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Promoting Your Blog? Not!


Let’s face it. Most people blog, they want people to read it. Hence, they promote it. But honestly, there are several ways of blog promoting that I really really dislike. It’s not like I have anything against people who want more people to read their blogs as I’m one of them as well.

However, there are several type of promoting that I absolutely dislike. This is entirely my own opinion as it may varies among different types of people.

1. Blog Walking

The one and only thing I hate about having a Chat Box in my blog is having those shameless attention seeker who just drop by and say “Drop By”. I used to have it in my previous blog but I removed it as so many people are spamming it with “Blogwalking” comments.

It’s very insincere to me as the person didn’t even read a little bit of my post. As I removed the chat box, some even dropped such comment on my post. What the hell is that? I wonder if they do even know the purpose of the comment section. If you do not like what I wrote, did not read it or have no interest in it at all, I rather you just leave without leaving any footprints.

2. Exchanging Links Is Like Tango

I love to exchange links as I am able to expand my network and also able to keep track of several blogs at the same time. However, I encountered some bloggers who just dropped by my blog and leave this comment in the Chat Box.

“Dropping by. Pls visit and link my blog here. Thank you”

Ok, so who do the hell you think you are? David Beckham? Michael Jordan? Mahatma Gandhi? Or Kenny Sia? This is just plain rude to me. I really am surprised that there are bloggers who are so full of themselves. They thought they are such good bloggers and everyone in the world should follow them. I don’t know about you guys but I definitely would not link someone who do not even read my post or link my blog and just ask me to link coz they ask? Pffffttt…

3. Social Networks Are Too Sociable.

Image from http://tweeterism.com/the-pain-of-self-important-twitter-users/

Share your blog on Facebook and Twitter! That’s the best way to increase your traffic! I do that, almost everyone does that. Nothing wrong right? EXCEPT when you start tagging people to your blog. If I’m mentioned in that post, I welcome the tag. If you are really really good friend of mine, I am still ok and I wouldn’t even bothered much with that.

BUT when I know absolutely NOTHING about you and vise versa, it is very irritating. The worst is IF the person doesn’t even follow me on twitter or friends in Facebook. It shows nothing but you are an attention seeking whore yourself.

If we randomly chats on Twitter or Facebook, I think it is still acceptable as long as it is not frequent. But if you are a total stranger to me, I would feel like taking the keyboard and shove it down your throat. (Hey, I’m being nice here!!)

I had someone who is a total stranger to me, who tagged me in a twitter link to his blog. What makes it worse? That tweet was a reply to a tweet that my friend tagged me earlier whom that stranger is friends with as well. And that BLOODY topic is not even related at all! How low can you go to promote your blog? How shameless can you be? If a total stranger interrupts a conversation between me and my friends with unrelated matter about him/herself, I would whip some verbal lashing until his/her ears bleeds 6 litres of blood!

I honestly do not know how many inches thick is his face la until when someone said he spam their twitter mention, he still can say “Just want to share with you all what I _____“. LIKE I BLOODY CARES WHAT YOU DID! Whatever you eat, do, play or shit, if you are a stranger to me, I would care more for those hungry stray cats nearby my house’s longkang than your attention seeking fetish. In fact, if that’s the last thing I can do on Earth, I wouldn’t even do it!

So instead of what’s the best way to promote your blog, WHAT’ TYPE OF BLOG PROMOTING IRRITATES YOU? Leave a comment and share with me so we can have a laugh about it.

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  • Nava Krishnan

    Some that I agree – about having a chat box – for me, I really don't have time to chat, so I don't see a need for this.
    Tagging – yes, many have done that but I am just cool about it because I have plenty of friends of fb and to be honest, I use fb to post my blog, so its ok because when they they tag, others will see my name and in return, check out my wall.

    • ericleeh

      For me, tagging only limited to close friends and not others..I'm not cool enough to let strangers tag me in such random stuff where I absolutely had no interest in…Thanks for the comment..nice to hear another opinion on this.. =)

  • ErikaToh

    Ohh….I hate spammers! I mean people who promotes their blog by spamming their links in chat boxes, comments, etc. It’s so irritating! >.<"

    • ericleeh

      Chat box yes..but i have nothing with posting link on your comment PROVIDED if the comment is actually relevant to the blog post…if it is..i dun mind also if they put 10 links on their comments…lol coz it helps to increase page rank as well

  • Ariff Suffian

    Yeah it does get annoying when people over do it! Spammers haha

  • Merryn

    I dislike ppl tagging me in their post.. expecting me to read it.. elo, if i want to read ur blog i'll read it without the need of u tagging me ok? 😀 *not talking about u* 😛
    My recent post Youve got to TOUCH to FEEL it!

    • ericleeh

      Then i shall TAG u in all my posts…LOL

      ceh..i know u not talking about me..i know u talking about who..HAHA XD

  • foongpc

    "Just want to share with you all what " Haha!! i know who tweeted this!! Yeah, this person also spammed me with his blog link expecting me to read. So far, I did not bother 😀
    My recent post Walking The Streets Of Bangkok

  • foongpc

    I never use the chat box! I prefer people comment in the comment section below each post. But last time, Caroline used to have chat box only and no comment system until I asked her to delete the chat box and switched to the comment system. Haha!!
    My recent post Walking The Streets Of Bangkok

    • ericleeh

      oh yeah..she told me that before..at first i thought that chat box can use to interact with ppl but i am dead wrong there…LOL i prefer commenting system as well! XD

  • foongpc

    Slightly out of topic – Talking about Twitter, I have one person who asks me to follow him, but after I did, he never follows me! Even after I asked him why he is not following me, he said he is following but I checked and he still did not follow!! How can such a person exists?!!
    My recent post Walking The Streets Of Bangkok

  • DeeCee

    I am annoyed with Malay bloggers who tag my chatbox in Malayu. Not that I have anything against them but I do not understand Malayu. Despite me telling them that I do not understand their language, they still keep tagging me with their language and it's always the same friggin people.

