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Malaysian Officials And Internet


A hotly debated topic among Malaysians today. Our Minister of Tourism, Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen apparently invested a total of almost RM1.8 million in setting 6 Facebook Page. Of course, being a free social website that billions of people around the world are using right now, we wouldn’t even expect it to be that amount. Heck, even if they say they used RM1800 to set up those Facebook Pages, people would still complain.

Why people complain? Because it’s FREE to set up a Facebook Page. There are even 10 year-olds and 8 year-olds setting up Facebook accounts on their own. 15 year olds and 16 year olds had been setting up Facebook Page for themselves to satisfy their attention seeking addiction to see how many fans they got. Basically, Facebook Pages are totally free and you don’t have to be an expert in IT to know how to create one. So what’s the money for?

In my opinion, I think the money mostly went to developing of the Facebook apps. But to tell the truth, it doesn’t bloody cost THAT MUCH to come out with a Facebook app. Given RM50k, you can have a very very good and complicated one. Why am I sure of this? Because I had friends working in flash programming and also I had asked before how much would a flash program cost.

So all that money is used to develop a simple SDO-like game that only operates with 3 buttons? I can even better flash games on the internet that is much BETTER for free. It’s not RM30k worth of money. Only a pile of bullshit if you ask me.


But, WAIT!!


If  it will be RM50k (this amount is actually way much higher than the current market price but I got to give an higher estimate for it so it will be fair) an app a page, wouldn’t it be ONLY RM 300k the most? Where’s RM1.5 million went to? Hosting is free under Facebook, posting ads on Facebook pages is only child’s play which wouldn’t need the cost of even RM50.

Designing, coding, testing, debuggin, uploading and launching? It’s all already included in the initial sum paid. So whatever they are saying the budget allocation is for, it should be included together with the flash programming. So where’s exactly is the rest of the money.

When Ng Yen Yen said the RM1.8 million is considered little compared to Australia’s budget for tourism promotion in social media. I do have to agree to that. Indeed, this is because Australia are not ONLY promoting via Facebook Pages. Twitter and Blogging, two of the most powerful social media in the world also plays a part. If I’m not mistaken, Australia sponsors overseas bloggers to come to Australia for a fully paid holiday. Twitter campaign requires paying tweeps to tweet about Australia and so in Facebook. The money is NOT only for promoting in FREE Facebook Page like our government do. Probably the amount of money spent on Facebook Page is less than RM1.8 million.

So since I had to assume there is no corruption exists in this project, am I safe to assume that THEY KNOW SHIT about social media advertising and internet? They are stupid enough to be conned blindly to come out with this amount of money? They even paid RM50 million for a 1Malaysia email and also huge sum for 1Pengguna websites that GOT HACKED before. Am I safe to assume that they really have no idea how to use the internet?

Even the 1Malaysia email is a piece of bull crap. Why pay when there are so many free emails out there? Getting personal with the citizens of Malaysia? Heck, getting all Malaysian to submit their already had emails is even cheaper.


But then, I realized where all the money will go to.

Picture from http://prasys.info/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/pron.jpg


Yes, this is snippets of the list for users of Porn.Com, an porn website. The website was hacked by Lulzsec and they uncovered several VERY VERY VERY STUPID MALAYSIAN GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS to subscribe to that website using their OFFICIAL EMAILS. How dumb can a person be?

The first email – a guy working in Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission.

The second email – someone working in Maritim Malaysia


Proof of that? Got it from this blog post and this blog post.

So this person’s job is to monitor and enforce? Does that mean he will go surf all porn sites, evaluates them and then submit to MCMC to banned it in Malaysia? That’s like being paid to surf porn? If this is a job, SO WHERE DO I APPLY?

Since it is a paid site, I assume the RM1.5 million by goes into staff ENTERTAINMENT. Yeah la, whole wanna filter out ALL THE BAD COMMENTS on their Facebook page, sure very sien wan la. To keep the employees happy, may be they sponsor them some “entertainment” lo. If not, how to keep an eye of the page whole day right?

So what do you think?

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