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The Misunderstood Stereotype


It has always been a fact that I’m always being misunderstood. I’ve been misunderstood by people from all walks of life in my whole life and what’s first appear to be annoyance turn out to be something I’m proud of. My outlook had projected so many types of stereotypes that I don’t even belong to and some of them even said they don’t judge a book by its cover. I’ve never met anyone that had been more often being misunderstood than myself. Therefore, this post should dedicate to myself and also to enlighten my fellow readers with a bit of comedy of my life.

1.Serious and cool
I think the most misunderstood part of me is that I’m a serious and cool person from the first sight. A BIG NO for you people who had a single thought of that. I can be as wacky, crazy, joker, and outgoing person as u dare me to be. I’ve made tonnes of sarcastic jokes, comments, insults and also not to mention unlimited supply of pranks and punch lines that people would not believe i made them when they first met me. My dumbshits include insulting a “gangster” sarcastically openly in a class while everyone is looking, cutting up a sanitary pad for fun(it was given free at school, curiosity took over and a friend of mine threw it from 4th floor to ground floor in front of the discipline teacher), threwing firecrackers into a house way past midnight, playing with school fire extinguishers, scratching ppl’s car and many more which i shall not reveal for now….I’m a prankster, joker, insulter or whatever thatn links me up with sarcasm…

2.Malay, Gangster, VCD seller, bla bla bla bla
Seriously I’m always mistaken as a Malay when i used to work in Fajar…My fucking nametag was there and people smehow did not bother to look at it before start speaking to me… My name is written Lee Huangshi and not Mohd Lee bin something something…I admit i was dark that time and my fluency of BM was not of the normal Chinese Ah Bengs…That doesn’t mean I’m Malay..8 out of 10 Chinese customers will speak to me in BM without much hesitation and being a playful nature myself, I replied back to them in BM…When I brought their shoes over to the counter, I spoke to them in Cantonese and the look on their face…PRICELESS…Imagine how shock they were spending half an hour speaking totally broken BM with countless long stops in between words, asking me countless times do I understand them, USING HAND SIGNALS to convey their message and I remembered one deliberately ask her daughter to communicate with me which end up the daughter shoot her back by saying I’m a chinese and why the heck need to converse in BM….

This picture taken before I quit the job in Fajar to study Form 6..Do I look like a Malay? zzz

I remembered some of my tuition friends and Form 6 friends thought I was some kind of problem child, gangster, otai or whatever u called it within the first glance….They do not dare to approach me and even curious why their friend which is my good friend also…be able to mix so well with me…Apparently they too became my good friends hahahahahaha
Once a police look at my driver’s license and IC then…

Police A : Ini…..tak pernah buat apa-apa salah kan?
Me : Huh? Tak ( In my heart yelling WTF!! CB!! )
Police A : Oooo…Photo dalam lesen handsome sangat la.. hahaha
Me : *forcing a sarcastic smile*……..(I’m a master of sarcasm and I knew a sarcasm when I heard one)

This picture was made in hurry with photoshop as Devella wanted to view it so badly..Guess she’s too freaking excited on how screwed up i look hahaha
After i came out of prison(it’s a joke just in case someone really thought so), THIS IS how i currently look like….gained some weight, change the bloody hairstyle, shaved….most importantly.. I SMILED XD hahahaha

DVD sellers…Although I did not dye my hair blonde like most of the DVD Ah Bengs did nor carry a porch bags(I didn’t do it that time…not now)……I was browsing through DVD and customer do approach me to request for the titles…There was once…PORN…That uncle came over to ask…”nice ah this one? how much?”….

3. Smoker
I seriously do not think how the hell that we can detect a smoker just by outlook….We see people in suits smoking, Ah Beng smoking, Nerd smoking and the list goes on….How the fuck people find it hard to believe I don’t smoke? I do not carry a lighter or a ciggarette box, my lips are fine red…There was once a Malay girl came into my store request me for a lighter which I told her the truth I don’t have one…She got stunned and ask if i smokes which i replied no….I SERIOUSLY NOT BULLSHITTING that she STARED at me without saying ANYTHING for the next 10 seconds….I too was stunned by her action and she only LEAVE when i assure to her AGAIN that I don’t smoke..I am sure I do not have a problem saying I don’t smoke…The expression she made as though I just told her I’m her mother or some shit…

4.I can’t speak English or I can’t speak Mandarin or Cantonese
When I speak to people in English, they thought I’m pure banana…FYI, I am only a half-breed banana…I can bloody understand when u are insulting me in mandarin and especially cantonese(incidents happen at Fajar again)….People who i start conversing with mandarin from the beginning i met them, having a hard to time to accept that I could speak fluently in English(you know who you are and i know you are reading this but u r not the only one haha)…

5.I’m not a pro in English or Mandarin either…
Just because i happens to speak Mandarin but that doesn’t mean I could read them…My boss’s daughters( 8 and 9 years old respectively ) ask ME, the fucking half-breed banana to test their MANDARIN skills…I was like wtf…I couldn’t even recognize more than 20 Chinese characters and how the fuck am I going to teach them..I told them countless time that I do not know and they took quite a long time accepting it…Cute girls though….Same goes for people who do not believe i just started speaking less than 2 years…
And just because I could write long essays, that doesn’t mean I’m a fucking walking dictionary..Don’t shocked when I do not know the word that you dunno…I’m only human and i guess since u can not know it then why i can’t be the same? My English is not as good as many thought I am even my family members =.=… Just slightly above average…I can only speak decent enough to differentiate me from normal Ah Bengs…It’s already hilarious enough that I somehow dunno how look like one, I do not need my language to be like one too…T.T

That’s all from me..Hope you guys enjoyed it…Not much picture to post coz lazy to upload with such a slow internet connection…lol

4SRI Assessment


This post came in a bit late due to many problems I had faced… I had been through a lot of problems emotionally and mentally which explains my lack of motivation to blog…A tribute is a MUST no matter how late this post came in…I did not have enough materials to blog on as I had to rush back to KL before I could gather as much information as I need to blog…So I’ll do my best for my seniors…

Their Final Year Projects are divided into 3 categories which are Design for the Handicapped(Major), Dining in 2015(Minor) and also Traditional Innovation(Minor)…I Will not blog about every projects but just a few selective ones becoz there are just too many of them…So no hard feelings for those that i do not mentioned here (not that i care anyway)… Presenting the projects without much introduction about it…..

