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Malaysian Fashion Designers at Project O&O


Project One & Only is not only about the youth ambassador they are seeking. It’s a lot more. It’s a collaboration of young and fresh ideas. All blended into a “drink” that will sizzle the Malaysians’ view towards the younger generation of Malaysia. It’s not exactly a hidden secret that we are overshadowed by many things in our society till the extend that we no longer have the slightest chance of being noticed. Project One & Only is the exact CATALYST that we need in order to highlight our youth.

I’m not talking about this because I’m entitled to do this post ONLY. I’m talking about this because I myself consider among the ounger and upcoming generation of Malaysians. Not only that, I’m a designer as well who is very much aware how the industry is trying to neglect the importance of designers. This made it extremely difficult for young designers to be noticed.

Project One & Only is not only about the competition but it is about the things that are thrown into it that made everything possible. Contestants, organizers, photographers, the ones who didn’t succeed and many more. We just didn’t see it all.

One of the major force behind the success of Project One & Only are the designers that are involved in this. Today, I’m going to feature Fizi Woo a young fashion designer in Malaysia who is also one of the official fashion designers for Project One & Only.

Fizi Woo and His Models

Being a designer myself, I admit I do not have much eye for fashion design. I would understand how a 3D, product, interior or graphic design trying to convey, I can hardly grasps 100% of what a fashion designer is trying to achieve.

Much contrary to what most people think, designers’ life are not always on the high end. We been through a lot to put our design in working masterpiece. Not only creativity is involved, but our mentality, stamina and endurance played the most important role.

Fizi Woo's Design

I like how some of Fizi Woo’s designs in trying to blend in tradition with modernism. I seen a lot of plain, simple but yet elegant dresses from Fizi Woo. But my favorite would be his version of traditional-cum-modern designs. Mixing two contradicting design is one of the toughest job ever. You have to get the formula right in order for it to stands out. It takes a little bit of both, to blend it well and made it into an art. If it’s too hard to understand, let’s take an example of cooking. too much salt will be salty and hence unpleasant for consumption. Too little salt would be undesirable altogether. Only when the correct amount of salt and spices that people would love that piece of dish.

Let’s just go through some of Fizi Woo’s design shall we and you be the judge yourself.

Dress by Fizi Woo


Jacket by Fizi Woo

Dress Designed by Fizi Woo


Pictures from http://www.facebook.com/fiziwoo and http://www.facebook.com/ProjectOO and http://www.flickr.com/photos/emisamsudin

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  • Isaac Tan

    Interesting event. Have fun!
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  • tekkaus

    I love the Jacket…it looks so darn futuristic. 😀

  • lianemarkus

    I really like their outfit because it is not just simple but fashionable as well most especially the girl who is wearing white. Her outfit is so stunning and she looks perfect on her make up. It would be nice if you have shown more photos but thanks a lot for this interesting post of yours.
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  • essays best

    I have been following her fashion trends from the very first time she had been introduced in the fashion channel. I am always interested to get the fashion updates she had been sharing.

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