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My Take On William Yau’s Case


First of all, I would like to express my condolence to the family of the recently deceased William Yau. It was a terrible tragedy and the kid certainly did not deserve this. It is plain cruel and inhuman. I would take a little break from the Fan Girls Story and write something on this case. There are many things to be derived from this case. For those outside of Malaysia or plainly ignorant about this case, you can google the name William Yau. But if you are too lazy to do so, here’s the LINK for the article regarding William Yau.

Can we entirely blame the mother for leaving her children inside the car? Can we? The mother is only a mere human being and she certainly did not expect for William to get off from the car to look for her. Having her child murdered is too big of a punishment for that offence. Little to people know, it is quite a common sight for children to be left alone for a moment in the car while the parents run some errands. This has now became the number 1 taboo that parents should not commit since the William Yau’s case.

It is true that one should always keep an eye on their children but sometimes, as a normal human being, mistakes could happen. I am sure EVERYONE does mistakes as well. No one is spared from that. You see, this incident had forced parents to be over protective over their children and it is not necessary a good thing. In fact, it could actually encourage the children to be less independent on their own and would we want our younger generation to grew up like that?

So what is the main issue from all this? What is the main problem? The modern society’s mentality. And how do we actually wanted to contain this contemporary madness in check?

That’s right. In order to contain this contemporary madness, is public security WHICH obviously we lacked a lot. When one said the crime rates in Malaysia had dropped, I seriously contemplate whether that particular person came from the University of Mentally Insane. Robberies and theft are happening all over Malaysia. In within 9 months at my workplace, there had been more than 5 cases of snatch theft and robberies. 2 of them involved my colleagues. And THESE cases are the ONLY cases that I PERSONALLY HEARD OF. Who knows if there is more cases which I did not caught a wind on? And to make it even more ironic, there is a police station located about 10 to 50 meters away from my workplace. And yet, crime is still happening.

It is either our government had decided to list illegal motorcycle racing, snatch theft and robbery under the list of “NO LONGER CRIMES” or they basically do not know how to read. The society’s madness? It is driven by the our competitive lifestyle and the sharp increase in materialist appeal. To curb all that, public security plays a main role.

How’s our public security? We are more concern about stepping pictures of certain individuals than any other thing at the moment.

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  • foongpc

    Was he murdered or was it an accident?
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  • foongpc

    Yeah, in those days, children could go anywhere on their own without adults' supervision. Now you have to keep them under watch 24/7.
    My recent post Feng Shui 2013 According To Joey Yap (Part 1)

  • Tony Teh

    A very good evaluation. But majority of the people commenting on Facebook posts like this are dumb motherfucking idiots
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  • cutebun

    The security is really bad with crime rates ever increasing. I personally got snatched before and nobody helped nor do police patrol in my housing area in Kuching. Ten years ago I cycle to 2 miles away from home and walked alone at night also no problem but nowadays really don't dare. Motorbikes scares me.
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  • Tony Teh

    My comment masuk spam box again kah? lol
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  • Reanaclaire

    They said low crime rates cos they are the ones who are being well protected.. they have the power and the weapons to protect themselves.. they dont get robbed like us civilians… they have bodyguards whereas we are "guardless." sigh..
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  • Javier

    With ministers inlveovd in private enterprises is it any wonder that we have so many scandals related to the misuse of public funds. There is certainly a conflict of interests when it comes to ministers discharging their duties since they will use every vehicle within the govt. (be it the judiciary or the land office) to further their personal interests at the expense of the rakyat. In most developed countries, govt. officials are not allowed to engage in private enterprise once they take on the public office. Even in S’pore all ministers are bound by those rules. Only in corruption-ridden BN-ruled M’sia, are these rules flouted to ensure the ministers have their grubby, greasy hands in the rakyat’s honey-pot. While the PM was gleefully toting his ministers’ declaration of assets, I would like to see a declaration of taxes paid..just % will do. I’ll bet all of them are paying less taxes than most M’sians! Vote these blood-suckers out.

  • cv assistance

    There had been a lot talking about this death of innocent child in such a terrifying way. I wonder how can be someone so rude that after killing a 6 year boy throw him in the river.

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