Woo Kin Hee’s car…Seriously, i salute him for designing this car alone as we need a group of people to do it…If your fellow readers think that our cars are cute(Shell Eco Marathon project), then this is the bomb…waaaayyyy cute…
Ilham…He got an ‘A’…what else can i further say?
Nik(i think that’s his name)…seriously love his craftmanship…look below
With a click of the switch (performed by Zainol)….


Tadah…….a clock…he manually done the carvings himself which took him 50 days for perfection…I seriously doubt I can do this perfect with 50 weeks time given…Seriously the best among the best in crafting..haha
Tommy Law…I seriously might fork out money to buy his CD holder(above)…
Lee Chengyi…haha he did ask for my opinion of his work and panel when they just done setting up because his panels and sketches are not as outstanding as others…I replied “more doesn’t mean good” haha i too prefer quality over quantity…i rather own a Nissan Fairlady than hundreds Proton Waja…I fairly think it is a job well-done…I like all 3 of the projects even the clock although i’m not a fan of table clocks..lol
This looks like something alien and out of the box….I do like crazy looking stuff and this design hit the spot…haha
I like his idea of a portable power-wheel or whatever it is..From his panel and design, it seems that we can use this for all sorts of wheelchair…hell yeah, who bothers buying a brand new power wheel chair, a motor or whatever when they can get this product that suits every wheelchair….Thumbs up for the idea and money-saving-motivation….I bet this concept is much more marketable than any of the other products for OKU(orang kurang upaya)…I’m not sure though that is this sort of product already out in the market or an original idea from Chengyi himself….
Frank Wong Kah Fei…You’ve got ur 15 minutes of fame here…
I like how the layout design of the chessboard and chess piece are done..Modern and Tradional Design are very well blended in my opinion…Heard the chess piece models were done by Fiona, well done..they were very well done especially for someone who once told me that she hate touching putty and will try every possible way to avoid them haha..However, the overall structure of 2 triangles’ tip touching each other is SOOOOOO not my type…..They dun seem to blend well enough with the chess piece and chessboard layout in my opinion…
A stylish motorcycle for the handicapped is needed especially for Mat Rempits that had become handicapped from motorcycle accidents..
Since it’s hard to come out with the design of a motorcycle alone…I’ve gotta give the Motor some credits and it is also due to me so-called entirely responsible of wrecking this modal even though I did not lay hands on it when The Horrendous Destruction was done…
YB a.k.a Ice(lol…heard this from my form 6 senior)…i like how neat the wine rack is…The other two projects was nicely done too but it’s too bad i did not have time to capture the picture of one of her project…But the wine rack seems a bit odd to place wine bottle in it…and i thought wine are best held slanting??? correct me if i’m wrong here…
C tine….The Spice Bottles ARE PLAIN WICKED CUTE…hahaha seriously I would get this as a gift for any Japanese-culture-craze chick who incidentally likes cute stuff too…Finally seeing someone who can entirely project a cute outlook successfully….
Mengy…The foldable wheelchair was kinda old school trick but I like how it is done…Zoom in the panel for more details…
Takeshi’s work…..haha Gotta give credits to the top and best student of 4SRI work…Simple, plain and fast(the first one who completed everything and have time to sleep while the rest of the pack still need to rush their stuff)
Miss Chua Lilian…..I post up her work becoz i did help out a bit although not much..haha….I like the colours of the clock and chopping board….

Well, this last section is to show cased a bit of an “A” student works…Congratulations for getting an “A” for the final year project…

Great sketches and eye-catching panel layout
A sporty outlook wheelchair for tennis….The colour combination somehow reminds me of Lebron James..haha Shouldn’t it remind me of Maria Sharapova or Rafael Nadal? lol

Actually I too could not really see any traditional elements here and it’s quite modern and futuristic in my opinion..but still…an “A” is an “A”
Love this design for Oldtown Kopitiam…Boss of Oldtown, fork out some of the money u earned from serving mostly below average coffee and food and get this design to enhance the quality of your interior environment..
Candids as usual….

This picture sure do look fucking GAY….hahaha
This is how an OKU roll..Keep on rolling…(Limp Bizkit’s rolling playing in the backgroud)
Frank: “Fuck the rest…Me Numero Uno”
Frank never did forget to leave out those who had helped and contributed in finishing his project…
An evidence of how poor are Industrial Design students after spending our money on projects…We do not have enough to buy new clothes…PTPTN should have given us more money haha..
The Aftermath of our studio after our projects….And we still wonder why the cleaners hate us..

That’s all for this post…The following post will be more on my personal interest rather than reporting events like this….Till then….Click on my ads please!!!! HELP THE POOR IN NEED(ME)!!!

3SRI Assessment


Here’s the post that i’ve promised earlier….This is one hell of a long post too….Actually most of my posts are long nowadays that it is so hard to believe that i do used to write shorter. The reason for the delay is because my computer now does not have an internet connection and i had to blog using my bro’s com..And there is also a few complications came up which made me unable to update…

My senior’s project – Prehistoric Animal Sculpture and also Autogyro

Autogyro is basically a one-man-maneuvered-helicopter

Prehistoric Animal Scupture is a sculpture of prehistoric animals such as dinosaurs, mammoths, sabertooths, big-ass-animals-that-already-dead, Michael Jackson and so on so on….their scupture were built with mechanical parts and also other means of materials to make them look futuristic and the-other-projects-to-look-like-craps….. Shall we?

First of…..contestants for Dead-Big-Ass-Animal-Sculpture…


The usual suspect, Tyrannosaurus Rex


Sabertooth Tiger


For this project, i personally feels that the Troodon Sculpture really kicks ass…But the effort of the rest is really good..The triceratop group even had their grinder (or so I’ve heard ) got confiscated by their College management… Next up….Autogyro…..

The AeroGyroEagle Eye Autogyro

I personally feels that the Aerogyro model had much better finishing but overall i still feel the Eagle Eye by Sean’s group is better in terms of sketching and panel…the form, shape and colour of the Eagle Eye too are much more interesting….So, i would pick the Eagle Eye as the better one out of these two…It’s too bad that we do not have enough Autogyros to compare with so my choice might not be the best…Well, all of them can perform better than me at least =.=……..

