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Ninetology U9Z1+ VS Sony Xperia Z Ultra

If you were to talk about one of of the top Android smartphones or phablet this year, the Sony Xperia  Ultra is definitely one of them. Build in an elegant squarish form and also with glass surface for the front and back part, the Sony Xperia Z Ultra also boasts an incredible build that makes it dust and water proof. The Ninetology U9Z1+ is probably the most expensive Ninetology phone although only priced at RM1299 but it is also one of Ninetology most advanced smartphone in the market at the moment. How do these compared to each other? Shall we find out?
The Sony Xperia Z Ultra had an incredible screen size of 6.4″ and it was designed elegantly with its squarish form that would turn on the designer in me. With such a large screen, the display is definitely one of the best I had seen. The display is both bright and vivid in colours. However, due to its large face area, it is also incredibly thin. I had to give it to Sony for coming up with such a thin phablet but it was due to that, the ergonomics of it kinda fall behind. It is hard to handle for a long period of time and if it is meant to be used as a tablet, it is way too small for me.
The Ninetology Z1+ was build with a smaller 5″ screen size and the display was obviously lacking behind Sony’s display. It is also built with polycarbonate (plastic) which means the Z1+ is definitely lacking behind the Xperia Z Ultra in terms of build quality. I dislike how the camera was slightly bulging out of its body and it looks awkward as well. However, in terms of ergonomics, the slightly curved back makes the Z1+ sits quite comfortably in your hands.
Performance wise, both devices perform quite well. However, the Sony Xperia Z Ultra could play with some high end games that might lag with the Ninetology Z1+. For the UI, I would say it is a tie since Ninetology, as usual is using the Cyanogen UI while Sony with their elegant Timescape UI. Both UI have good fluidity and responsive as well. There aren’t much bloatware in both UI and both gave good user experience. The downside for Ninetology is they do not update their Android version. I would prefer to have my Android OS to be updated regularly so I could maximise the apps available for the devices.

For the camera shootout, Ninetology U9Z1+ seems to have much more vivid colours. But I would say the Xperia Z Ultra captured more details. Sharpness of image which is pretty much the same. There is a possibility that my camera doesn’t focus well before capturing it with the Xperia Z Ultra.

Under indoor conditions, Sony Xperia Z Ultra definitely have the upper hand. It is much brighter and also not as much noise compared to the U9Z+.
For some near close and indoor shots, the Sony Xperia Z Ultra captured more details especially how the highlights distributed.
For low light and indoor shots, needless to say, the Sony Xperia Z Ultra have much less noise and also sharper. The colours are much more accurate to the actual colour. I also prefer the picture ratio and size which is 16:9. The camera on the Sony Xperia Z Ultra is also much wider and could capture more area. It is quite easy to see that the Sony Xperia Z Ultra have much better camera. Considering at the price of RM1299, the Ninetology U9Z1+ have actually quite a decent camera though. Plus it comes with a powerbank. So the choice of the phone is entirely up to you!

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