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Sorry once again for the absence of post last Friday as I was really really drowned with work before that. Again. No longer a surprise, aint it? Anyway, probably some of you know that I am a designer. Before you go “Well, DUH!” on me, I am not a graphic designer or an illustrator. Well, DUH since my graphic and illustration skills sucks. I am actually a 3D Event Designer and I mainly work on 3D artist impressions and visuals. Basically, I design how an event would look and goes like. Saying that, I believe most of us designers have this problem. Our jobs are often misunderstood and undervalued. I met countless designers who share the same view as mine. Here’s an incident that happens to me before.

I believe most designers or artist would encounter this at least once.

Designers usually work in a much more complicated and subtle way. There is always a reason to why we did certain things besides they look pretty. Hence, we have this designer’s ego thing going on with us. Hence, why designers are more defensive of their works. But then again, if a designer ended up being too defensive, they would not progress as well. So if you are a designer, what are the problems that you usually encounter? Let me know and turn this into a forum of letting out designer’s stress!

*If anyone could guess 70% to the reason why I uses a Tomato here will be given a free 3D design.

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