Some of you might find out that i hurriedly present their works in this post which is because i know that there are not many people that will read finish my blog..So at least i hurriedly give them the limelight they deserve before proceeding to tonnes of trash talks, photos and some same shit that i did with almost every post…So if you are not going to further read then you can quit now but before that please click on the ads before u go XD


When the Eagle Eye is not quite an Eagle yet….

I still wondering why the other two look so stunned in this photo…probably lack of sleep

When Troodon is just a bloody metal “Bone Clinkz” before becoming Ironman
Tai Lou: Must control en dao……

Ah Soon: Finally something bigger than me!!!!!

Sean made me realized that this T-Rex looks kinda retarded with the eyes like that..hahaha
I love how the finishing and leg is done…

That’s my bag..hahaha Is it just me or the dinosaur will look better with a human head in between the jaws…hm…..

Sabertooth on the hunt!!
The arse can actually movesStegosaurus lurking

Triceratops poser…

Crounching Troodon and Hidden Troodon
I seriously love how they combine those parts into such a cool sculpture….DO anyone notice that they uses motor brake handles for the claws????

The designer, Aqbar( in yellow and black jacket) with ah soon and T-rex

Post Presentation…….
The Troodon Troupe
En. Idris Ishak (lecturer) with the group…the lecturer is a Malaysia’s Book of Records holde for his project in UTM…
Yours truly, posing with his favourite art piece of the day….

Me and Sean camwhoring with T-Rex…
Sabertooth Wukong….Sean is a fucking camwhore if u guys still haven’t noticed it haha

The Bullshit Philosopher with his stegosaurus…
Sean with his group’s Eagle Eye…Too bad i didn’t have the designer taken together with the Autogyro…
I dunno what the fuck is this photo about…Looks so retarted and gay ahhahahaa

Down and wasted….
Screwed thoroughly…Sean is either weeping in humiliation or grinning and wanting for more…
Shi Jia: Gang banging session of my ex-roommate is a success

Well, that’s the end of my another long post….at least i tried to keep it as short as possible this time… The pictures I’ve posted is not even a quarter of what i had…Till then….The next post will be on 4SRI projects and degree shows…

2SRI Assessment


This is a post specially dedicated to 2SRI and i mean those that really work hard for the project despite all the bombardments we received during our assessment day..i seriously hates this major project on Shell Eco Marathon Urban Concept vehicle due to the dumb process..there will be a lot of pictures in this post as pictures speaks a thousand words..I will leave out my disappointment during the process of succeeding my group project because i felt that i am in a better situation compare to my roommate’s…a 4 people group project became 3 ppl group project…this is also for those who do not have a single idea on what is my course about…..and HERE IT GOES…

Entering the Pit Stop is….Shell Eco Marathon Vehicle

Below is how our modelling goes…We start off with a big ass foam and we need to sand it into shape…Just imagine making Austin Power’s Fat Bastard into Paris Hilton

It started with a cube…..measuring and drawing on the foam so we can actually sand it correctly

With yours truly, in action
I’m making the top to actually look like my design all by myself…ehsan later touch up a bit of it
We too have our fun chatting and sanding away…Forgot what the hell we two spoke
Tadahhhh……this is after a few hours of hard work whipping it into shape…If we could eventually turn this into a workable slimming programme, I will be so filthy rich that I’m going to make gold sticks for cotton buds and all my toilet papers will be at least RM50 notes…
The wheels that I MAKE from wood…with just band saw and sanding machine to get that bloody precision and also sanding it to look smooth

This is after putting in putty and sprayed with silver undercoat..I forgot to take a picture of how it looks like with putty..For those who do not know what is it, go google it up…That’s the purpose of internet….The process of applying putty and sanding it to looks glossy enough to have a reflection of yourself tooks 3 days…
Not everything goes well, me, ehsan, and nisa were trying to fix up cracks, holes, and also the paint melted away due to overexposure to the bloody sun… Can you see how glossy is the windscreen? the yellow spots are putty…
When the finishing is done!!!!!
The back lights of the car…It was cut by my junior, Sai Yun and i only in charge of sticking it to the ass of the car…I also did the 3D modelling of the car and it is one of the hardest modelling i ever build..At least now i’m good at it

Above is the 3D modeling that i did..It was hard…I MEAN REALLY HARD…..i hate the finishing that Rhino renderer gave me and it makes my model looks too much like a toy car…damn it…
The panel was done by ehsan and the mock-up which i forgot to take photos of are by nisa and ooi chan…the white stuff there is our initial design and we did that from 9 at night till 4 in the morning a month plus ago…..
This is after we had arranged everything for the assessment that awaits us on that day…please ignore the fact that i wore a bloody sport shoes for my presentation…I’m too poor to buy a pair of leather shoes (haha of coz i’m bullshitting, i apparently saw the cost of making a pair of leather shoes when i work for Larrie last time and i felt it is a complete ripped off to buy them)..although this is my design for my group project, i’m seariously unsatisfied with it…too many considerations not done….

So the contestants of the day are…….

Eric, Ehsan, Ooi Chan, Nisa, Ayue
Namizam, Fadh, Rai, Jim Fong, Aini
Pian, Hakim, Cia, Aisha, 33
Sze Jin, Chai Lei, Tiha, Quek, Sab

And i think i would pick SJ’s group as the top among all of us…so here is a token of appreciation for their work…

The last picture is the full scale drawing of the car…

AND now…..WE WILL MOVE ON TO SRI2014 section 2 for their project….Manual Lawn Mover…….Before i start off with the presentation of their work, i would like to clarify something…It’s true that from the topic itself, I might think the title Shell Eco-Marathon would be more interesting and appealing…However, u guys did a far better job than we did due to some circumstances….If u guys did get criticized during your presentation, dun assume that we didn’t..we honestly went through a hell lot worse comments than you all…So please dun prejudice against us and thought that we are the better side as we are not…..I’m giving credits to hard workers and achievers…..SO….Let’s proceed…

So…who do i think is the best among all these prototypes? There’s only one, and i bet most fellow course mates will agree that in terms of effort and skills, we shall give way and bow to our very own God and King, Raja for his group’s prototype..Below are the following pictures…..

This prototype was fully self-manufactured and basically it started from scratch..This baby can simply cut off any thickness of grass and if your fingers get caught within the blades, u guys better find a way of joining them back again…Even the casing was made from fiber glass..they did all these by themselves and they pay no one to finish the job…Fucking pro and Godlike skills for a degree undergraduate…they gone through Welding, Grinding and many more processes…I really felt that my project is fucking noob compare to them…They created and design their own mechanism when many just modify from existing products and took the parts from actual product….I will definitely modify from existing too because I’m no way near the Godlike status of Raja(that’s his name btw…befitting to be the king among us in ID)

The mock up family…..
Look at the Solidworks 3D production….can they be better???