    I seriously don't know they are plain ______ or _______.

    • ericleeh

      LOL..probably they assume u r a malaysian or what? chill..but that's one of the reason why I remove my chatbox as well…

  • TikkoSS

    I very much agree with all that u said. Infact i feel bad if ppl come to my blog not reading and leave. I prefer low traffic and ppl appreciate my writeup than high traffic but just drop by. For godsake, we spend times producing quality post (at least from our own view) .. no one read it.. then why we blog in the first place.. might as well put empty blog..

    Cant believe u involved Gandhi in this.. lol

    Maybe i should remove my chatbox too? lol..

    My recent post Bloggers’ Outing Again!

    • ericleeh

      True..what for right if they do not appreciate our content..i rather they just leave quietly n never come back..

      I involved a lot more than just Gandhi in my previous blog posts..LOL

      i highly recommend it as it is much of a tool of spamming..but the choice is up to u..as long as u have frequent frens who chat with u there..then why not right? =)

  • Caroline

    I dnt even care those ppl asking me to visit back if they never leave comment! :s
    My recent post A Taste of Vietnam at Peppermint- Karamunsing Capital

  • Caroline

    mwahahaha!! i know who is that!! very sien la like that, to me even close friend, if u know i will read it, PLEASE PLEASE NO NEED TO TAG ME IN UR POST! I will read when i got time, if u saw ur link in my blogroll, just blog n no need to tag la! buat semak only! :S
    My recent post A Taste of Vietnam at Peppermint- Karamunsing Capital

    • ericleeh

      LOL yeah la…u sure know who is that..but at least that person follows u but never follow me…buat kacau only..like very close only…LOL

  • ericleeh

    classic template? means? lol..

    now comment section better than chat box right? =P

  • Maggie

    LOLx~ Tag stranger to read their blog?! shame shame~
    Is it so-called "direct sale"? ^o^
    Those spammers can still be acceptable but using tag…it's too over!!!

  • Hong Wei

    Good post, me agree!
    Naybe i should also take away the chat box…
    Let me think think, ok? =)

  • iamthewitch

    I love this post! Some people can really go LOW by spamming and tagging people just to get traffic. Argh*vomit*
    My recent post Expensive Sekinchan Ikan Bakar – Grilled Fish

  • iamthewitch

    Then SOME people really tak tau malu, like people care what they want to share.. Right RIGHT! 😛
    My recent post Expensive Sekinchan Ikan Bakar – Grilled Fish

  • tekkaus

    Are you talking about me? LOL 😀
    My recent post Lets Toss Yee SangLau Lau Lau

  • MaxiVelasco

    Oh my… This post blew my mind away. Whew!!!

    I hope a lot of bloggers get to read this post of yours and get enlightened.

    I've been thinking of deleting the chatbox/shoutbox or whatever it's called on both of my blogs as they're only filled with spammy messages. I mean, whenever I visit a friend's blog, I read a post or two, leave a comment. There are times when after leaving a comment, I try to let them know that I've commented on a certain post by leaving another comment on their shoutbox as some of them do not even care to check, read and respond to their posts' comments. Sad but true.

    I have nothing against exchange links for as long as I've been asked in a friendly or respectful manner.

    You have a pretty Thursday. Again, a powerful post and I like it!
    My recent post All Star Sock Rolldown By Converse

    • ericleeh

      yea…i totally agree with that….too much spam on the chatbox..it just doesn't feel right at all..

      i wun mind exchanging links either but not being told to n that person didn't even link mine

  • Zazabong

    Interesting post! Haven't really experience being tagged in twitter and all by bloggers. lol.
    My recent post Gossips pssst dont tell anyone ok

  • ericleeh

    LOL be glad u didn't…u would be trapped in between wanting to even read it or not…

  • Ted Nelson

    What irritates me is when someone posts a tweet on twitter and then inputs please RT at the end. Even worse is when they direct message the tweet with please RT. Unless the tweet is for helping Japan or some noble endeavor like that then it is really lame. I will RT what I feel like RTing not what some annoying attention seeker wants me to.
    My recent post Why travel bloggers are becoming more popular and important

  • donna

    speaking about this….
    there is a blogger come to my mind.. but i cannot reveal him here wor… but then, i've been dying to tahan the urge to telling ppl also wor… how? =..=
    eh, i fb msg u once, not very frequent hor… so i am sure you are not talking about me… =..=
    next time when saw u on fb, i fb msg u la.. tell u that blogger i had in mind… =..=
    i don't mind u sharing with your dearest gf la… but just to your gf…. don't help me distribute hor i tell u… yes, it's a warning….

  • Mohak

    Hey man I don’t want to hurt you or just blame you, I just want to say that I think you are going too negative….
    Frankly, I also sometimes post in shoutboxes saying:
    “Every1 please visit me at wwww.merrydayz.blogspot.com, I hope you’d like it.(some smileys).”
    But I don’t spam there I just write one link…..
    By the way, did u try to ask the spammers not to do advertisement or so it less????
    even if this does not work, just delete those advertisements…….

    If you don’t like my comment , please don’t be against me…….you know there exists perception…

  • Mohak

    by the way I liked your blog very much.<3

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