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Massage and Urban Retreat Spa


Honestly, I never was a fan of massage. Usually I can’t really handle the pain. This probably because way some times back when I’m young and got a sprained ankle, my dad would massage it till the swelling subsides. Boy, that was probably the most torturous 30 minutes of my life. I was literally tearing involuntarily. Of course the pain was also largely due to the fact it is sprained, but considering the amount of force my dad used, it is not a good news for me.

So here I was invited over to Urban Retreat Spa for a session with them along with Caroline. Honestly, I did not know what to expect from it. Been thinking about it and I gave them the benefit of doubt.


Upon coming to the Curve, I was warmly greeted by the staff over there. Despite I was slightly late, they still greeted me warmly and not to mention the very cozy interior design of the spa.


Foot Reflexology Area

Waiting Area

The interior was indeed relaxing and with the aromatherapy essence oil burning away with the cozy sofa, I felt I could doze off anytime just by sitting there while waiting.

I was booked with a 90 minutes session of Deep Tissue Massage and Rejuvenating Coffee Back Scrub while Caroline was booked with Aromatherapy Massage and Candlenut Back Scrub of 90 minutes. These two packages was supposedly their best and most recommended packages. Let me brief to you guys some of the “ingredients” used in my massage session.

Being a coffee lover, I somehow find it odd to have some coffee extract or in this case coffee oat to be scrub against my back. I give them a benefit of doubt and decided to let them work on what’s best.

The session begins with the Coffee Oat Scrub. Oh boy, the aromatic coffee smell definitely pleases me and made me craving heavily for a hot cup of coffee. The scrub session was very relaxing and to the point where I almost fell asleep. It definitely felt very soothing and also an unique experience I might add. I’m not sure why but probably because of the scent, my mind became very relaxed and I’m suppose to be worrying about my workload before that. Later I found out, coffee scrub contains caffeine (obviously) which is also a natural antioxidant that can helped improve my skin texture, blood flow and reduce the risk of cancer. Not bad at all. Before this, I would only thought that coffee are good for drinking.

Next come was the deep tissue massage. I had no idea what is it going to be but I assume that it would be as relaxing as the coffee scrub session. Boy, was I ever so wrong. The pressure applied was definitely not to be taken lightly of. I’m not sure if it’s because my muscle was quite tense, but each massage struck me deeply especially my neck region. It comes to the point where my tears almost rolled out involuntary. I thought I should continue to pretend to be a man and to take it like a man and keep quiet about it.

However, when the masseur asked me about how was it, I couldn’t stand but to ask her to reduce the force. Of course, laughter can be heard greatly especially from Caroline. The remaining session was with bearable pain but yet, not comfortable enough for me to fall asleep. Only after that, Caroline told me deep tissue massage was meant to be hard and painful as the tissue deep within my muscle are massaged. Wow. just exactly how deep can the pressure get. As soon as the massage session was over, I cannot help but to feel my body kinda aching all over.

However, after a few hours, I somehow felt the body pain miraculously reduced. I’m impressed and I actually felt my body was very very light. I guess probably I am seriously tensed up after the long week of work and eventually this made me felt very refreshed indeed. It’s like experiencing some nasty torture before flying up to cloud 9 in an instant. Seriously, not bad at all!

Some of the Aroma therapy oil used

Ginger Tea

Another service that I truly enjoyed is the post-massage service they offered. Don’t get me wrong, there isn’t any hanky panky here if you are asking. What do I mean by post massage service is that I’m being served with a cup of hot ginger tea, the perfect tea to cleanse my body and we are not to be rushed out immediately like I thought. The workers are being extremely friendly and welcoming. We had some nice chat and laughs with them. The visit definitely doesn’t seem like to be a first visit there at all. Really not bad. We stayed and linger awhile before heading towards our next destination.

I come across this deal which I thought to be quite reasonable. It’s good if you are tired from work and take a short break to come over for a massage. It will definitely be very rejuvenating. I’ll let Caroline blogged about her experience with the Aromatherapy massage and will definitely post it up when it is up. But I will list down some of what she told me. She fell asleep during the session and she felt like a giant weight had been lifted off her body. It’s been a very pleasant and relaxing pampering session for her and the staff are exceptionally friendly and skilled.

So I guess this is what I illustrated next to depict our condition post massage.

Right after massage session


Few hours later! Bring on all the tigers and bears, I think I can whoop their butt ANYTIME now

It’s definitely a very enjoyable session especially when the staff are being so welcoming, friendly and skilled. If I were to make a second visit, why not? As long as time permits, it would definitely be great!

@the Curve, Mutiara Damansara (reservation: +603.7731.9829)
@1 Mont Kiara Mall, Mont Kiara (reservation: +6012.617.9509)

w: http://www.urbanretreat-spa.com/
e: info@urbanretreat-spa.com

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/urbanretreatspa

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/urbanretreatmy

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