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Pentax? Tax For Pen?


Mention that brand Pentax, you will likely be getting confused looks from most of them. When people mention about Pentax, especially towards Malaysian, we wouldn’t have a single clue of what is it? It’s quite true because I too would think that way. The brand is practically unknown to many Malaysians where they are taking up photography or not.

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“What’s Pentax? Tax for Pen? Kotex or  Penthouse or Pendek or Durex I know la. Pentax I really dunno le.” Probably that’s a very common thinking in most of you right now right?

I got to know this brand earlier this year when I went over to some camera shops to survey about my camera. Of course naturally, due to its unpopular brand status in Malaysia, I had my doubts in it. However, once I got to know more about Pentax, I realized the company provides only ONE service.

That ONE service is to deliver good and high-end camera technology and also with style. This means that “You will get to shoot good quality photographs in STYLE“.

For example, the Pentax K-x itself has over 100 combination of colors in order for you to get the DSLR which suited you the most. Different from the common black DSLR body, Pentax provides a large variety of colors for its DSLR.

Basically, most people would begin to question the product’s capability. Most definitely due to lack of marketing and promotion, Pentax had lacked behind Nikon and Canon in Malaysia. It’s normal to think that the product lack in terms of quality as well. However, Pentax K-x not only comes in different styles but also some quality specifications.

The Pentax K-x shoots at 4.7 frames per second and had a high light sensitivity value at ISO 6400. Not only that, the pictures produced had a color depth of 22,7 bits and that is significantly higher than a lot of Nikon and Canon DSLR can produce. Not only that, the Pentax K-x had a built-in motor for auto focus in its body. This feature is not available for many DSLRs which fall within Pentax K-x’s price range. In the nutshell, Pentax K-x camera is a good camera that would worth every single cent of your money.

If you still have your doubts, you can visit HERE to look at Pentax’s K-x image quality and compare it for yourself. What else you want to know about Pentax?

Pentax is a very successful DSLR camera brand in Japan every since its launch of Asahi Pentax series in 1957. It is so popular and successful, the Hoya Corporation who took over the Pentax brand decide to maintain its name and further developing cameras under the brand Pentax.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, Pentax is one of the proud sponsor for Project One & Only which Grand Finale is 3rd June 2011. SO, do you think that Pentax does not have what it takes to be a famous brand in Malaysia? Given its popularity in Japan, I’m sure that its popularity would be just a matter of time before it reaches Malaysia.

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