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My Most Memorable Experience Buying Online


My most memorable experience buying online is definitely my virgin experience of buying online. I am one of those typical “uncles” that do not really trust the online buying system despite my age at only 23 at that time. (In case you are wondering, I’m 24 now) There are 2 reasons why I don’t really trust the online buying system.

1. Will the quality of my goods be ensured?

2. How will I know I will not be conned of my money?

This is a post for Lelong.my and its contest

Then, when one of my friend had opened an online lingerie shop, Caroline was keen to support her and so was I. And Caroline had hinted me about this lingerie she wanted, so what choice do I had left?

Yes, people. My first time buying online is buying sexy lingerie for women from an online lingerie blogshop called Girly Secret.


Initially, I was at doubt too. Thousands of questions are running through my mind. I barely know this friend at that time as we just met not long ago that time, so you can say I wasn’t entirely sure to trust or not. And buying sexy lingerie is somehow indirectly showing I’m a kinky pervert or perhaps even a crossdresser at some point. How many would exactly believe me that I’m buying for my girlfriend whom I had not even met before at that time. I wasn’t even sure if she’s taller than me at that time or not!

Fortunately, the email exchanging with the blogshop owner is done by Caroline, so I’m at least saved from some embarrassing inquiries with the owner. I was forced to browse through each of the lingerie’s collection and help Caroline to make her decision. To those who are not aware, I think doing this much more embarrassing than surfing the internet for X=Rated stuff because it would eventually leads to people thinking I’m buying them for myself. Since I’m doing this at home, if my parents were to saw me doing this by chance, they would thought their son is becoming gay and even a crossdresser.

So I made sure my door is locked and quickly go through everything with Caroline and the owner. Surprisingly for me, transaction was being done smoothly. Never would I thought that this is gonna be this easy.

Ok, here comes the REALLY REALLY hard part. How do I actually collect the lingerie? Although, Caroline is coming to KL soon but the blogshop owner had to go to China and might be unable to meet Caroline at all. Caroline forbid sending to her house. Basically, she forbid anything sent to her house and yes, I do not even know her address up until NOW because I’m not allowed to send or know her house. SHe also forbid sending to her office, which is usually what I did, as she claimed it’s very embarrassing to receive lingerie in front of her colleagues.

So how? Sending to my own house is definitely a no-no. Come on, what would my parents think if a parcel for me contains women’s lingerie?

So the only option left is to collect from the owner herself. And it dawns to me that I had to meet this owner face-to-face in public to get the lingerie transaction done.

Decisions and the overly-concerened me

I know this is going to be way awkward as we do not know each other well enough that time and she’s a female as well! At some point, I wished it was her husband the one will bring me the lingerie so at least I had some guy to share my embarrassment with. Yeap, I’m KIASU like that.

The transaction was done in front of Ministry of Sound, Sunway and I decided to remain chicken in my car to wait for them to show up. Lucky for me, she took the liberty to come to my car to pass me the lingerie. THAT WAS THE MOST AWKWARD THING THAT GONNA HAPPEN. I too could sense her awkwardness and we end the transaction as quick as possible without much conversation and even eye-contact. I guess it’s equally embarrassing for her to hand lingerie publicly to a guy.

So, I would rate the was the SMOOTHEST transaction that could ever happen.

However, the embarrassment does not stop there.

I do not know what I owe to Caroline in my previous life, she want me to take pictures of the dress and MMS to her at that instant in my car.

WHY LA! I kept protesting and she kept insisting. So I reluctantly opened the wrapping and check for the quality and took some pictures and MMS to her.

Worse thing of all, some girls passed by my car and they took a second glance at me when they saw me holding the lingerie up for quality inspection. Worst night that could ever happened in my life.

Pretty much, I think it is a good transaction as things went smoother than I thought. That also encourages me to shop online more often and of course not for lingerie anymore. Lelong.my is one of the site which I frequent often as they provide me with really good deals especially for gadgets. I am even considering purchasing a camera flash for my Nikon D90 from this site.

So why not head over to their E-Commerce Fair at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre from 12th to 14th August 2011. I would definitely be there especially to survey out my camera flash. So why not join me and you might even be one of the lucky contestants to win the lucky draw. There are lots of event for you on that day which I’m sure most of you would not want to miss out. If you couldn’t make it, just visit their website at Lelong.my which I’m very sure you can find many deals suited for yourself. So for those skeptics like my old self, purchasing online can just be as good as going shopping. It is convenient and some like Lelong.my can offer cheaper deals as well. Trust me as I was once a skeptic as well.

For those who are wondering what kinda lingerie Caroline bought, she blog about it HERE and this is her picture with it.

Doesn’t look much, right? But there’s a thong underwear with it which she until now never try it before or even bother about it. LOL


Honestly, many would have thought I’m able to witness her wearing it for me and stuff like that but you are wrong. I also got to know how she look like in it from her blog post as she does not want to wear for me to see. So in the end, there’s no consolation for me for one of my most embarrassing nights ever.

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