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My Own Definition of VIP


You go to a function or an event, no matter what, you still need to wait for the VIP to arrive, do this, do that, say this, say that, before the event officially kicks off. VIP usually means Very Important People/Person but honestly no one gives a damn except our higher ups who wanted to squeeze something from them. So I just came out with this statement which I think accurately describes VIP.


VIP is a Very Insignificant Phrase used to refer to some Very Inconsiderate People who think they are actually Very Important People and unfortunately most of them are Very Insensitive Pussies although they hold Valuable Intimidating Power.

Allow me to explain if some of you do not agree with what I just post.

Very Insignificant Phrase

No matter how we label them, most of us don’t give a shit who are they and their existence in an event hold very little significance for majority of the crowd.

Very Inconsiderate People

They often arrives late and the event and food cannot start without them. Never consider how hungry and anxious we are while having the balls to come late.

Very Important People

Need me explain? They thought toilet cleaners not important. Imagine a world with dirty toilets or imagine our public toilets and I don’t mean those in big shopping malls.

Very Insensitive Pussies

When there is a fire in the building, who will be escorted out first? Them or you kids? Bunch of pussies

Valuable Intimidating Power

It’s because of the valuable power they possessed, people are scared shit of them.

Tired of writing long posts. Going for some short posts for now. XD Oh yeah. At first I was planning to upload Caroline‘s picture trying to act cute with her Sailormoon hairstyle, but since she featured me in her blog, I shall forgive this Cabbit for now. =P

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  • J_Fish

    Touché. Very Inconsiderate People pretty much sums what I think VIPs are. ALWAYS LATE!!!
    My recent post We're all illogical hypocrites

  • bestessay

    This is the particular definition that mostly people are having in mind when it come to talk about the self-respect. I was literally talking about the same person that has done the same.

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