Apparently, they CAN be better….look at the mock up….the proportion and you have no idea how thin is the bloody form…..If u do not know what is a foam, then i might as well brief a little here….It looks like a sponge only much harder, those are the things that ppl buy, stuff them in a vase and poke in fake flowers to decorate the house…
This are made from Gibson board, a plastic like mounting board or card board for those that dunno what is a mounting board…This thing can actually function exactly like the actual model…you moved it, the blades moved too…..

The inner mechanism of the project…Look how sharp is the blade…
The handle is made from PVC pipe and can be adjusted…

The inner part of the prototype…Can you build this shit up from scratch with only a team of 2 ppl? Give me 5 and i might not be able to do it as well as them….

These are the candid shots that ppl “curi-curi” improve their model before their presentation…haha

Xian(picture) was cursing me badly when i took this picture…Here how the conversation goes….

Me: CB, now cannot repair model la..Everyone finish touch up dee and u here kap siao take extra time ah? ..Gonna take picture and blog it

Xian: Oi, CB Eric….Dun kap siao ah…..Dun take…oi..oi…OI….OIIIIIII I SAY DUN TAKE LA….Che Mat think i pro de…what if he see your blog then say i noob….OI….DELETE LA….CB, Later i throw your camera from 5th floor here…Wait and see….you wait…..

Me: Throw lo…then u forever dun need take “videos” from me already…..

(silence for 5 seconds)

Xian: Eric, you damn leng chai today la….later take “videos” from you k? Many days stress and then tonight want release….

(the conversation was partly made up for entertainment purpose)

Soon Lam San re-sticking sticker for Ah Wen.. Apparently why they put the number 8 on the lawn mover….Rooney’s number? They going to fail if they put a Manchester United star on the lawn mover…Their lecturer is a die hard Liverpool fan…

The star for this picture? My legs la of coz…..My roommate(in black) fixing the sticker on his prototypeCamwhore alert..I put this up since miss U-ki dying to be inside the picture

Miss U-ki getting turn on by the ass of the black human portrait…sorry for the blurry photos…..
Another shot on Xian trying to fix his thing….hahahahahaha
Wen(in red)…actually the human portrait the left is damn fucking hilarious…hahahaha
Beetle: I’m the grass-eating, camwhoring, dirt-resisting beetle…Look what look? never see lawn mover so handsome before ah??? Want me cut off your hair ah???

After their assesment, they had to test out their prototypes…If they can cut grass, they pass, if they can’t, they fail…..Here are the pictures…..

Phong and Xian examining the grass they cut….
Heng check on Wen’s Rooney Yunda Mover…Apparently the blade was set up higher than it is supposed to…..

Wen: Jialat liao la…..Kp no tall grass for my mover to eat…..cannot cut then fail how….
These Pictures were taken a few days before they ned to test out their machines…..Now for the actual test…..

The grass condition….
Azahari: Better test first…Make sure…All systems go…Lock and Load
Lynn: Where’s my group member???? I am only the model for the mover not the Kuli that push it

The day is hot and the grass is green…Kolej Perdana’s Arked backyard

Our King’s prototype is running wild and naked…
Camwhore Beetle is in the dock….
The two machines raring to go…..

Che Mat(left) : Cannot cut also…Handle like not ergonomic also
Azahari: Eh…Sedap la Che Mat….Use whole day also not tired
Che Mat: Then later u help me mow the whole kolej..Ok? If not then fail
Azahari:…………..( CB *&@!^*#^#*!@*!#…..saja nak cari orang buat kerja free)
Che Mat: Wah…costume also ready ah? good presentation…Later come my office to fill in the recruitment form for gardener…

Che Mat: EH, why nombor rooney….Why not Torres or Gerrard? Saja nak fail?

Soon’s noob post of walking
My roommate and his camwhoring beetle in action…
Che Mat: Cut like never cut only….If use your mower need how long to finish mow my lawn?
Heng: ……(*&@*$#…..help you cut also good already la……bising only)
Soon: (must maintain pro-ness look and lan yau yeng pose…cannot lose face in front of che mat and junior)

Phong out with his Volkswagon Beetle concept Lawn Mower…Ironically his lawn mower had the label EVOLUTION…Is it an integration of Mitsubishi Lancer Evo and Beetle????
The grass catcher broke in the middle of the test run…I guess over-eating of grass can brings a dire effect…..who says vegetarian leads a healthy lifestyle???? This is further proof of why ppl should eat meat too….The effect is the same…you will die anyway
The ass-less Mower…

Might be the best pictures i took that day with grass flying around to show that it actually cuts…haha..Che Mat: (where do i still need them to mow…hard to get free labour nowadays)

I like the shot of the mechanim….
Haji helping our very own Big Sister with her Mower since her kuli-kulis haven’t reach yet…
Finall, Big sister’s underling made it in time to push the mower…Che Ros apparently pushed it until the handle broke…and he don’t even realise that it broke until we notify him…

Probably discussion of how to convince che mat to pay them to mow the lawn….
The ever handy GUM BABI!!!! Actually the name for the gum is 3 Seconds Glue or 502 Glue…Wanna know we call it that way? It’s a teaching from our seniors. Once we had even a bit of the glue which happens most of the time for me…we will end up with spitting the word..”BABI” here are the other variations

1. Oh….FUCK (i used this the most which i should call it FUCK GUM)
2. Oh…CB…..(i heard this a few times from other ppl)
3.PUKI!!!!!!!( i laughed my ass off when i heard this..this is from one of my junior, MC and they are now coming out with proposal to name the gum, GUM PUKI)

Sorry for the Vulgarities because that is actually what we felt when we get some on our hands…those shits not only stick and hardens on your hand at Godlike speed of 3 secs but it will make your skin feels like a bloody sand paper…worse, it is damn bloody hard to wash off and if you tried to wipe it off with paper or tissue before it hardens, you will get those stuck on you in the end…..

Our King in action…cleaning the blade….
A closer look at the lean-mean-grass eating-machine…
Che mat testing out the King’s prototype and eventually he like it…
Soon getting a hands on the King’s prototype…

That’s all for this post, the next post will be on the 3SRI project which will no doubt make your jaw drops…Let me tell u what’s their project….Autogyro and Prehistoric Animal Mechanical Sculpture….thanks for spending time on this long post……Please comment on our projects even if it’s good or bad….

