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Scandals Reveal The Ugly Side of Humanity


With the latest Jack Neo’s affair in the air, I had seen many blogs posting remarks on comments on his infidelity and wrong doings. Many had blasted Jack Neo for his behavior and even labeled him as Singapore’s Tiger Woods. Majority of the blog posts and websites will include their own judgment on Jack’s sins and saying how wrong he is to the extend that you can predict what other sites wrote about him after reading a few of them. And the national newspaper had no short of daily scandal material such as Tiger Woods, John Terry, Ashley Cole and now Jack Neo.

When I wrote the title “Scandals Reveal The Ugly Side of Humanity”, I’m not referring to any of those celebrities. I’m not saying that they are not wrong but what sickens me more is the attitude the public had shown towards these people. Each had started to criticize them without ever noticing what they are doing is not good either. I only have one simple question for these people. If you are not related or happen to be part of the scandal, what does it got to do with you?

Gossips Are Juicy

Gossips are really juicy and it quench the thirst of curiosity. It’s ok to actually to listen to the gossips and discuss it a little, but being completely obsessed over that matter is just plain busybody. When a scandal broke, many people will eventually try to know as much as possible what happen and somehow it becomes more like a competition to compete who is much more trendy. Don’t believe it? Just think about it. When someone declare they are not aware that Jack Neo is having a mistress, many people will just say “Wah, you dunno meh? On the news long time already lo. Why you so slow wan?” It’s the same with people saying “Wah, why use such old handphones. Now no more people use black and white phone dee. Go change phone la.

The juiciness of the gossip eventually becomes a trendy “tool” to actually go around and talk. Humanity’s ugly side no. 1 revealed. Knowing the latest scandals is like having the latest handphone to boast about. If not, why would people even bother to find out in detail of what happened?

A Role Model?
When people kept saying that celebrities like Tiger Woods and Jack Neo should set an example for their young, I seriously got confused. Do the parents need to depend on others to be a good role model for their kids? Why? You are not a good role model? If that’s the case, then why do you people have the tendency to label others for setting a bad role model? I always look for my parents as a role model but never other public figures. I admire work of great people but I never said that I will wanna be just like them in life. Who I wanna be like in my life? My father, an excellent cook, great visionary and also great compassion and care shown towards the family.

Money And Attention Whores

Needless to say, when a scandal broke out, millions of attention whores will emerge and claim they all had slept with that guy or whatsoever. The media and society will keep on piling up the guilt of the particular person without judging the overall matter themselves first. When all these women come out to sell their story and claim that they do expect fame and money out of it, do you seriously believe it? Why would you wanna get yourself into such a mess without any profits from it. Take for example, Tiger Woods, a lot of his mistress are getting TV appearances, model shooting and so on so on just by revealing all their intimate details. I know most of them are porn stars and wouldn’t mind revealing such details but starring in pornos would not make you as famous as becoming the mistress of a celebrity. Why? Because gossips are juicy.

In the recent Jack Neo’s case, things weren’t any different. A transsexual reveal that she provides “special” massage to Jack Neo regularly at her massage parlor. I bet most of you guys are now thinking Jack Neo is a psycho but I don’t think much of you will think that the transsexual is a bloody attention whore who wanted to take a free ride of fame. The greediness of humanity were revealed and unmasked but not much people pay attention to it. Not much people could even set their priorities right.

A Matter of Perception

When something bad happens, many will tend to take notice and ignoring every other good deeds that particular person had done. Jack Neo had voiced out many socio-political problems that not much people have the balls of discussing them but only talk loud loud behind the back of other people. And when this scandal broke, many had said they would not even want to watch anymore of his movies. I beg to differ. Jack Neo’s movies are definitely comparable to Yasmin Ahmad’s works. The message, the humor and the bravery, should be admired and praised.

When there’s a rotten apple in a basket, many will assume that the apples in it are rotten as well without further checking them. When it comes to ourselves, we tend to showcase only our good points and hide our own bad points. Take for example, when choosing a facebook profile picture, everyone would choose their best or OK looking pictures as themselves to post them in. Will anyone choose a retarded shit face looking picture of themselves as the main profile picture? No, I don’t think so. So as we look into Jack Neo, why not we just ignore his mistakes and continue to admire his works just like how we did to ourselves? His personal problems had nothing to do with us. Even if he had 30 mistress or gone gay, it wouldn’t affect any of us unless he is going to make a movie to promote his sexcapades to us.

That’s all for now. Sorry for the lack of updates. Been very very busy with my assignments and stuff like that. No matter what happen, I still look forward to his moves and definitely looking forward to watch his newest movie “Being Human Being”.

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