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My Experience With Swimin12


Before I go on with my post, I would like to clarify although it is pretty obvious already, I do not know how to swim. I know jacksh*t about swimming. And I don’t believe in them at all. Not to say they are not effective but I just felt they can’t make me understand what they are teaching. I was kinda forced persuaded by my mom once back when I was a kid and I hated the class. Several other people tried to teach me but they failed obviously. So when Caroline told me that she was about to go to a swimming class that could teach her how to swim in less than 12 hours, I was skeptical. Never had I heard such ridiculous claims of knowing how to swim in 12 hours. I usually hear you need at least 3 damn months to perfect your float and basic swim before moving on to breast stroke style. That’s basically already a minimum of 12 hours. So this is what happened.

And obviously those swimming classes I heard starting with the coach supporting your body as you float or use a humiliate-you-to-death-because-you-are-old-and-still-using-it-kickboard as starter. But no. EJ from Swimin12 did not do that. I was contemplating to report him as a black magic user because how could you possibly do that and enable Caroline who is aquaphobia to swim IN JUST 1 HOUR?! But then I decided to experience his lesson after much persuasion from Caroline and probably get to experience my first black magic. Who knows?

It is swim and not sleep. Pardon this as I was doing this middle of the night desperately needing a sleep. Well, I guess it shows on this panel.

EJ was extremely up for the challenge. He mentioned that he had managed to help people to overcome their aquaphobia. He have so much confidence in what he is doing that he even offered if I failed to swim after mere 3 of his classes, I will be given free classes even if it takes up my entire life to learn to swim. Who am I turn down such offer?

Guaranteed Swimming Lessons. You will learn Breaststroke, Freestyle, Floating, Backstroke, Squid, Diving in a deep pool & Most importantly Water Survival Skills (1st in Malaysia). All in 12 Hours. Else we continue to teach for FREE. Age 6 and above. We specialize in Swimming for Survival, Exercise & Healing only. Non-Competitive.

Highly effective for Students with Water Phobia, Overcoming Drowning Experience, Beginners, Triathlon Athletes, Helicopter Test, Alternative Exercise for Back, Joint Problems, improve condition for Asthma, Insomnia and Highly Anxious personality.”

This was written on Swimin12’s Facebook which also convince me to take up his classes. Because honestly, I really want to swim. Imagine you go on a nice beach holiday, you just have to to sit there while you can actually swim and observe bikini girls in water under utmost discretion and disguise swim and snorkeling around observing beautiful fishes.

Me and Caroline with the team behind Swimin12

My verdict is that EJ lessons are extremely effective. For my first lesson itself, I could actually swam for about 5 meters at ease. I even managed to cover a bit of breast stroke. All in just one class. All in just one hour. It is almost unbelievable and this made me trying to encourage Chee Ching who do not know how to swim either to join our classes. She was like me initially, which is extremely skeptical. It took several days to actually convince her to join us.

What really differentiate Swimin12 with other swimming classes are not only their method of teaching but also the general concept of teaching as well. Most swimming classes are trying to instill the basics of swimming into your instinct via repetition. What Swimin12 values is the understanding of the basics of swimming. In my opinion, they believed that when you understand the core of it, you will generally know how to swim. Let me illustrate what some swimming classes did. This is the one I experienced and also experienced by a couple of my friends as well.

Our swimming classes took place in Petaling Jaya area, Bukit Damansara Condo to be exact. There is one thing I really have to commend of the swimming pool there is that it is really really clean. You can NEVER see any rubbish or even dried leaves inside the pool. The water is always at the right temperature and this is probably one of the best swimming spot ever. Makes me feel like renting a place here so I could swim frequently. So the plus point with Swimin12, you are not learning to swim in a congested and dirty pool.

Sometimes, your coach do not even understand the logic behind their teachings. True enough, what they did can make you swim but it is either they failed to deliver that message or they simply do not understand the logic behind their teachings.

In the 3 trial classes with Swimin12, I was able to understand the basics of swimming by heart. In these 3 hours, I managed to learn how to breathe properly while swimming, breaststroke style and also floating. All these in just 3 hours. These are the things you actually learned after a couple of months of weekly lessons.

EJ has been extremely patient in teaching us and correcting us in every mistakes we make. The most important is, he has the answers for my every questions. This is how the scenario of our classes like.

Well, from the way he answered me, he seems like he even have the answer to life so I should take a shot asking him what’s the next winning 4D number. During all our classes, EJ had never laid his hands on any of us. So if you are a girl or Muslim, you need not to worry about him breaching your religious and moral practice.