10 Main Things About UTM That I Hate


To start off, let me make this clear…there are more than fucking 10 things that i hate UTM about but i think i will just go with 10 to make things simple..

1. The food
I’m not complaining about the quality of the food here and as a matter of fact, there are quite a few edible and delicious food here. BUT….they are either spicy or fried…WTF i do not mind if they cater all malays’ delicacies but do they actually expect us to eat these things even though we are sick? Try to imagine this…Sore throat+spicy food+fried stuff=fucked-up-throat…come on…try to at least cater something boiled or steamed for once and i dun mean heavily peppered boiled or steamed soup or vegetable

Plus, the food here are all almost the same…wtf…i cannot even differentiate the dishes cooked in my college and other places…The recipe, spices, taste, out look, input, out put…is all the same!!! What the hell is difference? Don’t they ever get bored? Now i’m developing a stereotype assumption that every cook in UTM cook the same shit and most probably twins or the same person…. luckily the burgers do differ a lot from one another.. I might add in pictures later but it’s just that i simply don’t eat inside anymore, let’s just wait hahaha

2. Discrimination towards Industrial Design Undergraduates
First of all, they do not even provide us with proper studio to work with. How the fuck do they even expect to cram more than 100 students into a few rooms that could only take in 30 students? WTF….we do not have the proper desk to work on and we certainly do not have an internet connection in our studio…And the lecturer expect me to work there…
haha This is a pic of me posing in studio with my 1st year’s project manual rendering
Look how small is one of the bloody room…they are working on props for a program which i would blog about nextMy sohai coursemate working on his rendering…look how bloody small is our workspace..

After they provide us with decent tables, internet connection and rennovate that bloody place which we can have been using only for half a year , guess what…they are kicking out entire bloody course to UTM KL beginning with the first years next year and then decided to give our room to international students… Previously they even limited our time in studio which i honestly admit do not care less….and also some insider news….lecturers from other courses kept complaining about us whenever they have the chance and then our dean dislikes us….

3. The Internet Connection
As i had complained in my previous post before…the connection here sucks. It is so sucky that it could eventually put jaring 56k dial-up to shame…why the hell is a university taht specialize in engineering courses and even had a computer science course here can possibly not to provide the students with good internet connection? i could not sign in windows messennger for a week and sometimes i even had problems in opening Google…I could even send or recieve messages properly and watching a full YouTube video is an impossible task…The only thing good about it is that we can stll lplay dota via LAN…

4. Dumb Hostel Neighbours
Seriously, I have not expect these kind of dumbness in a university..how the hell they managed to come here…and mind you, they have very good grades(or so i’ve heard)…..First of all, they used our things without any permission…We left our brooms and mops outside and only to be found at another person’s room..Then, they uses our dish washing sponge to clean stains on their clothes…WTF WTF WTF….some of them came back from a trip and had mud and dirt stains on their clothes…And this how i imagine the scene of stupidity goes….

Dumbnut A: Eh, hard to wash these stains la

Dumbnut B: Yalor….how? Washing machine need RM2.50…Expensive le

Dumbnut A: Eh, can use that ah? (points at sponge)

Dumbnut B: Should be can…Use only la..Summore already got dishwashing liquid
already…save our detergent hor….

Dumbnut A: Ya la….Dishwashing liquid so geng….small small food stain can wash…sure
better at washing mud hor…

Dumbnut B: Yeah…see whether can wash my shit stain or not…Go camping no water to wash my ass crack…now all my underwear got shit stains…then i campur with my clothes…all also got shit dee wei….

Dumbnut A: Yeah..mine too…Summore dishwashing liquid got nice smell….Detergent don’t have…Wear underwear that time then my “brother” also got smell…Ppl give BJ also syiok la…

Dumbnut B: Yeah…same principle with plates…things that get in contact with mouth…hehe

(continue uses the sponge)

Dumbnut B: eh, whole thing brown colour dee la…how ah?

Dumbnut A: Aiya throw there only..those dumb fucks dunno who use their sponge wan…Cabut Cabut…(flee while smelling their underwear)

Me: (came out from room) wat the…….FUCK!!!!!!!

Next, i do not know which dumb ass ate an apple and then just simply placed it on top of the wall for more than half fucking year..below is the picture of that fucking rotten apple…

u have no idea how long these had stayed there….

These people also do not know how to throw their ciggarette buds properly…try to imagine shitting and you have to put up with smole and shit smell..

The basin above is where i discovered my brown colour sponge and also where they wash their feet…YES i said FEET….I saw it with my own eyes..they came out from a bath…went over to the basin..put their feet there and wash…how is he suppose to get a dirty feet? doesn’t he bath his whole body? AND HE EVEN WORE SLIPPER…WTF is wrong with these people…there’s a pipe in the toilet and bathroom for them to wash but they rather went for some stretching just to wash their feet AFTER BATH….

5. Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar
Racism is all i could conclude…I might be wrong here but as far as i had seen…most non-malays had the lowest vote and some malays are not even capable of doing things…I’m not a racist but it just happens that way….

And they do not even bloody do anything…I did not see what is the purpose of this MPP thing…They did as far as i’m concerned, absolutely nothing i can mention here…Aren’t they suppose to help us? How about fixing the basketball court’s spotlight to function properly and consistently??

6. Islamic studies
Seriously, I do not see the point of studying institusi islam AT ALL!!! Why the hell do i actually need this subject? I do not even study Buddhism and I had to study this?? Are they trying to force it on us? I seriously do not see the point unless i’m being given a good explanation which so far..NONE…Rasicm? If you all complain that I’m a racist by complaining how this is forced on us, then might as well you knock your head on the door…If you are Muslim who thought i’m a racist, try studying Buddism or Christianity….

