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Secrets And Lies


Well actually i had bought this book entitled “Secrets and Lies” by David Southwell, a retired well-known journalist. In this book, he exposed lots of secrets behind the US government that are unknown to public, false reports, secrets of many Hollywood stars and many more. Articles that are contained in them are example of how JFK became the president of United States due to faulty votes, the actual facts about a dinosaur named Brontosaurus, JFK’s brain is missing, a secret society that many US presidents were in etc. Well basically it is quite a fun book to read and those who are interested in these kind of conspiracies and secrets, you should love this book.

Anyway, i’m not promoting about this book but just to let you people know where the post’s inspirations came from. When i read the large segment by David Southwell, he had revealed the world’s biggest lie and biggest secret of all time. The world’s biggest lie is that YOU do not have the power to make a difference and the world’s biggest secret is that despite knowing the biggest lie, why we did not act upon it.

How splendidly written and true about this statement. It just struck me that a mere human like even myself could manage if i put effort into it. History had painted many big names such as John F. Kennedy, Adolf Hitler, Gandhi or even Tun Mahathir or even Elvis…They are just normal individuals and yet they accomplished what many had look upon to. Why did no one really act upon the injustice they noticed? HOW many actually went for it? MALAYSIAN STYLE = WE SEE, WE PRETEND TO IGNORE, LIFE GOES ON……..practically i dun mean all malaysians are like this but most of them this is what i noticed.. Particularly rubbish dumpsite which i mentioned in my previous post that ironically usually comes with a ‘no-throwing-rubbish-sign’ with them. How far to the extend is our short-sighted than we can’t see such simple sign? No wonder there are so many shops like England Optic since business must be good. Even if we noticed injustice or crime taken place, how many had act upon them? Take as an example our last general election. Many did not vote becoz they do not think tha merely one vote makes a difference.

Even if you guys read this post but will anyone do anything about it? Will anyone who lead a normal life will dare to go up against a powerful politician? THERE ARE even polices that did not dare to take down a sodomy report against a politician. We do not know what each and everyone of us can do and hence we just leave like it is or let the nature run its own course. I might be talking about all this but at this rate may be i’m contributing at least a bit effort in hopefully affecting some readers who might actually read my blog. How far along do we need to keep this lie and how long will we need in order to overcome the secret. If there are people who really see my point, you guys will be amazed by realizing what we could actually do individually. Take for example David Southwell, he took risk in exposing secrets and lies unknown to many and this could lead to the arrests of CIA. Although he did refrain himself from exposing too much but he actually did play with fire in order to may be motivate certain readers or curious bastards like myself with his book and writings. So do anyone here dare to play with fire?

That’s all for now It’s only a short post unlike my previous one. Anyway before i sign off, i would like to state the purpose of my blog page. This blog is meant for me to express myself and what i think and i do not expect anyone to read it all. Basically the style of my blog can be derived from my title itself. LITERATURE = Something that might bore the shit out of someone but at the same time interesting to others. If u expect flashy and “picture-ful” blog page then u might be looking at the wrong blog page. I do wish people whould read my stuff and would be happy if anyone leave me a comment but honestly i dun really think that will happen. Most people will be bored after reading few sentences and I would not be bothered by it. This is a place for me to release my thinking and not to entertain readers as much as i could. That’s all for now. TQ SIGNING OUT~~~~~~

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  • David

    Thank you for the mention of the most important part of the book for me as its author.

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