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Secret Santa And Merry Christmas


How do you plan on celebrating your Christmas? Or like me, you had celebrated yours way earlier than 25th of December? Like some of you had known by reading this post by Merryn and this other post by Witch, we had a Secret Santa occasion going on and everyone had a blast. It is very worthy to blog and must i say, we definitely had a darn good time.


Blogging about how we had DOG FOOD and how good the food taste should be quite predictable by now. But I just blog out some things that they left out and as usual, some interesting facts I wanna point out from this gathering.

Much to my surprise, no on blogged about how “GENIUS” I was that day with Merryn even asking me is it my genius day today. Foong was there the earliest and I was actually the second there. However, much to my horror, I forgot to bring both me and Caroline’s presents over there. It is a 20 minutes journey from my house so I had to rush back to get it and return to my place. I saw Witch and Saucer arriving before I left but I was too rush to honk and say hi. Caroline was left speechless by my act so I got nothing more to elaborate on that.

So in the end, I took 1 hour to officially check in at that place. I saw everyone was already there. The gang includes Grey, Adrian and Erika as well.To our amazement, I went back to retrieve my present and return, order my meal and finish it up and still QuaChee is nowhere to be seen!!


Actually initially when i reached there, there’s a vacant seat beside Foong and I thought wanted to sit there since that’s the only empty one available but Adrian and Foong both warn me and say “Sit if you wanna be stupid.” I cannot understand why at first and then when I saw Foong’s shirt, I rather go and take an empty chair and sit at the end of the table.

I become some sort of Santa Claus here as I am the one who distribute the presents while talking to Caroline on the phone. And what did I got from my Secret Santa?


A black book. Please don’t think other stuff ok?


I guessed correctly my Secret Santa as QuaChee. There’s a reason for it.

I felt the present and I guessed it is a book. I unwrapped my present and immediately saw some typography on the cover of the book with the words “Words & Ideas Can Change The World”. I am not so sure whether did QuaChee read my blog before as I think the statement can describe my blog the best. I do tend to start this blog to make some changes and provoke the thoughts of my readers.

2010-12-24 21.24.12

But then what makes me guessed correctly, as the statement can be a very inspiring statement and who else but QuaChee who had a thing for good design and inspirational stuff. And he did told me that this book was gotten overseas which is definitely a plus point. Thanks a lot to my Secret Santa!

Another thing that made me guessed correctly because when I declare my present is unwrapped, QuaChee stood up and said “You didn’t wrap? You made me wrap my present you know?”.

2010-12-24 21.25.38

It was overall an awesome gathering which I wanted to point out these several things. Who said that true friendship can’t blossom through the internet? Most of us had plans but we still make time to meet with each other. That’s what good friends will do.

Even though Caroline could not join us this year, she still made her presence felt by talking to her Secret Santa, Saucer and her recipient, Erika on the phone. Let me point out something. How many of you ever had such bond with people that you met on regular basis and met each other before getting to know them?

To me, this is a modern way of showing the Christmas spirit through the help of technology. Can Christmas get any better? That’s all for now. Merry Christmas to everyone and may you guys have a great celebration for this awesome day.

2010-12-24 21.25.49

P/S: I still thinking what to do with this present. I thought want to make it as a sketchbook but it just doesn’t seem right. I want something creative. Any ideas?

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