7. Girls
Not enough girls so let alone the good looking girls in Faculty of Mechanical Engineering..Enough said..seriously what are we suppose to look at when we are bored to death?(guys only and probably for lesbians too)..Where can i look to wash my eyes and where the hell do i get girls to look at me? shit…Most of the good looking ones are from my course SRI..so when we moved to UTM KL…guys can just kick their own sorry ass as this faculty looks more suited for a sausage fest…Prove that our course have the prettiest girls? Faculty Queen and also the runner-up in FKM night..Pictures below for those who just wanna look at good looking girls

I only post the two girls in my SRI because they are the top two haha…The queen is the one with the crown and holding a doll

8.Chinese New Year holiday integrated with mid sem break
Goodness….do the management even know that the CNY break is far too early for a mid sem break? it’s about the 5th week but we have 14 weeks for classess….Why can’t they give a week holiday for us? Hari Raya got 1 week extra break and then one more week for mid sem break…I do not think i want to elaborate more on this to get me into trouble

9. Office workers
Not all but a few…Come on, we do not like to see your face too when we submit our registration forms and stuff….SO don’t put up a cocky attitude and face…We are the one that need to run here and there to register and not you. Not only that, your puntuality sucks…We expect the office to be open by 2.30 and you take another extra 15 minutes late and even more…You are suppose to close by 5 but u guys closed at 4 something and sometimes 3 something…Where’s the student’s rights? Prayer time on friday until 3 the most…But you guys turn up way later than that…EXPLAIN

10. Air conditioner only opens from 9 to 5
This is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve heard…We had class start at 8 and you expect to turn up the air con at 9? Are we suppose to be stuffed in a room without any wind for an hour during early morning? Some of us have class to 7 and then we have to put up in a bloody hot stuffy rooms for 2 hours? Where the hell is our rights…Monday i have a class from 8 to 9 then 2 more from 5 to 7….these times are definitely way off from the “Air-Con” time and we practically have to sweat…AND we have to wear formal on that day…formal wear+no air-con+boring lecture+hot weather+no wind+poor air ventilation=hell in lecture room….

That’s all from me…Hope there will be people reading this and so they will know what kind of stupid condtion i’m studying in….

Long Bitching Pt 1


I had to delayed my supposed blog to further dates due to my tight schedule. I am busy and that is VERY BLOODY FUCKING busy…. I had to let out my stress in this post.. I feel i had to… I really had to… I’m gonna rant, insult and complain and it’s not going to be pretty…

1. Complain 1
First of all, i would like to stress again…I AM VERY BLOODY FUCKING BUSY…. You people do not believe me then just keep your mouth shut and i don’t care..you wanna doubt me then go ahead…I don’t fucking care but if you wanna doubt me and deliberately do it in front of me then you are not getting on my good side at all… I absolutely hate it when ppl do not believe how busy i am, it’s just that you don’t bloody enrolled in Industrial Design in UTM.. Lack of sleep and heavy workload…which SRI students never experienced it before? Even parasites that never do any work also experienced the same torture…If you wanna take into account that you slept at 2 and then boast that you too lack of sleep then fuck you..you never tasted what is like to sleep 2 hours max per day for a few days straight…I never understand why exam-based students need to complain and sometimes boast how stressful they are and even said i have an easy life here(coz i need not face that much books)…well i challenged anyone who think like that for a duel..The conditions are as below:

1. Try to take a can of putty open it near you and leave it for a few days…
2. Try sanding that bloody putty’s surface until it became glossy enough
3. Try using tonnes of spray cans for a few days
4. Try applying putty and try to get it even (one of the most fucking hard thing to do)
5. Try to sleep 2 hours a day while doing this (i never even put in don’t sleep at all)
6. Try doing your bloody 3d modelling while doing this
7. Try writing your report while doing this
8. Try preparing for exam while doing this
9. Try preparing your panel while doing this
10. LAST of all, PREPARE your hardwork to be Critisized and insulted during your presentation

Do this for 1 week, and you still think thatstudying your books late every night is more hectic and stressful, then i would gladly exchange course with you and even pay you for it…Anyone up for challenge?

And i hate it when people complain that they are lack of sleep when all they did was watching dramas or shows till late at night or even gaming….You people are very ignorant and never tasted the bitter part of life..

And i absolutely do not understand why people will question me when i said i’m busy…Is it because i used to be fucking lazy? comments like….”busy still online?” “busy still can surf net?” “busy still can watch show?” Why can’t i do that? those entertainments are for short term, I dun bloody facebook for 3 hours? You might see me online in facebook 24/7 but look at my activities for God’s sake…look at the time…the ranging and random and not continuous time…Busy cannot rest awhile? It’s the same as eating or sleeping when busy? Why don’t you just don’t eat or sleep until your work is done? if your work can only be completed in a week’s time then why not don’t sleep or eat or even drink for a week? I need to release my stress and worries by facebooking once awhile and watch some shows…the shows i watch is only for awhile then pause then continue my work…SHOOT ME FOR DOING THAT……….

To those people (note that i say people not person which means not only 1 who say that) who has been really ignorant then please research on my course or even interview designers for it..you think it’s damn easy to study this design course? Take up my challenge..I even save you the trouble of researching and designing…

2.Complain no.2
Every sem i’ve been blessed with “wonderful” group member that could entirely screwed me upside down…Last sem, i had this group member, S who entirely screwed up my project. S never did anything like i ask her to and her constant complaints about how long her bloody com need to render a few seconds animation….a few hours for 3 secs? Do she seriously thinks i’m dumb? Please take note that her cpu is only a week old and had a Quad Core processor in it with 4GB ram…My computer took less than an hour to render a 3 sec animation and my com is only a Core 2 Duo with 2GB ram… Conclusion?
Intel had better step up in their processors’ develepment as C2D had tremendously overpowered C4Q…
I had asked my senior to help me render my animation with his Quad Core com and he took less than 20 minutes to do so…WOW, magic!!
I shouldn’t jump into conclusion yet, S might be good in doing her animation, in terms of motion, lighting, materials etc etc…which explains the amount of time she need…I only got her work less than a minute before my presentation and wow…she overestimated me for being able to combine these shits in a few secs..the next thing i know? She’s on the way back to Melaka which means it’s down to me and my other group member to present our stuff…I checked her stuff with great expectation and hoping S could prove me wrong with her works…One word to describe her work…
I seriously cannot believe her works….It’s so unbelievable terrible that i really wanted to strangle her to death….Although I’m not expecting anything good from her but it seems i had OVERestimated her…..I’m serious about this…The flaws? Not even a minute long for total animation which is the minimum requirement for each member to do, not according to the storyline, No linkage between scenes, nothing good about it, No movement, It’s terrible enough to make me blow my top and good enough for many people to laugh at it….The only thing that stop me from screwing her is that I do not want to talk or see her anymore…To make things worse is she do not even wanna apologise and even had the guts to act as though nothing had happened…If you are reading this, I do not need your apology or any shits….if you do not have the guts to admit and talk to me about then then you are really worthless..

