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Phew! It’s definitely been awhile since I last blogged! So many things happening in these past weeks that made me unable to blog. I went to Hat Yai for a short holiday and then also getting a domain transfer which totally happened longer than it should have been! I was initially informed that a domain transfer usually last for a day or two but my old hosting company decided to screw me up ONE LAST TIME by going at it for a week. During the past year I’ve been with them, my blog was down several times without me knowing and also hacked once! Thank God that I now changed hosting company!

So I been to Hat Yai the last December and being a typical Malaysian, I was fashionably late in updating my expired passport. Turns out, things did not really get in my way. It’s been a down year for me. Here’s what happened.

I was very “kia-su” and rather wake up rather early to go to the immigration office than to queue long! It was a Sunday and yes, many immigration offices opens on weekends but until 12 PM ONLY! But it was also a Selangor public holiday that day, so I had no choice but to go to somewhere further in the federal district. I google it up and then I found the two nearest from the website is to be the one in Pusat Bandar Damansara and also Putrajaya. After some research (5.30 am in the morning), I decided to go to Pusat Bandar Damansara branch which is nearer.

Upon arriving, I was completely stunned to see the whole building in darkness. Although I was early but I also did expect there will be some people lining up as well because that’s the “kia-su” spirit among Malaysians. If you do not know the meaning of “kia-su”, it is Hokkien for scared to lose. Kia = Scared. Su = Lose.

I cannot even believe that I actually sat waiting in my car in total darkness for 30 minutes before deciding to come down and look for the line. The whole area as if straight out of a horror movie, was dead silent and in total darkness. As I walked around, I saw a guard who looks like just woke up from some short nap. He then informed me that the office had already relocated to Jalan Duta since last October. SO WHY THE EFF IS THE PUSAT BANDAR DAMANSARA BRANCH STILL LISTED AMONG THE AVAILABLE BRANCHES ON THEIR WEBSITE???? I had to google up the NEW address and decided to speed my way to the place Initial D style.

There are two things I noticed here. The line was pretty short from afar. As soon as I closed in, I saw most people are sitting by the side while having their partners lined up for them. Majority of the people who are lining up are females while the males chilled by the side reading newspaper or playing their phones or just plain sitting the entire time! Wow. Talk about chivalry. What piss me off more that these people will have a few ppl doing their passport at the same time under the same number which means, it was a long queue actually.

Still glad that some of them in front of me did not manage to fill in the forms before lining up so the queue was shorter for m. That that suckers! The customary checking passport and doing payment had me until 9 am. I was told it will only take 45 minutes before I can take my passport but I estimate it to be an hour. Suddenly..


Yeap. Do not know why the eff that their system decided to be down just 3 numbers before my number was being called. Which means my passport had not been processed yet. I wanted to grab a chair and threw at the face of the trolling officer because the way he announced it, he sounded so casual about it and it makes us think that they could care less about us.

I waited for awhile in front of the counter and I was about to ask about my passport. then I was cut short by this guy.

He got 1065 and he decided to go haywire complaining that he waited the longest in the immigration office? That’s very nice of him. What intrigues me more is the way the officer reply him. He just ask him to go back in a very hostile manner. It’s almost as though making fun of his number and he even smirked. Gosh.

Yeap. He did turn around and speak to me that way. When he asked me for my number since I was standing in front of him, he got shocked and kept quiet. Never heard him say another word for the rest of the time I was there. I FINALLY got my passport at 11.30am and the office closes at 12pm since it’s a Sunday. I highly doubt that guy would ever get his passport that very day. I was hoping to get home early to continue sleeping but then I didn’t. Damn this whole passport fiasco.

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