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My own review about the election 2008


Well, may be to some might be surprising that i wrote this..before this, i will be like..”election..what the fuck it got to do with me..BN gonna win anyway..well this time i was dead fucking wrong..Of coz..BN still the government but not getting the 2/3 majority is already a big shock..Bigger shock came from the news that they LOST SELANGOR to PKR????? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON…This got me up and sniff around the newspaper hoping for some enlightment..

For starters, the main reason they lost is due to the VOICE OF THE SILENT MAJORITY of the society..especially the younger generation like myself..Let’s face it BN,most of you are too arrogant and had overlooked the silent majority..may be some of you all thought that it will be another easy victory but that’s not the case anymore. Compare to the rest of the parties, i did not see much effort in BN during this whole event..other parties had done thorough research of BN’s past wrong doings and compiled them and let it all out to the public..i had seen countless of videos indicating the injustice brought by BN and what did BN did to counter them..Sadly i can’t see any..

Anuar had played an important role in buying the support of the Malays…Despite what used to happen to him, you cannot deny the influence and leadership of him over the Malays in this country are better than Pak Lah.. To the PM, i still respect you as my leader but please…dun hate your opponent…Love and respect them and learn from them..Learn their good and bad values then used it fully to outmuscled them the next time around..

For the Indians perspective, i think MIC huge losses are due to the HINDRAF movement. Come on, no matter much i disagree to the their HINDRAF’s point of view for i am not an indian and i can’t understand their feelings since i’m not in their place BUT since MIC did not support them by revising HINDRAF’s action which represented the whole indians community in malaysia, what can u expect from them? Do Samy Vellu really thinks that he could get his own people’s support if he dun support them? Government tearing down Hindu temples…What had u did to go against it? Do u think the whole Indian community will vote for someone who did not defend their rights and religion? No matter their actions are right or wrong, i think MIC should at least guide them to the right path like what other candidates from the Opposition did..

The same goes from MCA..i think MCA and Gerakan ahd been too passive during this whole campaign..the Chinese had been unfairly treated in a lots of way..BN cater so much in to the needs of the Malays but how about us..Indeed that BN had done so much for Malaysia over the past years BUT FOR GOD SAKE IT’S PAST YEARS AND NOT RECENT YEARS..Exams are easier and easier which most of us thinks to cater the needs of the Malays ( why am i complaing about this anyway????? )and we chinese had lesser and lesser benefits..Malays with any kind of results can be accepted into any IPTA or TPTS and matriculation..we had to work our asses off for it..Students from STPM with CGPA 4.00 could not get the courses they desires but malays with CGPA even lower than 3 could get theirs..FYI STPM is one of the hardest exam in the whole world and not matriculation..this case will be like footballers from the 3rd division get to represent their country for the World Cup while the ones from the top flights just be able to watch the bloody event at home…it that even possible? Losing support from the Chinese and Indians are devastating so stop being unfair to us…Our pioneers used to treat us in the fairest way possible but i could sense this value is degrading in recent years..Just try sitting down some hawker stalls and listen to the commoners…we are the one that decide your fate not you yourselves.. I had plenty to say about this but i think i’ll just cut it short to play it safe..

One more thing i would like to highlight is the people who are voting…to tell the truth, i regreted not voting because for my area, BN lost…i’m not a supporter of BN because of all the unfair treatments i observed all this years but i’m a supporter for Dato Lee Hwa Beng..It is such a shame that he had lost despite all those effort that he had done for us..I myself from Subang Jaya where the place he lost most vote..Ppl did not see Lee Hwa Beng when they vote, they see BN the unfair government and therefore did not vote for him..ppl, please look at the improvement that had been made all this years when he serve..especially the chinese…he had built a basketball court in almost every area in Subasng Jaya, improve the roads and trying his best to reduce traffic congestion and even built a new chinese primary school for us..Please vote for the suitable candidate next time not for the party u support..i surely hope he will contest during the next term and BN u will have my vote..i am pissed by certain views..someone i knew claimed that Lee Hwa Beng should step down because there are getting more cars in Subang Jaya…WHAT THE FUCK…this is definitely laughable..He had improved the road condition and widened roads to the maximum extent..building lots of flyovers and if more people afford to buy cars and moved to Subang Jaya hence causing more traffics…Izzit within his limits? should he prevent them from buying cars or come to USJ??? when that happen i bet many will then screwed him for doing so…some people are just not matured enough to look at things..stop finding excuse to find faults in him for i did not see any wrong doings so far..Ppl come to Subang Jaya which shows that they notice the advantages of staying here…i definitely would love to see what the Opposition could do to outbest what i consider excellent management..Some even vote the Opposition in order to give them pressure and not wanting BN to lose at the same time..guess what…BN lost…

Anyway congratulations to BN for forming the government again and i hope the Opposition will deliver what they promises..Especially DAPin Perak..Giving MB post to someone from PAS is definitely an outrage to the chinese community in perak for i myself came from ipoh..i would definitely dislike seeing my hometown to be like kelantan although controls by DAP…PAS only won 6 seats…What you all doing are no different to the unfair treatment we recieved..Please deliver what you promised to the chinese in order to vote for you…thank you and no hard feelings

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