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Must Have Android App For Malaysians That Waits A Lot


Smartphones and the internet had become so much of our lives, we started to wonder how the hell we survive back in the days without them. To be honest, I can’t exactly remember how did I pass my time back then. I know as soon as I make this statement, a lot of people will come forth telling me that “You will go out experience the world when you do not have smartphones and internet around.” Not to say that I disagree with that but the thing is, I am pretty much of an introvert. In fact, I find myself going out m0re often when smartphones and internet are around. Smartphones and internet are suppose to enrich our lives and not replace it. You just need to know how to use them instead of them using you.

However, what is your must have app for your smartphone? What app do you think is essential? Facebook? Instagram? LINE? Whatsapp? There are tonnes of apps that you can actually use but there is one that I would highly recommend.

Introducing Spot News – the FASTEST growing news app in Malaysia. A news app developed by a Malaysian for Malaysians.

This app is similar to the ever-popular Flipboard where it curates content from the web to your smartphone. The thing about Spot News that should appeal to Malaysians, is the content on Spot News are very much localised.

Sure, they do have international content from Elite Daily and The Business Insider, but they have a dedicated section for National News where it curates news from various local news portal such as The Star Online, Berita Harian, The Malaysian Insider, MalaysiaKini and many more.

The thing I really dislike about reading news online is that I had to go to multiple channel to actually read different sorts of news. I used to have 5 or 6 tabs opened on  my browser to actually keep me updated with their news.

The next best thing for me would be Google Reader. However, it is not mobile friendly. In fact, not all “mobile” version are mobile friendly at all such as confusing interface and order. What Spot News can offer is a beautifully designed layout that is optimised for mobile devices viewing.

On top of that, you get not only National News or any of those serious stuff. You even get news and updates on animes or mangas! Like how Naruto will end this coming November?

Or you can kill your boredom away by reading fun and hilarious articles on the Funny section. Waiting for the LRT will never be too boring anymore!

Or keep track with the latest football updates or even videos of interviews or match highlights! Let’s see how many goals can Cristiano Ronaldo scores by end of the first half of the season!

Or a quick read up on reviews for the newest and best restaurants in town, so you can bring your date and impress her with a meal.

Spot News literally contains over 20 categories for you to choose from and it has over 400 news sources inside its database. You will never run out of things to read on this Android app. You can now keep track of the latest happenings around the country while checking out some dating tips from the Sex & Relationships as well.

If you wanted to find out more of this must have Malaysia News App on Android smartphones, you can download it now at http://goo.gl/nKBPRs

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