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My List of Cili Padi Ladies


Enough with Megan Fox, Yuma Asami, Jessica Alba, Boa, Leah Dizon and so on so on. There are a lot of models and pretty ladies without much recognition for their stunning beauty. This post specifically about several ladies that I found extremely hot. They might be quite popular but I still thinks many still do not know who they are. At least this post will help several of my guy friends to drool about other than Megan Fox or Kristen Kruek. Malaysian babes should get some recognition too.

1. The Chong Sisters

Most of you guys are quite familiar with them while some might even heard of their bloody name before. Vanessa Chong and Pamela Chong are sisters to the first Akademi Fantasia winner Vince Chong and also the runner-up for the first ever Amazing Race Asia. just recently, they are nominated first in FHM Top 100 Most Wanted Women. Both of them are stunningly beautiful and sporty. They have been modelling and so on but I would like to see them act. Probably on Transformers along side Megan Fox? Sorry that I only found one picture of them. The other pictures I found do not do justice to them.
I’m looking forward for each of them to have their name known other than just being a dynamic duo of Chong Sisters.

2. Gan Mei Yan

The ever cute and sexy MyFM DJ that brightens up your morning with Lam Tak Wing. Honestly, I never knew that she was this good looking and I just like how the way she talks. From the radio, she sounds like avery outspoken and fun person to be with. Pretty, confident, humorous personality and active lass. Sounds like my dream girlfriend. Hope she cooks too. Too bad for us guys, she already had a boyfriend (lucky bastard). She should seriously consider some acting and VeeJaying like Chui Ling instead of just being a DJ.

The most charming part about her is her smile. What do you think?

4. Fiona Xie

Dubbed as one of the 7 princess of Mediacorp in Singapore, this Singaporean lass not only got Singapore guys going gaga over her but also Malaysians. Look at her! What is not to like? The smile? The 32-c boobs? The legs? DAMN. Although I heard she’s quitting Mediacorp soon but she is sure to be missed sorely. Seriously, we need girls like her to brighten up the Chinese entertainment industry. How come Malaysia don’t have our own princess ah?
Tell me that she doesn’t look sweet and I will take a baseball bat and shove it down your throat.

5. Kay Kay

If there is anyone who is familiar with xiaxue.blogspot.com, I bet most guys would not missed out this friend of Xiaxue, Kay Kay. A Singaporean who is EXTREMELY hot. Everytime Xiaxue posted something on Kay Kay, I must admit she had my eyes glues to her blog. Occassionally, there were videos of her in Chick vs Dick which appeared on Xiaxue’s blog. With her beauty and witty personality, I wondered why she isn’t as famous as she should be. If I’m gonna produce an Asian teen flick, for sure I’m gonna request for her to appear in my movie. .
Kay Kay had made me wondered is Singaporean really flooded with hot women like her. Hm, time to get my passport done

6. Leng Yein

Next up, it’s a made-in-Malaysia awesomely hot 24 year old model AND entreprenuer, Miss Leng Yein. When I saw her picture, her “assets” caught my attention and I thought this might just be another attention seeking chick who like to flashes some skin and could do nothing else. And HOW WRONG I was. Someone should just bloody slap me in the face and may be should be Leng Yein herself (LOL, as though she’s gonna read this or even know me). This lass is a professional dancer and performing pianist. AND what I love about her the most is she had HER OWN MAMAK at Plaze Prima Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. How cool is that?

Being only at a tender age of 24, she already had a high profile career and with this mamak she opens, it just proves that she is very much independant on her own. And from the captions she wrote on her photo album, this girl not only have beauty and brains but also an attitude. Just what I love in a girl, and she should already be a role model for girl power, independant women or whatsoever. She had a very hot bodyShe’s a regular customer at the saloon Penny works at. Probably I should bump into her either in her mamak or that saloon. Hm…Nah, she wouldn’t notice anyway.

Must….look…..up…….Spicy isn’t it? Wonder if any of you guys could stand the heat.

7. Belle Leng Sean

Yes, she is the younger sister of Leng Yein and also my favourite one among the two sisters in terms of outlook. Belle had a little more meat in her and her poses for photos are GODLIKE. Heard she’s a profesional dancer too and she recently appeared in this month FHM incoming which is how I first spotted her. I liked her interview as it shows her witty and outspoken attitude. My favourite is how she replied when asked about her ideal office and also how she remarked that she had to constantly remind guys to look up and talk to her face not her boobs.

Being a younger sister of Leng Yein, I assume that both of them had the same attitude of being independant which I recognised at the moment she commented on how she likes to fight. Although her sister always protected her but she still doesn’t shows any sign of just wanting people to pampered but like to fight it out on her own. A hot pair of sisters definitely double the appeal and its unfortunate that I could not find any pictures of them together. But still, here’s some pictures of Belle Leng Sean for you.

Heard that she played “nurse” for her boyfriend too. What a lucky bastard. I put up only her cosplay photos as I found that these pictures that made her more appealing. This sisters definitely made the hottest chilli in the world to taste like tomato sauce.

That’s it from me today, I had a hard time trying to find photos of Gan Mei Yan, Pam and Vanessa Chong and Kay Kay. For those who wanted more of the sisters of Leng Yein and Leng Sean, you can add them over in Facebook. Noted that these photos are from the internet and not mine. That’s all from me, leave a comment on who’s your hottest cili padi even if its yourself and may be suggest what should I blog about next.

Oh, the HOTTEST Cili Padi Guys? Sure, as there is one that beat every single guys hands down. Drum roll for…….

ME of course, why should I even care what other thinks? Fuck you if you don’t like it. But please drop a comment. Signing off.

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