Men’s Toilet’s Unspoken Rule

When you enter a public men’s toilet, I think it’s obvious to a lot of people that there are certain unspoken or unwritten rules or guidelines needed to be followed. In fact, some people just did it subconsciously without knowing it. Like me, for instance. I wasn’t aware of what I’m doing until when I watched a drama talking about human psychology, I realized there are indeed something being done by most men unaware when it comes to using the public urinals.

The action I mentioned that I did subconsciously is this. I always make sure I’m at least ONE EMPTY urinal away from another person peeing to avoid all kind of awkwardness. Shit. If a person come and pee next to me, even if it’s a friend, I can’t help but feel uneasy.



You see how awkward it can be? Two guys peeing side by side is as gay as any straight guy like me can get in our daily life. I can’t help but wonder if the guys is gay or not and purposely come near me to check out my manhood. Call me paranoid, but if you see carefully next time, if you are a guy of course, most guys will automatically avoid peeing next to each other. This comfort zone should not be messed with and everyone should actually pee with at least one empty urinals in between.



If peeing next to each other is gay, removing your pants all the way down is while peeing next to people is basically giving some unwanted strip show or calling for some gay sexy time to be given at that exact moment. I was stunned awhile looking at the sight of a guy around my age actually need to pull down his jeans all the way with his underwear around his ankles to actually just PEE at the urinal. FOR GOODNESS SAKE, that’s what the zipper on your jeans are for! Even if there are no zipper, there is a way to pee without removing all your jeans and underwear. Girls, ask any of your guy friends for explanation.

The stupid tale of awkwardness and probably the gayest moment that could happened to me does not end there.

Yeap, probably the only time people don’t mind someone beside them to block their view of this awkward situation. I had hold mine for so long, I had no other choice. The next few people actually all waited for him to finish before actually going to use the urinal. That’s how disturbing it can be for all straight guys in this event. One of the worst toilet experience I ever had. Damn.


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  1. lol. Awkward doesn't even begin~
    It's a good thing girls use toilets instead of urinals. lols~
    My recent post When the Brat Meets Three Most Random Guys on Blogosphere~

    • hahaha and that's why female's toilet need to queue

  2. Remind me a youtube video I saw few year back.

    Sharing link :)…!

    • thanks!!! gonna watch!! haha

  3. walao the ass sure is very clear and nothing on it is it? 😛 just kidding and burst out of laughter lol
    My recent post The Devil Inside (2012)

  4. haha.. just use the cubicle then! 3 walls and a door to hide in 😛

    • eh…i wrote that all cubicles are full in the strips what..haha

  5. hahaha..i nearly laughed out loud !! Eric.. u er… now i know how guys feel and pee.. hahahaa… by the way, why not go inside the cubicle wor? Isnt that more comfortable than standing outside in full view? :))
    My recent post Desserts At Delicious, Straits Quay, Penang

    • hahaha now u know la…cubicles all full jor…that's why..hahaha

  6. hahaha. i never really thought of what you guys go thru until you've written about this.

    • u see that we are exposed to the dangers of homosexuality perversion each day..haha

  7. Hahaha!! To avoid all these awkwardness, just use the cubicle and have the privacy all to yourself! LOL!
    My recent post My Trip To Redang Island (Part 1)

    • eh…full already ma..summore cannot tahan…hahha

  8. In fact, I usually like to use the toilet cubicles when I pee. :)
    My recent post My Trip To Redang Island (Part 1)

  9. But I think it's nothing really awkward to pee next to another guy. Maybe the other guy will feel awkward but who cares? I'm there to pee! LOL!
    My recent post My Trip To Redang Island (Part 1)

    • is it??? why u no feel awkward!!!! hahaha kept worry if he saw my bird then how? hahaha

      • LOL! If he saw your bird, let him see lah. But do u really glance at him with the corner of your eye to make sure he's not looking at your bird? Haha!

  10. Haha!! So funny lah the guy expose his butt while peeing at the urinals! But I have encountered this before and I was like stunned! Either the guy is a big small kid or wanted the extra attention LOL!
    My recent post My Trip To Redang Island (Part 1)

    • hahahhaa must be damn freaking weird right?

  11. Maybe the gents should put up a rules and regulations so that every user will be aware of these unwritten rules. And maybe the urinals should be built further apart from each other haha!!
    My recent post My Trip To Redang Island (Part 1)

  12. But having these rules written out in black and white will be infringing on the rights of gays. So better not! Hahaha!
    My recent post My Trip To Redang Island (Part 1)

  13. But which is worse – peeing at the urinal next to a guy or next to a cleaning lady mopping the floor? LOL!
    My recent post My Trip To Redang Island (Part 1)

  14. Awkward daooooo

  15. Omg!! That guy thought he got sexy butt ahh??
    My recent post 4 Days of Shenzhen, China Trip With Family

  16. HAHAHA hilarious when you illustrate it out in such anime fashion. i remember years ago there was a flash game on this matter, educating guys to pick the right urinal lol
    My recent post DG Smart Plan and my Android Phone

    • is it? share the game here ma…haha

  17. hahaha! true weyyy!

    and another thing, i always thought that people standing next to me will eventually saw my “thing” LOLLLLL

    • LOL same wey!!! hahaha

  18. Hahaha when this awkwardness happen, head to cubicle la LOL! 😀
    My recent post I received a Fabulous Blog Award!

    • full already and i cannot tahan!! hahaha

  19. Ahahahahahahhaa!! Laugh dai me… I’m sure he’s a gay!! XD

  20. pee too near also cannot? :X haha dont stare at people when peeing lehh
    My recent post Penang Food Fest @ The Saujana Kuala Lumpur

  21. OMG! Hahaha that guy in green shirt.. poor guy! But he has nice cute ass wor 😛 hehehe
    My recent post Amber Chia’s Signature Course

  22. LOL~~~ so funny ~
    My recent post Electric Shock Feeling While Almost Asleep

  23. Oh goosshhhh….can't stop laughing at this post.
    My recent post Happy International Women's Day!

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