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Petronas Malaysia F1 Grand Prix 2012


Formula 1 is back to Malaysia! Are you excited? I first started watching F1 sometime around in 2002 I guess, and I still remembered the two teams that I first supported which is Sauber Petronas and Mclaren Mercedes. No joke! Still remembers the time when Nick Heidfield and Kimi Raikonnen drove for Sauber-Petronas. This year, Petronas and Mercedes had joined forces to take on the Formula 1!





Thanks a lot to Sirens Media and also Petronas, I was given an opportunity to sneak in and capture Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher attend this showcase. Of course, Petronas is no stranger to the world of motorsports and I actually wondered how this showcase would be? Somehow, I am just having a thought about this showcase is about how Petronas developed their fuel and lubricant for Formula 1.

Beautifully designed counters and backdrop!

Apparently during this showcase, they are selling some exclusive Petronas Formula 1 merchandise and the crowd is practically going crazy for it! I think I can understand why since these items are not commonly available in the market and for hardcore Petronas Mercedes team supporter, this would be the rare gold mine that they had to get their hands on no matter what. I’m not sure whether my boss wanted me to scout about this from that important phone call he gave me. Hmm…

Available here is a very cool augmented reality Formula 1 game on these Samsung Galaxy Tabs. These games are seriously addictive as the kids are practically lining up to try their hands on the tablet while their parents urging them to move ahead. I did force myself through the line to play it wait patiently for some kids to actually finish playing so I can try the game as well.

The emcee and models for the afternoon before the bloggers’ event is up. The audience were given some trivias about Petronas and Formula 1 to answer and the winners are awarded with some prizes.

Mercedes Benz CLS 350

This is the Petronas Mercedes Formula 1 car that would take on the Sepang F1 circuit this 23rd to 25th March 2012. This sexy beast will be driven by one of the best Formula 1 driver in history, Michael Schumacher and also the young rising Formula 1 star, Nico Rosberg. Where the heck are they? I got to finish up my work and go back to sleep! If you ask me, this would be the perfect combination of machine and driver.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG roadster

Getting on with the event for bloggers, we were first divided into two groups. Our group would have activities on our own and for my group, we are being invited to view the suspended Petronas Mercedes Formula 1 cars. I was initially taken aback. How would they even suspend two cars in the first place? My initial thoughts would be some cheap mock ups from cardboard or plywood would be all I got to see in this preview of suspended Petronas Mercedes Formula 1 cars.

But as soon as that thought came, it vanished when Miss Ezzan informed us that these suspended Petronas Mercedes Formula 1 cars are actually REAL prototypes. These cars are so real that they can actually be used to take on the Formula 1 Race at ANYTIME. Wow! Seeing one of the car on display on the stage is one, but being suspended in mid air is another level of awesome!

Let’s pray that Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher were suspended along with these two cars in mid-air as well so I can get home after that.

Suspended Petronas Mercedes Formula 1 cars

Words cannot really describe how I felt about seeing these two sexy machine beasts being suspended in mid air. You would not usually get to see the bottom of those car unless a crash occurs in the circuit. I wouldn’t want that to happen at all, would I? I’m amazed at the engineers to able to calculate and make suspending these two cars in mid air possible. Working in event company, I have no doubt that this took a long time to actually make it work.

Still no sign of any suspended Nico Rosberg or Michael Schumacher. Hmmm.

The Game Speed Of Sound

Next, we were brought to this game area, The Speed of Sound. It actually sounded weird to me initially especially hearing how the game actually works. You were connected to the game and also be given a pair of headset and microphone. To play the game, you must produce a sound pitch to the microphone that actually MATCHES the wavelength shown on the screen. For a period of matched wavelength, time will be deducted from the time take by your car to complete a lap.

No matter if it sounds easy or hard to you, this game is actually pretty addictive AND HARD. It’s hard to match my pitch with the wavelength as I cannot grasps properly the correct wavelength shown. Below is how I handle the game.

I am actually making an “AHHHH AHHHH AHHHH” sound there and I’m trying not to make it as obscene as possible. Covering my mouth and mic seems to be a brilliant idea only for a second as it only makes the wavelength goes higher there. Seriously, you got to try this game to actually know what I’m talking about.

As you can see, my score is pretty pathetic at 23 seconds while Caroline can even scored a 12 seconds lap time. I decided not to put that video and picture of her beating me in this thing over in this blog post. The winner of this game would be given some really really cool prizes that I shall reveal soon. For those who are interested in this game, do visit http://www.petmos.com.my . The winner of this game would get to win some really cool gadgets.

After the gaming session, we were gathered and then being led to the Apartment for dinner and some games. Probably the two guys would be there? Why la make my job so difficult!

Due to I was involved in the questionnaire session, I couldn’t take any pictures of it. I got myself a bag worth RM300 and the two winners of the questionnaire sessions won themselves a Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy Tab. I just couldn’t answer most of the questions as my amateurish knowledge to the world of Formula 1 is just not adequate.

Roshaniza Ilmi, Senior Manager of Petronas Motorsports

The finale of the event would be dinner and also the trivia questionnaire I mentioned above. The winners were given their respective prizes and the happy looks on their faces are definitely priceless.

These two are the winners for Bloggers’ Speed of Sound challenge and they two clocked an amazing time of just slightly over 10 seconds! One of them won a Nokia Lumia while the other just won the Samsung Galaxy S2. NOW I’M JELLY!

Miss Roshaniza with the trivia winners and also Speed of Sound winners

Basically, this showcase is to bring Formula 1 motorsport closer to the people. I’m actually happy that one of our local company is actually a main sponsor for one of the top team in today’s Formula 1 racing scene. Petronas had been actively involved in the world of motorsports since 1988, the time where I barely know how to talk. This venture proved to be the best that Petronas had ever done that it makes them improved drastically in terms of technology and also market standings. Why wouldn’t a Malaysian be proud of their achievement? Being a sponsor in Formula 1 motorsports had opened up Malaysia to be even more popular worldwide.

That practically wraps up everything about this event. It was definitely fun learning about Petronas and also their involvement in the world of Formula 1 racing. Now, I should get my hands on one of the lovely Petronas T-shirts I had my eyes on. Hmmmm. I seems to be forgetting something very important. I wondered what was it?

For more information about this Petronas Showcase, do visit the links below. REMEMBER! If you would like to meet the drivers Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher, they will be at Suria KLCC 5.45 p.m this 21st March 2011. The MUST CATCH race day is on 25th March 2012 while the qualifying session would be 24th March 2012. Be sure not to miss it.

PETRONAS Corporate site
PETRONAS MOTORSPORTS and Speed of Sound game link
Mercedes GP Petronas F1 Team

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