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QQ Snowmix at Bandar Puteri Puchong


Taiwanese desserts is all the rage these days. Seriously, there are as much taiwanese dessert shops as 7-11 at any given day. How is it to keep up with this overcrowded market when everyone almost selling the same thing?

So, as I come over to this QQ Snowmix in Bandar Puteri Puchong, let’s just say I already expect what to come.  But then, I was looking what difference do they offer?

Shop Exterior

Shop Interior

One thing I definitely like about the shop is that it is spacious. There are enough rooms to queue comfortably and also sit comfortably. Probably they should provide bigger tables but with the siize of group we were in, I still felt comfortable sitting there. Definitely one of the more comfortable taiwanese dessert shops.

Tempura ( RM 5.90 )

Probably one of the better ones I had despite the small but reasonable portion. Very crunchy and crispy on the outside while maintaining a soft texture to the tempura. The tempura might be slightly salty but it’s acceptable to me when dipped with the chilli sauce or maybe curry powder. One note on ordering this dish, please request for less salt.

Taipei Big Big ( RM 24.90 )

Probably one of the most unique attraction of this dessert shop is this Taipei Big Big. It comes in a portion fit for 4 to 5 pax to share. If you are not sure on what to order and you come in a group of 4 to 5, I recommend ordering this. They had 12 toppings on it with different shaved ice on the bottom for your tasting. Basically, this is a great way to test out what the shop had to offer and I definitely found what I like from there which I would reveal later.

Best Seller Grass Jelly Ice Series ( RM 6.90 )

Reasonably ok in terms of taste. The grass jelly was quite smooth and the taro balls are definitely chewable. Probably the toppings could match Snowflakes unlike several ones I had before.

Taiwan Egg and Hotdog Roll ( RM 4.50 )

Unique I must say but not exactly my cup of tea. Probably deep frying it would taste nicer in my opinion.

Taiwanese Style Fried Chicken ( RM 6.50 )

It is crispy alright. Tender chicken meat as well. One of the better taiwanese style fried chicken in those two area but I felt this dish happens to be way too salty to my liking. Reminder on ordering this dish. Less salt. Definitely less salt.

Taiwan Sweet Potato Stick ( RM 2.50 )

The combination of sweet and salty is kinda good. I like the idea over here and this is reasonably priced as well. For those who love sweet potato, this is a dish you got to try.

Soya Ice Series with QQ Taro, Pearls and Barley ( RM 6.50 )

If you ask me, I felt their soya ice series are not bad. I’ve tried many taiwanese snack stores and few can offer up to their current standard. Not too sweet and just nice. The QQ Taro and Pearls are definitely very chewable.

Taro Ice Series ( RM 6.50 )

The most unique of all, would be their Taro Ice Series. Honestly, despite seeing how so many people like taro balls, it’s kinda surprising none offer taro ice series. And QQ Snowmix definitely pull it off great with this Taro Ice Series. Strong in taro flavour while the ice was finely shaved to perfection. I absolutely love its combination with the pudding and I highly recommend this Taro Ice Series if you are wondering what’s nice. I did not get enough of the flavourful taro shaved ice with their pudding to go.

Lemon Jade Jelly Ice ( RM 5.50 )

I love Ai-Yu ice. However, this lemon jade jelly ice was not the ai-yu I expected. The combination was done nicely but the jelly is sweet while a normal Ai-Yu jelly isn’t sweet to begin with. This would be a great taste for kids or those who love sweet and sour dessert. If you like sweet jelly, this would be a great choice to have when you are around.

Taiwan Black Sesame Soup with Japanese Matcha Soup and QQ Taro ( RM 6.50 )

If you are not into something cold, this Taiwan Black Sesame Soup is definitely for you. The dessert was very strong in flavour and it is very thick. This means that QQ Snowmix is generous with its ingredients and you can definitely not go wrong with this if you like black sesame dessert. One of the best among the desserts there.

Sea Amber Jelly Ice with Pearls ( RM 6.90 )

If you like some refreshing desserts, this sea amber jelly is definitely the one for you. The smooth texture of its sea amber jelly is one to savour on a hot sunny day. If you are looking for something soothing just to cool off, this would be a great choice as well.

Overall, the desserts there are not bad. If you ask me, it’s slightly above average. Besides these desserts, they too offer a range of bubble milk tea as well which I did not try as I’m being too full from all the desserts.

So, to end my post, I will make it a custom to name and award a dish that I like the most from this list. Hence, I present you the Komatsu Award!

Komatsu award is something I would like to label a dish that I love the most among the ones I had presented here. If you are not sure what is Komatsu Award, I’ll explain. Komatsu is a character in the current popular manga Toriko, a manga about hunting for the most delicious food all over the world. And then in the manga, they discover the Century Soup, a soup which is so delicious, it will force whoever who consumes it to grin uncontrollably from ear to ear. So hence, I give this award this time to the Taro Ice Series.

If you talk about uniqueness, the Taro Ice series is definitely unique. The smooth and flavourful Taro shaved ice goes excellently with the Taiwanese pudding. It’s something I would find hard to get enough of and it’s definitely one to remember. This is a must try whenever you drop by QQ Snowmix.

QQ Snowmix

No. 48, Jalan Puteri 1/4,
Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100 Selangor.
Operating Hours : Sun-Thurs ( 12.30pm – 11pm ) / Fri-Sat (1pm – 12am )
Contact No : +03 – 8052 3133
Facebook : QQ Snowmix Puchong
Website : QQ Snowmix

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