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Recently some people had been blogging about qualities that men should have or qualities that women should have. If they don’t blog about it, they talk about it. This come to points of my post. Firstly, I was often asked what qualities in women that I am looking for back then when I was still single. I wonder why no one asks when I am in a relationship right now. But this is exactly a scenario that happened during one occasion.

Personally, I wouldn’t care if my wife or girlfriend have any of those “qualities”. But most of the time is I would come up with the most most male chauvinist reply as possible if I ever heard a girl telling me that she need a tall, handsome and whatever those qualities are. Ironically and unsurprisingly, most girls would be turned off by my reply while only those friends who knew me well, knew I was just being sarcastic and laugh or play along. You see, most girls wanted a tall and handsome guy with toned body so why would a guy be labeled a pervert when he asks for a big boobed girlfriend or one with a nice butt? Aren’t those physical appearance appeals as well? It is basically the same.

So what if you found and love a guy who is all that? But at the same time if he wants a big boobs girlfriend and if you don’t have those big melons that would keep him interested? Would you be at that very moment give up because you don’t have that or you try to win his heart? Would you be at that moment say “Those labels does not matter at all.”?

If we wanted to do labels, it had to be mutual.But finding someone with 100% matching labels of one another is like finding a needle in the ocean. I wouldn’t say haystack because one can easily sort a needle out from there with the almighty magnet. I wouldn’t say it is impossible and I wouldn’t say one must lower his or her standard in choosing. It doesn’t matter to me. But I think the two qualities that both men and women should have in a relationship as a husband or as a wife, is love for one another and also commitment.


So basically, that’s what I wanted to talk about. Qualities women should have? Commitment and love. Qualities men should have? Commitment and love. When one started to commit to one another, they would try to make the relationship work and help out. That’s how humans live. As the saying goes, “love conquers all”. I would say “Mutual love conquers all”.

Just in case you are wondering, the snorkeling situation is real and yes I know nuts about swimming. What? Peed? What pee?

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  • missyblurkit

    Love and commitment. Sweet and simple:D
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  • Ernest Ng

    is this becos of the gamer girl's post ah? haha! well said bro!
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  • J_Fish

    Okok, what the hell right? Like I'm not superficial in the first place. So here's a "debate" from a bimbo's point of view.

    Firstly, I agree with love and commitment being the most important thing in a relationship, most important, but not the only thing. As you know, there will always be other factors that would break any commitment apart.

    Secondly, well unless the girl says that she wants his guy to be a hardworking husband who earns all the money while she stays at home, asking for the girl to be good at cooking and cleaning is well, chauvinist.

    Thirdly, not all girls think that a guy is a pervert because he wants a girl with boobs and asses. It's a personal preference and I don't really care. Unless the guy wants a girl with 3 tits then well, good luck with that. I prefer skinny guys and I have a friend who actually prefer chubby guys. Good for us coz then we'll never fall for the same guy. But the point is, it's personal preference, and though girls would drool over Thor's body, not all of us want to see it on our man, coz it'll make us feel insecure too.

    Fourthly, since I work hard to make myself as presentable as I can get, I would prefer if my other half at least (put in a little effort) look presentable, if not generally attractive.

    Next, boobs and asses are grown and unless we make them plastic, there's nothing we can change about that, but a toned body, that can be achieved if enough hard work is put into it. See the difference? If you want to compare the size of boobs and asses, the opposite shouldn't be a built body, but the size of a guy's dick. Tada~ Of course a guy can say that he wants a toned girl, which is equivalent to a built guy.

    Well I guess, lastly, there has to be enough love to show great commitment. After all the comments on the appearance, one still looks firstly, inside to see if the puzzles fit together, then slightly outward to see if the rest of our world can co-exist. Not everyone who fits together end up together.
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    • ericleeh

      Actually I didn't mention the point that girls wanted a hardworking husband who earns while she stays at home for obvious reasons. Some girls would have a mindset (a damn true story as i personally knew a lot like this) that even if she will work outside and not stay at home, they would prefer to have that cash splash on themselves and the husband pays for everything else.

      I am not saying the probability of which is easier to achieve. A well toned body or a natural large bust. I'm saying BOTH female and male have some physical appearance appeal to them. As much as you can see how many girls opt for non-well toned guys, you can also see much guys who prefer big bust opt for girls with small bust. I guess you get my point.

      Like i said. MOST girls will be turned off but not ALL. Obviously, i knew which certain class would be particularly turn off by it but I wouldn't point fingers at the moment. As we both mutually know such person as well and she is not Caroline.

      Of course being presentable is a must. If a person is commited enough, he or she will be committed to be presentable. This would bring me to my previous AXE post.

      Where I talk about being presentable and neat.

      When you say not everyone who fits together end up together which is true. Which is why I think labels are just nonsense. Keeping labels at all times would eventually partially blind your eyes to the surrounding. Hence, that's the point of why I do not think it is appropriate to put labels.

  • toninkush

    I agree the traditional and most important qualities that people should look for regardless of gender are only love and commitment. But younger girls who haven't learnt will not comprehend the importance of these qualities. However, these things cannot be spotted on just a few dates but it's still probably not the reason why the girls who posted about "qualities of men" didn't list them.

    Some of the the blog posts by the girls are really making them look bad. The videos are worse. Sounds like they're just whining without a good reason. But it's okay, it only justifies the jokes about them on 9gag XD
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    • ericleeh

      haha the blog posts still ok to me. as in I can accept that it is a place for their opinions. But if it is to promote the video..just plain no…but that's just me..lol

  • alientan

    Well, i'm pretty agreed with commitment actually. Like what you said, a heavy smoker will say bye bye to smoking if his gf/wife do not like smokers. Only true lovers will do that. Thanks for sharing! 🙂
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  • Cutebun

    Oh the snorkel part, I know. XD
    I do agree that mutual love and commitment are the most important qualities to have. The problem nowadays, people don't commit as much and tend to change partners like clothes. hmm..
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  • FurFer

    T.T y i no have bf who quits smoke for me? LOL.
    But I do believe commitment is very important in a relationship.
    The level of commitment in a relationship is too damn high.

  • Ken Wooi

    Well, we all can dream of our dream partner, but when reality strikes… it may not be as dreamy as it seems anymore. But eventually, we'll get used to reality. 🙂
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    • ericleeh

      yeap…eventually i met a lot of ppl ended up dating or marrying the type of people they initially claim would not get together with

  • Charmaine

    Big boobs = pervert cos that’s sexually related. Girls didn’t ask for big dicks LOL!

    • ericleeh

      it is just physical attractiveness..it is the same… It is the same. and there ARE girls who ask for big dicks. I personally know a few. Girls wanted to a well built guy as boyfriend, and what about it not "sexual" enough? you want a well built guy to hug and guys wanted a big boobs gf to hug..it is basically the same. lol

  • nicccchang

    actually. very hard to say one laaa. coz it's something we couldn't control. so let it be. 😛 Hmmm. single best la 😛
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    • ericleeh

      haha commitment you can control? you cannot control physical but you can control the level of commitment…lol

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