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Malaysian Drivers Part 2


I’ve blogged about Part 1 over here.

This is a true story happen awhile back while I’m still in a local university pursuing my degree. I only brought my car over to the university for the last semester of my studies. I occasionally had to go to a printing shop nearby to print some stuff be it a theses copy, projects or design panels. So having a car is definitely a plus point. The only problem is that parking is usually hardly available at the few spots that I often goes to. So this is how the story goes.

Or at least I thought it was a good day. Just about 15 minutes I parked my car, I saw this.

This is something that I could not understand till this day. there are empty parking slots at both side of my car and the driver decided to double park behind my car. Really brilliant I must say. Despite that area having ridiculously wide road compared to the normal road we have, I still could not simply understand the logic to double park behind a parked spot where there are empty parking slots around. If the driver is too lazy to park his car or too unskillful to make a decent parking, why not double park at the empty parking spots instead of a parked one? What the eff is wrong with these people?

Oh yes! The matter did get worse when another retard decided to triple park behind my car. I thought the first was idiotic enough but the second car was even more inconsiderate, selfish and retarded that I would ever imagined. The parking spots are STILL EMPTY and then there are no other cars double parking besides that retard who did so behind my car so why would he even thought of triple parking? If you ask me, I will say these two idiots are the most selfish drivers I ever met in Malaysia. May I suggest to the government to actually do a brain test to see if drivers really have that sense to actually make sense? Never mind the manners. These two idiots lack sense.

Luckily by the time I came out of my shop, the two idiots came out of their shop at the same time and they manage to drove off before I get in my car. And worse still, they act like there is not a single problem with what they had done. Damn it.

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  • Jess

    gonna hate those people who dun even leave their number when they park behind us. Nice drawing ๐Ÿ˜€
    My recent post CNY 2012 Part II

  • HouHouSek

    ahahhaha i like ur drawings wei
    My recent post Snowflake @ Pavilllion

  • claire

    They not worried of getting summon meh?
    My recent post My House Has Been Invaded!

  • Littlelamb

    Hahahahaha I had a good laugh n just nice to end my Sunday night.
    Hmm, u sleepy hor..maybe they redrew the lines to facing other way? Or perhaps the two cars purposely one cos it's their usual spot? I tell u la…Malaysia macam macam pun Boleh geh

  • ken

    haha vomit blooddd!
    but yeah, that's quite an unusual scene.. got parking lot just park lah.. lol
    My recent post Vespa LX 150 with Talk-a-Thon

  • foongpc

    Wow! These people are unbelievable! Empty parking spaces also don't want to park but prefer to block other people's car?
    My recent post 2012 Chinese New Year Decorations (Part 1)

  • Isaac Tan

    lol! thats actually really funny… sad.. but funny! ๐Ÿ˜›
    My recent post Kek Lok Si Penang Chinese New Year

  • Nil Waugh

    Nice drawing dude!! Yap some people don't have that basic common sense where to park car in parking area. I think by reading and viewing this drawing they'll get that sense. Thanks very much. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  • lianemarkus

    This really is annoying. I tried this how many times and it even took me an hour before I was able to go out of the parking lot. They should do something about this because there are drivers who easily get exhausted when they are rushing and they cannot go out of the parking lot.
    My recent post ืงื‘ืœื”

  • toninkush

    LOL fortunately nobody triple parked at my car before. but there was once that a driver double parked behind my car on purpose 'cause apparently the parking spot is only for VIP's like his boss. i asked him nicely to just move in front a little bit after apologising and he refused to do so. i ended up waiting for his boss with him.
    My recent post Haywire (2012)

  • pouleen

    yeah man…. MALAYSIAN DRIVERS… parking space or not, MAKE YOUR OWN PARKING SPACE.

    • lianemarkus

      It seems like "Park on your own risk". This is actually to those who can really take the risk of waiting for the owner of the car who just blocked your way out.
      My recent post ืงื‘ืœื”

  • cutebun

    Just met with this case yesterday morning. Tons of empty lots but idiot decided to double park us. Then the driver never came out to move their car and my dad had to reverse with the tiny space in between cars to get out

  • Colby Chong

    I like your drawing, especially the vomit blood one hahahaha

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