This sem, another group member like that…..Damn, all thse people should be grouped together to see how sucks can they be… If you happens to read this too…Insult me for being mean with my words but i have the rights to do so… You do not need to do 3d modelling and GA and help out with the modelling and cut wood in this bloody group project.. I could forgive turning up late for meeting or work for 30 minutes…but an hour? 3 hours? you don’t bloody live 200 km away and you just live about 200 meters away…Turning up when everybody had finished their work, not apologising and still act ignorant about it? As soon as i grad i will give each of these assholes a piece of my mind…I don’t bloody care what you need to say or insult…..You only do design report and how about exchanging workload?

WORSE of all, when she turns up, she puts up such disinterested and ignorant outlook…the only thing that holds back my punches is I don’t hit girls…..if there are anyone who thinks that i wrongly judged her, here’s a newsflash…I”M NOT THE ONLY ONE..Juniors, coursemates from other sections….AM i being a little too sensitive? Fuck people who thinks so…try having her in your group…I wonder can you all really bear with all this..

That’s all for part 1, I wasted much time doing this…Time to hit back to my 3D modelling…I will definitely continue this….



Recently I’m so into reading blogs…not just your average blog from average people (n0 offense to those who took it seriously), i began reading blogs from famous bloggers. I wanted to know what made them so successful and famous. The difference is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo obvious from my blog…Let’s just say my blog is FUCKING DULL AND BORING…… haha may be it’s due to the layout…

May be it’s the bloody dull lay out and almost pictureless display (saved by David Southwell’s book cover) (T.T) and then i realise that my paragraphs are too long.. No one will ever bother reading these shits if it’s too long…even I do not felt encouraged to do so…It’s just so pathetic..I might have some contents to blog about but i do not think i have the visual advantage here (so much for being an industrial design student)..

Currently i have a very good blog material and for me it’s a BLOODY MUST for people to read them….although i never did care if people ead my blog or not but i really want them to read the blog i’m about to post..hopefully next week..I’m totally motivated tro blog as good as bloggers like Xiaxue (I love her blog materials for their hilarious and truthful contents). Although sometimes I do not agree with her certain point of views but i still found her blog amazing…Go to the site xiaxue.blogspot.com…i particularly love the posts on Phone Sex and Certainly NOT Dull..I’ve thought of asking Xiaxue tips on getting her blog so good but I just don’t think a blogger like her will waste time telling me how to..Unlike David Southwell, till now I still felt happy that a famous writer like him will eventually pay attention to a nobody’s blog like mine..

This posts is just to release my sudden urge of blogging and nothing else in particular…I might be getting too lazy to blog and most probably because I did too many report writing this sem until it makes me puke….ARGHHH i so fucking hate doing irrelevant reports especially my Institusi-instituse Islam course…why the fuck I am a bloody Buddhist that don’t even read on Buddhism must study on Islamic…It’s just don’t go right..I thought Islamic religion should respect the freedom of taking up religion..this sort of things are like forcing it on us…DAMN


I think that’s all for now…further typing will hence delay my studies on principle of marketing test for tomorrow, ergonomics report, and islamic presentation tomorrow…yes..ISLAMIC PRESENTATION…..FUCKKKK i hate doing stuff i dun understand………..

Secrets And Lies


Well actually i had bought this book entitled “Secrets and Lies” by David Southwell, a retired well-known journalist. In this book, he exposed lots of secrets behind the US government that are unknown to public, false reports, secrets of many Hollywood stars and many more. Articles that are contained in them are example of how JFK became the president of United States due to faulty votes, the actual facts about a dinosaur named Brontosaurus, JFK’s brain is missing, a secret society that many US presidents were in etc. Well basically it is quite a fun book to read and those who are interested in these kind of conspiracies and secrets, you should love this book.

Anyway, i’m not promoting about this book but just to let you people know where the post’s inspirations came from. When i read the large segment by David Southwell, he had revealed the world’s biggest lie and biggest secret of all time. The world’s biggest lie is that YOU do not have the power to make a difference and the world’s biggest secret is that despite knowing the biggest lie, why we did not act upon it.

How splendidly written and true about this statement. It just struck me that a mere human like even myself could manage if i put effort into it. History had painted many big names such as John F. Kennedy, Adolf Hitler, Gandhi or even Tun Mahathir or even Elvis…They are just normal individuals and yet they accomplished what many had look upon to. Why did no one really act upon the injustice they noticed? HOW many actually went for it? MALAYSIAN STYLE = WE SEE, WE PRETEND TO IGNORE, LIFE GOES ON……..practically i dun mean all malaysians are like this but most of them this is what i noticed.. Particularly rubbish dumpsite which i mentioned in my previous post that ironically usually comes with a ‘no-throwing-rubbish-sign’ with them. How far to the extend is our short-sighted than we can’t see such simple sign? No wonder there are so many shops like England Optic since business must be good. Even if we noticed injustice or crime taken place, how many had act upon them? Take as an example our last general election. Many did not vote becoz they do not think tha merely one vote makes a difference.

Even if you guys read this post but will anyone do anything about it? Will anyone who lead a normal life will dare to go up against a powerful politician? THERE ARE even polices that did not dare to take down a sodomy report against a politician. We do not know what each and everyone of us can do and hence we just leave like it is or let the nature run its own course. I might be talking about all this but at this rate may be i’m contributing at least a bit effort in hopefully affecting some readers who might actually read my blog. How far along do we need to keep this lie and how long will we need in order to overcome the secret. If there are people who really see my point, you guys will be amazed by realizing what we could actually do individually. Take for example David Southwell, he took risk in exposing secrets and lies unknown to many and this could lead to the arrests of CIA. Although he did refrain himself from exposing too much but he actually did play with fire in order to may be motivate certain readers or curious bastards like myself with his book and writings. So do anyone here dare to play with fire?

