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Reasons Why Ris Low Should Be Respected


The former Miss Singapore 2009 had been in a lot of controversies and is driving Singaporeans mad. Everyone has been commenting how bad her English was and what a bad image she portrays for Singapore especially with her credit card fraud incident. However, there are several things that many did not noticed about Ris Low. This post I will specially highlight several things I noticed and actually respecting them regarding Ris Low. Please watch the video before continue reading if you people had not seen these videos.

1. Invention of the word “Boomz” and “Shingz”

Come one, you guys had to admit from her first interview for Razor TV and also Shan and Roz show, you guys had been laughing and may be at the slightest chance of mocking Ris Low by using these two words. How often do people come out with new words? This achievement already put her on the bloody same rank with William Shakespeare who invented over 1700 words commonly used includes the words “assasination” and “eyeball”. If you can’t invent a word daily used by everyone, you are just nowhere good enough with your creativity. Go bang against the wall after realizing you are stupider than her.

2. Her guts

You got to admit that Ris Low has guts or even hiding some balls of steel of her own by using the word KNNBCCB in this interview. She is carrying the Singaporeans’ image even after being stripped off the title and yet she did that. RESPECT!!!

3. Proving stupidity can bring you success

Bad pronounciation of the words red, zebra prints etc can land you a fully sponsorshipped English lessons. Enough said. She is currently more than many white collar workers by being stupid. Or may be she’s clever to pretend to be stupid in order to gain more money. Hm….I wonder…

4. Her looks to kill

To be honest, I still thinks the first and second runner-up for Miss Singapore 2009 are way hotter and better looking than her in terms of face and body. That’s why I was wondering for days why she won until I found out this. She defines the term “looks can kill” literally. Why?

By wearing this black “bikini” (it looks like a fucking bra to me no matter how I look at it) to meet her future mother-in-law, I bet she is planning not to have one in the future. Any future mother-in-laws will die from vomitting too much blood upon meeting a future daughter-in-law who came to the house with only a bra or bikini top. This isn’t some pool party unless she is planning to seduce her future mother-in-law into some kinky threesome. And she still wonders why she is single.

Shan commented in the video that the outfit could be worn to funerals and I applaud him for his sarcasm. Ris Low will be either killing much more people in the funeral, bringing certain “organs” to live or try and hopefully able to bring the dead back to live or scaring the living hell out of the ghosts.

5. Very efficient motivator

Seeing her interviews, I think many will curse and mock her by saying “That standard also can win Miss Singapore ah? I also better than her la…”. Hence, many will feel that they are better than her and deserve better. I knew many people who now have confidence in the English they are using now. LOL

That’s all from me this time. This is not really an interesting or funny post to me as I just post it up as a reminder that something that looks terrible, sounds terrible might not be so terrible after all.

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  • Dylan Phuah

    your entry is BOOMZ!

  • KwOnG FeI

    though the facts are true, but on the other side, I am wondering how she is going to face mounting pressure from her friends and the public.. though she may not be qualified to represent Singapore and carry the title Miss Singapore, I do feel sympathy for her.Enough have been said which mainly on hard criticism, just hope this girl can cope with her current life.

  • Eric Lee

    dylan: thanks..ur comment boomz too lolkwong fei: well, from what i see, she's kinda strong and had been facing criticism fairly well..lol

  • conan_cat

    well, no matter she's really stupid or acting stupid or not, she's a living joke. xDand you're right, she does boost the confidence of thousands of people out there tho… "i can do better than her!!" xD

  • Eric Lee

    LOL living joke pulak..hahaha I got to say that there will be high possiility many will try out for Miss Singapore next year haha Not to say Miss Malaysia are anywhere good either…LOL

  • Mohd Azhar Ahmad

    LMFAO!!! I can't stop laughing at your post.You really are good at looking at the brighter side.hahahahahaha nice one! http://www.mohdazharahmad.com

  • Eric Lee

    Thanks dude…Didn't expect this entry to be so Boomz at all, probably because it does not shouts ME but Ris Low…LOL

  • Willie a.k.a Reptoz

    Hahaha…someone is judged based on her broken English? Geee

  • Devella

    Oh my GOSH! Miss Singapore huh…..Zebra prints and boomz….LMAO!!!

  • Miss Hanz

    u didn't mention her credit card fraud though.

  • Eric Lee

    haha not gonna respect her for that if she got caught…lol

  • Miss Hanz

    well fyi she did haha. Although I always believed that we shouldn't condemn a person for a single wrong doing, for what are we but mere humans. To er is human, to forgive is divine. Got that from a movie called The Sister Act.

  • SandyGan

    i cnt bliv u made a post bout her.. lol.. mb she's worth it.. BOOMZ..

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