This picture above is exact situation of EJ answering to one of my questions. His classes were simple to understand and he is drilling the basics of water survival skills instead. What he teaches to me is also a much relaxing form of swimming. He made swimming exercise much more relaxing and enjoyable. It doesn’t felt routine or tiring like what jogging does. Hence, explains why I prefer to swim than to jog these days. It is true enough I still needs lots of practice of this classes and I wanted to avoid any misunderstanding of being able to swim like a freaking mermaid in just 3 hours. I can swim but it is not perfect as my form still needs practice to be perfected. But regardless of that, I still can swim. Yes. This is definitely a legit swimming classes.

Generally, I felt the Swimin12 classes are definitely effective in helping me overcome my inability to swim. EJ is a very patient and experienced coach as he really knows what he is doing. He was able to help me understand not only what could make me swim but also how to conserve my energy for much more effective swimming. This is not some blatant hardselling but it is actually what I felt towards his class. You can doubt me but it still doesn’t change the fact that I am able to swim after just 3 hours of lesson. Yes, I was too skeptical of it but now I am convinced. It wasn’t even hard at all to actually learn how to swim. What I enjoy as well is the flexibility of his class. As you all know, my timetable had always been a little on the crazy side but he is more than willing to accommodate to my time.

There a lot of things happening in our classes and it is hard for me to put it all in a mere blog post. You can actually read Caroline’s experience by clicking HERE and then you can read from her perspective,

Swimin12 have a list of incredible feats besides helping people to overcome their fear of water or aquaphobia that I rarely heard of. These are some of it.

– Successfully taught James, a celebrity deaf + 1 eye blind student to swim and now that particular deaf swimmer is training to be a coach to help his own community to swim under EJ guidance.

– Successfully taught a 75 year old woman to swim. Yes. A FREAKING 75 YEAR OLD! It’s NEVER TOO LATE to start learning.

– Successfully taught Autistic, Hyperactive even students with no legs to swim!!!

His next challenge that he mentioned he wanted to take on is to teach full blind people to swim. And a special thank you to Christopher Tock from Social Grooves in bringing my attention to Swimin12 as well although I wasn’t one of the bloggers under his recommendations.

So go ahead and check out Swimin12 on Facebook – www.facebook.com/iloveswimin12 or log on to their website at www.swimin12.com! If you have inquiries so drop him an email at info@swimin12.com and he will definitely attend to your needs.

Look Ma! I can swim!

If you are a blogger like myself and would like to learn how to swim, you can drop him an email and mentioned that you were referred by this blog. May be he can arrange some trial lessons for you as well as long as you can spread a word regarding his service. It will be extremely interesting to read how an aquaphobic person’s experience in overcoming their fears. That would be a truly inspiring story indeed like what Caroline did.

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  • Swee San

    this is really good!! your comics are very funny too!!
    I have learnt breast stroke when i was younger and am only stuck with that. Tried to learn freestyle on my own but failed (cannot move forward one… )
    My recent post Jen’s Underground Supper Club

    • ericleeh

      Well tried drop him an email and see if he can really help you out with it. And you are a blogger as well, I'm sure you two can work something out

  • Pek Chek Kia

    Can swim very far now
    My recent post 週一的憂鬱(三)

  • tekkaus

    Hahaha 😀 Your comic is more interesting than the photos. 😀
    My recent post Dinner @ Ole Sayang Nyonya Food Restaurant

  • Swimin12

    Hahahhaa….. One of the Funniest Blog post we've seen!!!! Thanks for your detailed sharing of your experience… One thing we've learned is, the more afraid the blogger is before we start, the more awesome the writeup is! Glad we've able to make a difference in your life, hope to see you develop this skills set future & one day swim in the sea fearless 🙂

  • Christopher

    Do they have contacts in jb? I tried to learn too but somehow not successful. I'm also kinda phobia.

    • ericleeh

      That I wasn't sure but do drop a message to their Facebook page

    • Swimin12

      We have students coming from 12 countries around the world & locally from Seremban, Genting HIghland & Kelantan who come to learn during their holidays, we can get the job done in short period of time, to ensure that your holiday will be fruitful & meaningful… The next time you're going to drop by Klang Valley, just book our schedule in advance for a 3 – 5 days back to back crash course lesson, Christopher 🙂

  • Sherrie

    Yay! Eric next time you can come back to Sabah and snorkel further!

  • Selina Ooi

    – Successfully taught James, a celebrity deaf + 1 eye blind student to swim and now that particular deaf swimmer is training to be a coach to help his own community to swim under EJ guidance. –> He is my good friend, and co-founder who working with me to do business together. 😀

    I did to meet EJ through James, he is nice and give support for us to help Deaf community, to increase the awareness of disability. 🙂 You both enjoy to swim, so nice! 😀

    Selina http://www.deafboleh.blogspot.com
    My recent post Tokyo Kitchen Restaurant @ SetiaWalk, Puchong, Selangor

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