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Nasi Lemak 2.0 Gala Premier


Recently, I managed to go to our local made Nasi Lemak 2.0 Gala Premier. All thanks to Henry for providing us the invites.

Like any other events, there are food served and as soon as we arrived, I was greeted by this photo opp located at Laundry. Tempted to take some pictures at there initially.

Was slightly lucky to be invited in to the dining area of the stars. In here, I managed to take a picture with both Karen Kong and Namewee, the main people behind this movie. Every star is very friendly and down to earth and Karen Kong even shared some jokes with Caroline regarding the wind from the fan there.

Before introducing the cast and production team of the movie, there are games  and also some giveaways. definitely a treat for the fans.

This movie is quite good in my opinion. It’s about Chef Huang(Namewee) travelling to 3 places to learn how to make the best nasi lemak in order to help Karen Kong’s father bid to get back the restaurant he lost. In this journey, he met many people and learn many things that he is not aware of before. His journey changed his life and perspective into looking things.

The Good

Usage of punchlines and elements specially from our local politics and also history is a plus point to me. It’s not offensive to me but rather amusing. I like how each characters diverse in this movie. Each character had a significant role in completing the movie. Definitely a good effort for a first time movie maker. Very enjoyable indeed. Namewee and Karen Kong are quite good with their roles. So were some of the cast who are not professional actors to begin with.

The Bad

Probably it’s too short for the movie as certain parts are slightly rushed through. And I would like the movie to include some ethnics from West Malaysia in order to complete the true 1Malaysia theme. And Felixia Yeap’s screen time not enough. LOL.

After the movie, we had some post party for us bloggers and stars. But the one I enjoyed the most is taking pictures with the stars.

*Can don’t block the road?* *Shut up, you Banghala!*

*I’m not Banghala, I am Nepalis*

Watch to understand the reason I do this illustrations.

I recommend all Malaysians to watch this movie be it the ones who love Namewee or the ones who hate them. It’s a good local movie for all I care and I give it a 7/10 rating. Go get your tickets now!

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