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Seeing The Blackboard


Ever since I am young, seeing the blackboard had been a tremendous task for. I am short sighted ever since I was a kid back in primary school. Imagine that I had to convert my big lovely Asian eyes to the standard Asian eyes every time I try to look at something far. The fact that I actually hated being seated in front didn’t really help me.

I do have glasses but I seldom wore them. Because I hate wearing glasses due to my long eyelashes. I am facing problems most Asians wouldn’t dream of facing. This sucks but felt pretty good at the same time.

That pretty much sums up my classes in my uni days I suppose. I would often sleep or draw some random shits on my papers as I couldn’t even make out what the heck the lecturers were talking about back then. Notes is pretty much all I ever need. This was the time when smartphones had not ruled our lives. How different things can be now if I owned a smartphone. I would just snap a picture and put it in my com.. Wait… I did that as well back then with my digital camera. But then again, that’s pretty much how I achieved in seeing the blackboard or the whiteboard in my uni days without the help of glasses. I am proud of myself.

I guess I pretty much slacked a lot in my uni days. Somehow I felt a lot of the lessons I learnt over there would either be outdated or useless by the time I came out to work. When I came out to work, I am surprised by my ability to predict the future and I contemplated to open a crystal ball booth.

P/S: The two dudes I drew here are my victims best pals. I love to exploit you guys for my laziness you guys so much for helping me. They might look a bit similar but they are different. But they both have the standard Asian eyes unlike me.

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  • FurFer

    HHahahaha. So now still don't like to wear glasses?
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    • ericleeh

      Noooopppeee….even though my current glasses were designed very nicely not to interfere with my eyelashes

  • wai2kit

    I hate wearing glasses also. Sad to say that i have to almost wear glasses everywhere i go now T.T, no longer perfect vision

    • ericleeh

      contact lens la!! haha i hate contact lens as well though..don't fancy the idea of almost poking my eyes

  • Nana Eddy

    ahahahaha~~ I' have vrey high astigmatism and my optician gave up trying to get me wear specs or contact lens. My reason for not wearing cntact are the same as yours. But as far as specs go, unfortunately for a girl like me, i was not blessed with those lashes you claim to have (I have never actually looked, but next time I see you, i will! Ahahah) I just find it very discomforting. it causes my batang hidung to feel tired and always, headache.
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  • toninkush

    Whore are you lol. I hated wearing glasses as well. That's why I started wearing contacts ever since I could afford it. But cant imagine how eye lashes can U-turn to poke your eyes lOL. Silent Hill: Revelation review
    My recent post Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

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