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Scumbag Dreams Part 1


Everyone has dreams. I am not talking about ambitions. I am talking about dreams that plays around during your sleep. And sometimes, these dreams can be such scumbags. No, I am not talking about nightmares. At least nightmares are scary for a reason and you can have someone calm yourself down when you have a nightmare. This is an example of a scumbag dream that occurred to me.

For those who don’t know especially those from outside Malaysia, SPM is actually a compulsory examination that every 17 year old teens in Malaysia have to take in order to pass their high school. It is pretty much a big deal since that is the minimum requirement in searching for a job in Malaysia for the locals.  But, please read on.

Yes, a scumbag dream is where you dream about things that would stressed you out. Having this dream made me worried instead of scared. The mental image of my friend telling me that it is already September and the examination is near kept playing in my mind. This is the kind of dream that would pisses you off more than anything else. I don’t even mind if it is a nightmare of a naked monster with 3 12-inch d*cks trying to chase and rape me brutally but this kind of dreams that pisses me off the most. Imagine going to bed after a shit whole load of work and stress in your mind. You would definitely want to cherish and make sweet love to your beauty sleep. But NO. Mr. Scumbag Dream decided to take a visit and mind f*cked you till you are awake and have trouble sleeping back because the dream had made you think of the amount of work you gonna face.

Personally, I have countless of this similar dreams especially when I am facing an examination that I need a lot to revise for or during my projects where I have limited amount of time to accomplish it. This means, I go to bed tired and get up tired as well. I am not sure if this is a sign of anything mental but I usually have these sort of dreams when I have extreme stress to my brain. There are countless time where I dreamt that I was designing something and I woke up, immediately draws it out and submit it in as part of my project. Yeap. My dream decided to give me some inspiration even when I needed sleep more than inspiration at that very moment.

The dream not only made me restless and unable to sleep but my brain and body could not keep up and decided to hang around the bed more doing some mental timetable in distributing my studies. Without realizing it, a lot of time had passed. So means I can’t sleep and I still continue to waste time. Somebody should just slap me already. But then again, there is more. Stay tuned to Part 2.

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