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Ever wondered what do every Chinese people out there had in common? There’s one thing that could not be out of our daily lives.

That’s correct! You are not a true blue Chinese if you rarely eats rice! Ok, I believed that many people nowadays rarely eat rice as well. But I’m a true rice lover and if you are too, You gonna love this restaurant. The Ricetaurant in Bangsar Village 2! Yeap, you did not read wrongly. Its name is RICEtaurant. Even I had a hard time telling the information counter’s person that day as it sounds TOO much like restaurant.

I was invited over there to do a review for 10 dishes. These 10 dishes were actually NOT in the menu, well, at least not yet. These 10 dishes are suggested by Ricetaurant’s Facebook fans and then the top 3 voted dishes will be placed in Ricetaurant’s menu AND named after them AND they will enjoy a lifetime free pass to enjoy that particular meal. Even if they lived up to 300 years old.

So let me introduce the Top 10!

Hainanese Chicken Rice

First is the Hainanese Chicken Rice. Huge portion, fragrant chicken rice and tasty as well, and the chicken meat is well seasoned with the sauce and its meat is so soft and tender, you wish you will have more of it. Although on a side note, I think the chilli can be improved.

Teochew Porridge

Cooked with the claypot, the Teochew Porridge is definitely something to look forward to. The smoothness of its texture is like drinking soup. Not too soft either but just right. Coupled with Yau Char Kuey, it will be a bomb for breakfast.

Chinese Olives & Seafood Fried Rice

 I like fried rice. In fact, I LOVE it. This is a good fried rice. The rice is cooked very well and definitely one of the most fragrant dish among the rest. However, I think it is slightly too peppery to my liking. I like peppers but I prefer it to be lesser for my fried rice. Nonetheless, a good dish in fact.

Chicken & Long Bean Fried Rice

Ok. This is definitely one of the BEST fried rice I ever had. Very well cooked and fragrant. The rice is cooked just right. Some fried rice tends to be too dry or too soft. But this is just right. Enough chewiness while maintaining a moist texture. One of my favorite for the night.

Short Ribs Rendang with Nasi Lemak

The rendang is definitely good. The beef is cooked very well and the meat is so darn tender. However, I felt the sambal is good just that it lacks some spiciness to me. I am very particular about the spiciness of my sambal. This one did not really hit the spot but it’s very appetizing. Once you had that rendang, you can never stop.

Claypot Chicken, Yam and Dried Prawns in Nam Yue Sauce

This dish is simply something special. Never had anything like this before and it tasted very delicious. The thick sauce coupled with chicken and rice are one of the best combination there is. Not to mention the tender and soft chicken meat. It’s so soft, it will be like biting fishballs instead of meat and something you will need to savor slowly.

Sweet & Sour Fish

Not a big fan of sweet and sour stuff but this dish is simply amazing. The fish is fried extremely crispy and all that while maintaining a tender and fresh fish meat. The seasoning is done very well and definite choice for sweet and sour dish lovers.

Teriyaki Chicken with Rice

I’m not sure what did Ricetaurant did with their meats, all of them tasted very tender. The sauce is done very well, I love how the chicken tasted. Well done again.

Nasi Ulam with Ayam Percik

Mix it all up!

This dish is quite awesome. The Nasi Ulam is delicious and the ayam percik is not to be messed with. Adding chilli flakes with this dish is absolutely amazing. This dish I wish I can have it for myself.

Black Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk

I had many times this kind of dessert before. Not my favorite dessert unfortunately. But this is different. The dessert is good and thick. It’s sweetness is just right and not too sweet. I completely changed my mind regarding this dessert. I love it and if I’m not stuffed, I would probably had at least 3 servings of it.

Other than that, we are being served with some of their best drinks in this house. Check it out. These are not in the listing of course.

Pineapple, Orange and Mint

Hainanese Tea

Apple, Elderflower and Lychee

If you are ever in this Ricetaurant, I recommend that these 3 drinks as the MUST HAVE. The pineapple, orange and mint drink is very soothing. I like its minty taste. For the Hainanese tea, it’s definitely something special. Why? Its taste closely resembles MILO rather than chinese tea. It is very good and how I wish that drink was mine. The apple, elderflower and lychee drink is my favourite among the three. It’s so refreshing and good, you will not stop drinking it. This is definitely a good unique experience.

We put on our votes on that night, and it’s now the time for you to vote for the Best In Grain. You may vote for your Top Three Dish at HERE !

 Contact : Leong / Wong  : +603 – 2287 1566
Opening Hours :12noon – 3pm daily  & 6pm – 10pm daily

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