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Samsung Galaxy S3: Overview


After using the Samsung Galaxy S3 for two weeks, this is my thought on the phone. Obviously there are certain things that I like about the Samsung Galaxy S3 and also there are things that I don’t like about the Samsung Galaxy S3. Unlike most people, I will start it off with the things I do not like about the Samsung Galaxy S3

1. S Voice

Let’s face it. Despite how much hype it had about the S Voice, this is definitely the biggest drawback for the Samsung Galaxy S3. It is slow in getting a response and the voice detection is not sensitive enough for me. I had to tried it several times in order to get it to work. Sometimes, it just doesn’t respond. In the nutshell, it doesn’t live up to my expectations.

2. The material used

Despite its light weightiness, I actually find the phone seems a bit fragile to my liking. Especially after seeing some crash test on the Samsung Galaxy S3, I wonder why they can’t make the whole phone to be as tough as their predecessor the Samsung Galaxy S3.

That’s basically the two things that I dislike about the Samsung Galaxy S3. So below are the things that I like about the Samsung Galaxy S3.

1. Fluid scrolling and overall smooth UI

The quad-core in this Samsung Galaxy S3 is definitely living up to its expectations. Throughout my usage of this phone, I found that there is no lag problems and switching between pages is as fluid as it can be. Opening apps had been really really smooth and the fluidity is absolutely amazing.

2. The camera

The zero-lag shutter is absolutely amazing. I can just snap anything I want without waiting for the camera to be ready for anything. This is good as I absolutely hated waiting for a camera to prepare before snapping any pictures. Below are several samples of the pictures taken with the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Close Up Shot 1

Close Up Shot 2

Close Up Shot 3

The close up shots with the Samsung Galaxy S3 is pretty amazing to me. The amount of details captured sharply is pretty good and when viewed with the Samsung Galaxy S3’s Super Amoled HD, these pictures are absolutely amazing. I for one wouldn’t complain with these quality for a camera phone. If I wanted better quality picture, I would stick to my DSLR.

Outdoor shot 1

Outdoor shot 2

Outdoor shot 3

Outdoor shot 4

Outdoor shots are pretty sharp and nice as well. One would not be able to tell these photos if they are taken with a digital camera or with a phone.

Indoor shot

The only drawback would be their indoor shots. Yeah, the quality is fairly poor like most phone but this quality is actually pretty good among the smartphones today. However, I still do not like how the indoor shots turn out. Too grainy and when compared to its outdoor shots, it’s like Heaven and Earth.

I didn’t use any flash here as I am not a fan of using it. Any photos to be will looks the same when being blasted with front facing flash. Overall, this phone has a good camera for close ups and outdoors.

3. Pop-up Play

It’s good that Samsung decided to try to help their users to multitask. This feature enables you to minimize the video you are watching to a small window while doing other things like sms-ing, facebooking etc. The best thing about this is that the quad-core enables you to use your phone smoothly and your video running smoothly at the same time. It’s amazing that having a video playing does not affect the performance of the phone. I hope in the future there will be more things we can do rather than just watching a video. Perhaps browsing while tweeting at the same time?

4. The Direct Call

The direct call feature enables you to call anyone you are messaging just by placing the phone to your ear and it will call. It’s very convenient in my opinion and I used this feature a lot during my time of reviewing it. I could even use this feature just by browsing a contact without needing to press the call button.


Pardon my edginess in both videos. I had been tired and exhausted for it.

5. Battery Life

The battery life is amazing! I know it’s given since it has a 2100 mAh battery but I didn’t expect it to last as long as it did. One of the reason why is the phone is running on quad-core and also came with a 4.8″ screen size. Naturally, I would assume that this phone is gonna drain a whole lot more battery than it should. To my surprise it didn’t. Probably because the processor does not consume as much battery life as I thought but overall it’s definitely a ggod thing. I hereby include some screenshots of the my battery usage and how long does it last me.

It could even last me for over 24 hours on one occasion. This sums up how good the battery life is compare to today’s standard.

So that’s all for my review. It had been a great experience of experimenting with the Samsung Galaxy S3. If you are looking for a good android phone, I do recommend this phone.

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