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Malaysians are in the Korean craze! The food, the idols, the dramas, the fashions and whatever Korean, it will get into Malaysians for sure. It’s even harder to pinpoint a Justin Bieber fan here in Malaysia rather than any K-Pop fans. Guys, girls, young, old, fat, thin and whatever, there is a Korean market here in Malaysia. 사랑해요 김치요 순대요 수바루요 삼성요요요요 For those who know what I just wrote, please do make a guess. No prizes given though. I’ll give you my future signature from SM Entertainment.


Alright, as most people would know, there are a lot Malaysians that craze for the Korean food as well. Seeing how Korean BBQ restaurants are growing here like mushrooms, you cannot deny the high demand there is here for Korean food. but how about those traditional authentic Korean cuisine? I was lucky to be able to dine at Malaysia’s first Korean restaurant that serves traditional Korean food rather than any BBQ cuisine.

Doesn’t look much from outside as this restaurant is located upstairs at the row of shop lots. Do look out for their eye catching signboard out there.


We were served initially with this Pajeon. This is the Korean pancake which is made mostly from green onions, flour, eggs, beef and many other ingredients which will be too long to list. I’m a big fan of green onion and this soft pizza is the perfect appetizer for me to start my meal. Different from the crunchy and thin Chinese pizza I ate, this Korean pancake is more on the soft side.

Soon Dae (Sundae)

This restaurant is believed to be the first to serve Soon Dae (Sundae) here in Malaysia. Like you can see from its name, you can guess this is their signature dish. Let me brief you guys about this dish. This can be considered as Korean sausage if you want to. The sausage is actually Pork Intestine stuffed with various ingredients. There are 3 different type of Soon Dae served here. The Vegetable Sundae (light brown), the Kim Chi Sundae (red) and also the Meat Sundae (Dark Brown). If you are a big fan of pig intestine, I highly recommend this dish. Served with its special Kimchi and sauce, this dish is simply fantastic. However, if you are not a big fan of pork intestine, I do recommend you avoid this as its strong taste might not up to everyone’s liking.


This Kim Chi is simply superb. I am not a big fan of Kim Chi although I am a big fan for anything spicy. This Kim Chi seems to be very acceptable to me. And the spiciness is awesome to me.

Kimchi Raddish Soup

Needless to say, its spiciness is a definite appetizing to me. A bowl of this, I’m ready to eat even more.


Kimchi for Bo-Ssam

This had to be the best dish of the night for me. I love everything about it. The tender and juicy meat and also not to forget the thick pork skin is perfectly steamed with some green onions underneath it. Place the meat and green onion within a slice of lettuce and then throw in some of its special Kimchi, this dish is heavenly. The Kimchi is specially prepard for this dish and by this, you should know how well it goes with the Bo-Ssam. Definitely highly recommended.


Soo-Yook compromises of various pork innards and for those who love pork innards, this is a definite must try as well. Eat it with its sauce, you will know how good it taste and I’m a big fan of pork stomach. I found myself devouring the majority of its flavorful pork stomach.

SoonDae Guk

Next we are served with several soup dish. This SoonDae Gok, like its name suggested, compromises of SoonDae in them and if you love the Meat Sundae mentioned above, the soup too is a plus. A first sip of this soup, I actually found it is rich in flavor but still lack of certain taste in it. Luckily, the chef provided us with 3 different type of seasoning stock to match our soup. Without a doubt, I added some spiciness and also made it slightly more salty, this soup is then perfect. I had 3 servings of this and beginning to dislike the fact that I had to share with others. No offence intended towards the lovely company I had that night. Haha.


This is the beef soup with Kimchi and hot pepper sauce. Beware, it is as spicy as it looks and I found myself another favorite among the dishes. Most of them had make a pass towards this soup as it is too spicy for them to handle. For me, the spiciness is definite a thrill and I too had many servings of it. In fact, I’m the one having the most portion of this soup. You like spicy? Order this and test it out yourself.

Seol-Leong Tang

Another Style-Your-Own-Taste soup from this restaurant. Seol-Leong Tang is traditional broth compromises of ox tail bone, beef slices, spring onions and noodles. The broth is very flavorful and I added some spiciness to its soup, I found myself a great bowl of noodle. If I wasn’t full that night, I would have ordered one bowl for myself. A definite must try for all beef lovers out there.


If you are a fan of pork cutlet, this is a definite must try. Its special gravy is even made out of mixture of meats such as chicken, beef and pork in it. A very unique and flavorful dish indeed.

Korean Coffee

Rice Juice

Cinnamon Ginger Tea

Rice Wine


We are served with a variety of Korean drinks and honestly, beside Soju, I heard none of them before. Definitely tasted unique and I would say you got to try them to know for yourself.

It’s a definite good experience dining here. The ambiance is comfortable and definitely very nice to chill out and dine. The place is actually filled with Koreans and according to them, these Koreans are actually regular customers. So there you go. Something definitely authentic and delicious for you. Do drop by if you have time for something Korean. 감사합니다
Restoran Soon Dae Ya
17-L2, Jalan Ampang Putra, Taman Putra Sulaiman,
68000 Ampang, Malaysia
Tel : 03 – 4251 5170
Facebook : Soon Dae Ya
Business Hours : 11am – 10pm

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