That’s all for now It’s only a short post unlike my previous one. Anyway before i sign off, i would like to state the purpose of my blog page. This blog is meant for me to express myself and what i think and i do not expect anyone to read it all. Basically the style of my blog can be derived from my title itself. LITERATURE = Something that might bore the shit out of someone but at the same time interesting to others. If u expect flashy and “picture-ful” blog page then u might be looking at the wrong blog page. I do wish people whould read my stuff and would be happy if anyone leave me a comment but honestly i dun really think that will happen. Most people will be bored after reading few sentences and I would not be bothered by it. This is a place for me to release my thinking and not to entertain readers as much as i could. That’s all for now. TQ SIGNING OUT~~~~~~



Let’s just face it.It IS bloody impossible to save our society. It is now easier to find a bad apple in the basket rather than a good one. what could possible lead to this impossibility? Mass media? Internet? Movies? Music? Bla…bla…bla.. Every can play the BLAME GAME and everyone LOVES to be in it the game. Proving ownself innocent then judging others guilty and the cycle will forever be circling round and round and right back to the start. Can anyone see the common factor in all this bullshit? HUMANS..That’s right. You can deny all you want but the shit will just come back to us.

Why our society’s morale integrity used to be in such high level? Why we cannot learn from the past to apply in the present to build a better future? EASY. Family education and society’s role model are no more as effective. Can you expect a cigarette-popping father to ask his son or daughter to quit smoking? Or do you expect some foul-mouthed parents wanted to teach their children some politeness and manners? I could only guarantee that these children will definitely find a few “extra vocabularies” for them to use in daily life. Why our society’s Role Model had changed from Mahatma Gandhi to David Beckham? Why? May be they respect him for having such a hot wife to bang but i dunno..

OK, now we look into another factor. Politicians..Do we SERIOUSLY REALLY need to learn from them? Are they really good role models? Corruption, Lies and Scandals..How much of these that we need to taint our history of humanity? From politicians who often sleeps in meeting to sodomizing accusation to sex in the hotel then get busted and the list goes on and on. We don’t need scandals to contaminate the young minds. I bet that the young ones will definitely say that why bother doing wrong things, they do them too. Yes we humans are filled with errors but i do not see such obvious scandals during the 1960’s and so on. Seeing someone swearing on the Holy Book, but what’s the point? What happens if he really does lies? Will the book beat the hell out of the person and make him crap in his pants? Or he will get the suitable punishment when he pass on to a “better” world? Seriously how will we know or will everyone be contended with the assumption he will rot “there” if he lies? Something that is unproven and still a mystery is really SO RELIABLE? I’m not trying to deny the existence of God but isn’t God all-forgiving? Will the crimes be forgiven? There are just too many questions unanswered. The government should really quit playing mind games and being drawn into fighting for power. Instead, do something for our economy and education downfall rather than creating coffee shops talk topic. The general election is over a long time ago but it seems it is far from from over.

Singers, actors, sportsman…bla…bla…Haven’t we seen enough scandals revolving around them? Truly amazing how people expect us to learn things that they could not learn either. Why put the blame on us for social problems such as rape, robbery and so on so on? We the younger generations just did what we are suppose to do. What is it? LEARN. Isn’t that’s what the adults wanted us to do? We LEARN how to watch porn as a divine entertainment. We LEARN how to speak the “proper-adult” language and we LEARNED that the word “FUCK” is the most versatile word of all. We LEARN how to commit crimes to make us survive is this harsh cold world. We LEARN and LEARN and LEARN. YET the blame is on us. That’s the reason why the society cannot be saved. Everyone is doing mistake and at the same time blaming others. YES, very true I’m blaming people now BUT isn’t there a point? We youngsters are arrogant and dumb bastards. We thought everything that is WRONG is COOL and TRENDY. We are so smart that we claim education and examination are useless. WE are so dumb to study hard to score good grades in one of the world’s toughest examination and still not get the courses we wanted whereas those that study in another program with not so good grades end up with the course they wanted. Can we still be saved? We craved for SALVATION but in return we get more and MORE STARVATION.

WE wanted to have sex because we wanted to know what else could our body POSSIBLY do rather than just, eat, breathe, move, sleep and shit. We rob and steal because we wanted to know what is it for being able to survive. Prices of everything goes up but yet our salary remained the same as ever. WE lie in business and claimed it is a tactic that only a master can manipulate. Increasing cost with constant income could only cause us to seek more alternatives. We began to LEARN the “business-trade” in the underworld. If it is wrong to commit crimes to earn money, then why the bloody fuck there is no increase in salary? Our selfishness to continue to survive in this “improving” economy will eventually lead to the downfall of this society. So that’s why we cannot be saved.

SAVE us by throwing free money at us. SAVE us by providing us with free sex toys so we won’t release it on others. SAVE us by providing every countries in the world with government that are willing to sacrifice to save us rather than making profits or filled with corruptions and scandals. HOW far will we go to free this society fro the grip of despair? Can anyone actually do that? WE are not Superman, Wonder Woman or Batman because we lack the superpower abilities and the wealth and also the super power ability or wearing undergarments on the outside. So how can we save ourselves? It is practically impossible and a reality check for those who still hold a faint hope of saving the world and scumbags called human. Everyone lives for themselves and that’s the law we humans had agreed on. We might sacrifice ourselves to save our family, friends, loved ones but will we sacrifice to save the whole world? Can anyone willing to starve to death so that their food can be shared with those who did not eat? Can Brangelina adopt every single children craving for their help?

HOW can we save the society when we cannot even clean the shits in the public toilets? HOW about cleaning the public trash sites that ironically usually comes with a sign “Jangan Buang sampah di sini. Denda….” HOW about letting an ugly kid sing rather than replacing her with some pretty kid who ironically can lip-synch? How about demoting pedophile archbishops or do we actually need to keep them as role model? Promises are made and promises are broken. We had pratically given up the idea of complete salvation among mankind. Loopholes in LAW and Assholes are USING them. This led to the many and many of problems that we had.

That’s all for a piece of my mind that could eventually lead to some unpeaceful thinking. I do not wish to offend anyone in this post as you already had the warining before entering this dump site. XD Anyway do drop a comment. I welcome any criticism and also insults. My computer is practically noob-proof to be able to handle that. =P that’s all fro now…SIGNING OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I dunno what is it to me..It seems that i have lost all the interest to blog about what’s in my mind..Sometimes i realize it doesn’t really matter what i think, there are things that are far more important to be considered..

Anyway, i failed my first project…and then having tremendous task ahead of me in finishing this sem..goodness..how i wish i could slow time or might as well stop it..zzz it’s 1.49 am and my mind is really really blurry of what’s going on…

However i do have several things going on in my mind that i would like to share with my readers..hopefully tomorrow..haha byeez

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