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Samsung Galaxy SIII Quick Glance


Didn’t realize how long has it been since I last seriously updating my blog. Life had been pretty very much hectic for me. Hence, apologies for the lack of comics and updates. Yea, I know I didn’t really update this blog to begin with. I promise there are some plans for my blog that I will execute it in the near future. Probably not now but hopefully in a few weeks time.

So back to my topic. I know many people out there who are considering to get a smartphone, or a Samsung Galaxy S3 to be exact but not too sure if it’s the right choice?

In case you wanted a quick spec over this phone, so here it is!

  1. 4.8″ Super HD AMOLED Touchscreen
  2. Android Ice Cream Sandwich v 4.0.4 with TouchWiz UI
  3. 1.4 GHz quad-core Cortex-A9 CPU
  4. 1GB RAM (Honestly, I was initially hoping for 2GB RAM before it was released)
  5. 2100 mAh battery
  6. 8 MP camera with auto-focus, LED flash, face detection, smile detection and blink detection
  7. 2 MP front camera
  8. 16/32/64 GB internal storage
  9. Corning Gorilla Glass 2


The design of this Samsung Galaxy S3 was obviously inspired by the shape of pebble which I honestly felt as though it went back to the original Samsung signature curvy design. Many people including me, would prefer the much squarish look that its predecessor Samsung Galaxy S2 as that phone looks much more classy in terms of shape. However, the glossy marble white finishes is quite refine and a smaller home button for me is definitely a plus point. It definitely make  the overall outlook much more simple and minimal.

Another reason why I think Samsung decided to revert back to its curvy outlook is due to ergonomics reason.

The slightly contour back of the Samsung Galaxy S3 gives a very comfortable grip for my hand. The phone felt just right resting on my palm using it. There isn’t any awkwardness in holding it despite boosting a enormous screen of 4.7″. It’s very comfortable to hold and its lightweight made me think twice whether I’m holding a phone or just an empty shell. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Note and trust me, it felt awkward in my hands despite me loving the big ass screen size. This Galaxy S3 is totally different compared to the first time I held my Note.

I know many people had been wondering how was it size-wise compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note. That is actually one of the most frequently asked question to me and so, I hereby present you the size comparison of the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note. Do that note that the Samsung Galaxy Note boast a screen size of 5.3″ while the Galaxy S3 boast a screen size of 4.7″. I’m quite amazed at how much the size was reduced with a mere 0.6″ screen size reduction. As I can see from the comparison, Samsung decided to control the width of the phone/screen and decided to increase the length to achieve the 4.7″ screen size. I’m glad to say that this improvement definitely helped to make me feel comfortable in handling the Galaxy S3 while experiencing a big screen size for my viewing pleasure.

Galaxy S3 placed on top of Galaxy Note

Thickness in comparison


For the thickness of the phone, the Galaxy S3 is actually quite similar to the thickness of the Samsung Galaxy Note. It is probably similar despite Galaxy S3  looking a lot slimmer because of the contour of the back of the S3. To begin with, the Samsung Galaxy Note is actually a pretty much thin phone by itself. So that’s all for the quick update! Hope you enjoy this and do wait for my next post of an in depth review of the phone.

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