast to get your blood pumping, you have to catch this race. I might not be able to afford it but I definitely looking forward to watching it. So when is this exciting event going to take place?

Well, mark your calender, you fan boys and fan girls. This 9th and 10th June 2012, you will be able to catch these awesome machines racing with one another.

If the racing cars are not enough to get your car fanatic genes pumping, the AFFIN Bank motorshow would also feature some of their road-legal collections and not to mention, some would be bringing in their rarest collection of Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin and the list goes one! My absolute favorite Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 would also be there for me to feast my eyes on. How absolutely amazing is that?


If you are thinking that the motorshow would only be biased towards cars, then you are wrong. Ducati and Harley Davidson will be bringing their best motorbikes to the show. Forget your Kap Chai at home, these are the real deal bikes that would turn the toughest looking biker to scream in ecstasy like a little girl getting a new barbie doll.

The organizers of Super GT intend to break the record created last year in the Malaysia Book of Records with the 2nd Edition of the Biggest Super and Performance Car Gathering! They are aiming to gather more than 405 cars on the front straight of Sepang International Circuit (SIC), which will feature cars from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin and other road-going variants of Super GT Racing Machine such as the Lexus SC430, Honda NSX, Nissan GTR and Mazda RX7. If this is not enough to excite you, I’m not sure what will!


Look at the army of stal.....photographers

YES! The Malaysia Super GT will definitely be graced by lots of lots of beautiful GT Queens! If you are a fan of cars, these eye candies could be the sole reason why every hot blooded male should be going to the Super GT! Shine your lenses! Dress to kill! Practice those pick up lines! Who knows! Be there to take a picture of them and try to get to know them! A possible date may be?

Like every single round of Super GT, you would not have a complete race without these beauties to grace the pit stops. Seriously, these are chicks who I should have as a fan base! If I have these babes as my fans, and if they share my blog links, what would you expect of my incoming traffic? Muahahahaha

What ticks me of is this picture below actually.

It struck me as a brilliant idea! By becoming a GT racer myself, I could eventually get close to the GT Queens and even force them to like every single of my blog post!

OK FINE! I WOULD JUST GO WATCH THE RACE THAN RACE IT! These people had no sense in seeing talents when one present before them. What a douche!

So where do I purchase these tickets to see the race and also the GT Queens? Do you wanna know how?

You could get it through online by log on to www.ticketcharge.com.my or www.supergt.com.my or at Roadshows. *Children aged below 12 years old can enter for free.* Skybus will be providing shuttle services from KL Sentral (details can be found at www.supergt.com.my) Below is the ticket pricing:-

  • Grandstand ticket – RM 100 ( comes with a Touch N Go card )
  • Pit Walk Pass – RM 100
  • Photographers Pass – RM 500

The best thing about purchasing this Super GT tickets is that you will be entitled to be in the run for the Lucky Draw!

These are not the ONLY prizes to be won! The prizes available would worth up to RM50,000 and below are the list of prizes!

• Naza NZ125R motorbike
• Avira anti virus
• Samsung 32″ LCD TV
• Samsung 43″ Plasma TV
• Panasonic 50″ Plasma TV
• Panasonic 32″ LCD TV
• Fujifilm Compact Camera
• Canon Compact Cameras
• Olympus Cameras
• Samsung Mobile Phones
• Nikon D5100
For more details, you can actually visit www.ticketcharge.com.my or www.supergt.com.my especially for terms and conditions. So what are you waiting for right now? Grab your tickets and you could be on your way to win these babies and you might even win a few cameras for you to take pictures of the lovely cars and GT Queens.
You can always follow Super GT for future updates and details regarding the race and events at the following links!

Website: www.supergt.com.my and www.supergt.net

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SuperGT.my

Twitter: www.twitter.com/supergtmy



Scumbag Ernest not being sympathetic towards my car. Don’t worry, I will still follow you take pictures of GT Queens with Big Tetek. Now if only I could get someone to distract Caroline. Any takers?
You guys! Please do visit Ernest’s comic blog “Bro don’t like that la bro” and also Caroline’s My Stories. I’m sure you guys would be entertained.

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