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(Review) Amansari Residence Resort @ Johor


Wow, it is the year 2014 and my first blog post is in February. That means 2 New Years had passed and that shows how busy I am with work. Or lazy. Or Sherlock. Or Modern Family. Ok, enough excuses I guess. Earlier this year, I went on a short getaway with Caroline, Bok and Anna to Johor, Malaysia. Bok had gotten us some tickets to Legoland so we decided to just embark on a journey to the much talked about Legoland. We came for a 2 days and 1 night trip, so during this trip, we stayed at this resort called Amansari Residence Resort. Located in Masai, Johor, Amansari is only 30 minutes away from Johor Bahru city centre, 15 minutes from Jusco Tebrau and also 40 minutes from Legoland.

Amansari Residence Resort consists of two types of accommodation for travellers. One will be a hotel room and also another will be their apartment choices.

Upon entering the lobby area, we were greeted by a very huge waiting area. The air flow from outside to the inside of the lobby was windy and slight chilly despite it being near evening.

There were welcome drinks available for guests, something that I really appreciate from hotels and resorts. Surprisingly, not much of them serves welcome drinks. It was this gesture that really made me felt welcomed after all.

We had taken the Deluxe Room which compromises of a Queen sized bed, a 32″ LED flat screen complete with satellite shows, free WiFi and some kick-ass cleanliness. The one thing that I was particular about a hotel room is the cleanliness. The room was odourless and the bed sheets were in tip top clean condition. With free WiFi as well, there were really nothing much that I would request for more.

In the hotel room, Amansari provides a safety box which is quite common and also an ironing board with iron which is not that common but will come incredibly handy for business travellers.

There are a lot of choices of food for room service and each of the items were quite reasonably priced. The price for food ranged between RM10 to RM30 which is pretty much standard if you were to dine outside in any cafe or bistro.

And naturally, the toilet was clean as well. Everything in the bathroom were in perfect working condition.

Amansari Residence Resort is also located next to a golf course. And our hotel room was directly facing the golf course. With the greeneries, it was no surprise that our room is pretty windy and chilly especially at night even without the air-conditioned on. It reminded me of my times in Johor staying in my university’s hostel. With the windows wide opened at night, the breeze chilled the whole room and it felt like you were in a fully air conditioned room.

Amansari have lots of facilities to cater to your needs. They have a tennis court, a gymnasium, a squash court and a swimming pool for their hotel guests. They have a couple of ballrooms cater to weddings and also corporate events. The smaller ballrooms can fit up to 120 people comfortably while their grand ballroom could fit more than a 1000 guests in it.


Grand Ballroom

Guests can have the choice of using the full Grand Ballroom or just half of it. Projector screens are available for both options as well.

Amansari Residence Resort also have 3 swimming pools available for their guests. There is one small jacuzzi pool I guess with seats available. 1 kids pool complete with a slide on and also a 1.4m deep pool for adults. For adults, please do not try the slide for kids no matter how tempting it looks as you might eventually land hard on your butt. Don’t ask me how I know.

The one thing about swimming in Amansari, it can be extremely cold and chilly. Due to its architecture, wind often blew into the shaded swimming pools area making it extremely cold. When I swam here, it was drizzling and the wind definitely made me shiver with coldness as soon as I stopped moving. So do pick out your swimming time wisely.

Amansari regularly have lunch promotion over at their hotel and their selections were plenty and affordable. A set lunch did not cost us more than RM20 that day. The food were huge in portion and the taste are quite ok. I love the shrimp cocktail we ordered that day as the prawns used were really fresh.

Overall, it was quite a pleasant stay at Amansari Residence Resort despite it being such a short stay. The bed was nice and comfy, certainly I had a very good night sleep that night without much complications other than being sick during the trip. The staff were very friendly and helpful as well. I went out for a morning swim and forgot to bring my room key, the staff were kind and patient enough to assist me that time as you will need the security card to get to the floor you stayed. Pretty good for security if you ask me.

A deluxe room costs less than RM200 a night while a junior suite will costs about RM230 a night.Do check out their website as they might have promotions every now and then.

Amansari Residence Resort
Jalan Persiaran Seri Alam, Bandar Seri Alam,
81750 Masai, Johor, Malaysia.
Tel: +607 – 381 7070
Fax: +607 – 388 0707
Email: reservation_sa@amansarihotels.com
Facebook: Amansari Residence Resort | Website: www.amansariresidenceresortsa.com

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    I think this resort is complete and perfect in all manners. Everything in the resort; no matter it is reception, the bed rooms or bathrooms, all of them are made in such a decent and cleaned manner that the resident finds ultimate pleasure in that place.

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