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PDA–Public Display of Affection


So how you guys like my introduction? Decided to do something different as the mood of the blog is getting way too serious at times. Why not have a little fun and joke around right? Alright back to the topic, what do you guys think of Public Display of Affection?
Some people might think it is kinda cute and definitely sweet to see a couple showing affections towards one another publicly. It seems as though these couples wanted to the whole world to know how sweet they are with each other or how loving they can be. On the other hand, some might think it is gross and also they cannot stand the “geli-ness” running through their whole body.


To me, PDA is ok WITHIN A LIMIT! You can hold hands, hug your partner closely or may be a peck to the face or the most, lips. Well, actually I do that too I guess BUT NEVER EVER GET OVER THE LIMIT!! What do I mean by limit? Here’s several extreme PDA cases which I saw.

1. French Kissing
It’s OK to have a peck but definitely NOT OK to french kiss in the public. I saw this couple before french kissing in the shopping mall and yes they are younger than me (saying their race out is sensitive too). Come on, which part of the moaning and wet kisses do not yell “DO IT AT HOME” to you guys? Although each and everyone have their freedom but I’m not ok with this yet. May be I’m conservative as it might be common in Western countries.

2. Ass Grabbing
Ok seriously, this is very very VERY common nowadays. I’ve seen couples grabbing each other asses while walking from all different race. This definitely shouts “Hey, people, look at us, we have sex with each other”. Seriously, I wouldn’t need to ask if they are virgins but to me, I always assume if you are comfortable enough to touch your partner’s private area (ass included), you guys are having sex.

3. Declaring your love in mushiest way possible
Saying I love you in public is ok. But getting too mushy and corny at each passing moments, seriously, even polar bears can died due to coldness and geli-ness. Even I can’t bear hearing these stuff and it happens once in a cinema. I’m there to watch a good movie not to listen to some over-exaggerated love drama between 2 people I have no interest in knowing or strangers.

To me, PDA is ok but only within a certain limit.  admit I do show my love and appreciation publicly but I have my limits. So what do you think about PDA and what are the most extreme PDA that you had seen/done before in your life?


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  • Liane Markus

    I do not know if PDA is something that is good or bad. However, there is always a right place for two people to do this. Many people who will be seeing people who is into PDA cannot stop themselves from saying something that is negative. PDA should be done in private places.
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  • college advice

    I am also one of those who hate to see the couples showing affection publicly. It is not the fact that they should walk like strangers in the public places but they should act decently in the public and show their affection towards each other at home.

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