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Sabah Day 2 Part 1


I was desperately finding for this famous Sinsuran Sang Yuk Mee that Caroline told me about. But then I couldn’t find any so we end up having our breakfast here. The food here is just so so but the kolo mee is still not bad. Then we head to the Filipino Market nearby. Here are some of the shots over there.





Next, we head to Mari-Mari Cultural Village. Honestly speaking, some of us are quite sceptical whether is it worth paying RM100 per person for a trip towards there including transportation. However, we found out that the entrance fee was actually RM75 per person and we get to use the transport whole day. So the RM100 is actually quite well spent in a way.






Upon entering this Mari-Mari Cultural Village, I was (forced) elected to be the chief of the pack. My duties include meeting the chief of Mari-Mari Cultural Village to announce our arrival and also make peace with them. We are given a “warm” welcome ceremony here.




Initially we are shocked by the constant shouting and yelling the chief did towards me. It’s some sort of their way of saying hello I was informed. My aunt was shocked till the point she thought everything was real. Hey, not meant to be rude, but I believe we don’t pay RM100 to get kicked out just by entering there. So obviously it was an act.





We are briefed with every single type of traditional houses and also tribes there. We learned about their culture and tradition.





And my favourite part of the day, getting a tattoo! This tattoo is usually done by them to symbolize status and power. So what did I got? The symbol of Chief of the Pack!




Me and my bad ass tattoo!! WOOHOO!!!

Then we are entertained with several performances.









We are served with lunch and I got to say, the food is actually not bad. That’s all for now. There will be more regarding this trip so stay tuned.

I heard something stupid actually from a tourist. She said this. “Wah, cannot believe they can make this rope(handmade by them). So strong ah. Our modern day also don’t think can make as strong. Must really respect them from now on.

What? You can’t respect them at first? They do survive without any modern technology you know? Quite ignorant to me. And funny as well…LOL

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  • Laine Markus

    I am sure all of you guys really did enjoy and had a great time with the various activities that you have been doing all day. I am glad you have shared this to us. If only we have enough time to have fun like what you guys are doing, then we are certain we will both have the same excitement everyday.
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  • Ada R, Edwards

    The photos that you have here are very nice and exciting because I see smiles on your faces. Perhaps, this is considered to be one of the best and memorable days that you will be cherishing for the rest of your life. Hope to see more of your latest posts.
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