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Stages of Fashion in Relationship And ZALORA Makeover Contest


I bet the name ZALORA is no longer alien to most people lately. Without any need of further introduction, they are one of the hottest online shopping centers that would provide your every needs of fashion fixation. They offers a wide range of brands and variety for both men and women to shop. They have brands like Converse, Nike, RMK, Siren and the list goes on to the extend they can rival most major shopping centers in Malaysia.

Well, I’m not going to bore you guys with the details. Since this is a contest, I think the topic of why I want this ZALORA makeover and also what would I do with the RM1500 on ZALORA is a bit interesting as well. Here, I’m going to highlight an issue. Fashion in Relationship.


Yes. Fashion In Relationship. I’m not sure about you guys, but I definitely think this is true in my case. In fact, this is true in most case that I had observed. Do let me know what you think of this issue I lay out.


The flirting stage is where one guys puts all he has into that one simple date. He will dressed up as good looking as possible and the amount of deodorant and wax he’s gonna use is gonna be increased ten folds from what he normally use for his normal outings. Why not? After all, the flirting stage is about capturing the woman’s heart and of course, the guy would have to dress as handsomely as possible to win her heart. You can expect a person to dress like a beggar to go on a first date do you? When they tells you that looks doesn’t matter, slap them because they are wrong. Looks matters in giving impression. You might a person’s heart but that outer appearance has to be at least well groomed. Hence, the reason why guys dressed to kill on the first few dates.


Second stage is where usually couples are comfortable with each other enough. There’s no need to charm her with looks and all you got to do is treat her right and with respect. However, looking presentable is still a must. This is usually to show the girl that he is a good and nice guy to be with. Basically, being a good, nice and presentable gentleman is a way to keep her interest going.



The Third Stage which I would also like to call it as The Old Couple Stage. He is SOOOO comfortable being with her, basically he couldn’t really care less about grooming extra nice for a date. Probably only for once awhile. TAKE NOTE! This is not a bad thing actually. This is because the guy feels very comfortable with her around, used to having her around and could be himself around her. In short, they are like a couple that had married for a long time. Look at your parents. Do they dressed for each other every single time they are together? I’m not mentioning about in room activities of role-playing at all, in case you are wondering.

So these are the 3 Stages of Fashion in a relationship for me. Yeap. This happens to me. I’m not sure with everyone out there but as far as I’m concerned, I’m experiencing this and so do some people that I had observed.

QUESTION IS! Which stage do you think I’m currently in right now.

Yeap. I’m in the third stage.

So basically I’m in the third stage because Caroline had been complaining a lot about my attire lately. I admit. What she complained is unfortunately true. It’s hard to even spot me with a different style or outfit than usual. My wardrobe had been SO predictable that if it would become a lottery, I would go broke in two days and a 5 year old child could be an instant millionaire.

So with RM1500 for me to spend at ZALORA, what would be my choice? Easy!

The Alpha 60 Jesse Straight Leg Jeans (RM 639.95)

Firstly would be jeans. EXACTLY LIKE MY COMIC. I had limited jeans. Probably I have only about 3 wearable jeans right now and I wore them all the time. To work, events or for outing, they would always be that 3 pairs. And what I love about this Alpha 60 Jesse Straight Leg Jeans is definitely the design. The fine jeans texture and neat thread lines are absolutely stunning. Simple, detailed and yet stylish. What more could I say?

Area 27 Long Sleeved Shirt (RM 239.00)

Area 27 Long Sleeved Shirt is a black shirt. Enough said. Black is my favorite color (like you couldn’t guess from all the illustrations of myself that I had drew) and with a black shirt, it’s suitable for me to match with anything. Stylish yet simple and cool. And looking at this shirt cutting and color, definitely a shirt that could camouflaged my true fat outlook to be thin. YES! Without a doubt, I would definitely looked thin in this shirt.

People of Asia Striped Long Sleeved Shirt (RM 169.95)

Hey, look! Another shirt that would make me look THIN! The vertical stripes would definitely make my body look slimmer and if this male model can pull it off, so can I! I bet without the shirt, his body and my body are just similar in every way. #thickface

Nike Jordan CP3.V (RM 429.00)

In fashion, there’s only one thing that I’m a sucker for. Sneakers. Especially basketball sneakers. I had the worst case of basketball shoes admiration for the longest time and the thing I totally love about ZALORA is they offer some of the nice sneakers from Admiral, Nike and Converse. My favorite from all of those would be this Nike Jordan CP3.V. I had been a big fan of Chris Paul and his Nike CP series ever since his first shoe came out. I still remembered the time I really wanted it but it was too expensive for a student like me back then. His shoes are usually stylish and designed accordingly to his cut and slice play. That makes his shoe so darn good looking! Just like his plays!

So, there you go. This is what I would shop for at ZALORA with RM1500.

And what is my reason for wanting to win this makeover? Like I said, I am in the Third Stage of Fashion in my relationship, and I definitely need something different to bring some freshness back in my relationship. The freshness of the First and Second stage. Why wouldn’t I use my money on it myself? Well, easy. Take a look at this.

Ok! I was always tempted to get my hands on some gadget whenever I see one. Gadgets like smartphones, computers and camera accessories always seduced me away from my purpose. There was once, I really wanted to get myself a new pair of jeans but then, I was haunted by the thoughts of getting a flash for my camera. I had to forget about the jeans and even my everyday light snacks just so I can save up for a flash for my camera. Yea…. I cannot be trusted with money and gadgets. How else would I get the money to groom myself and pay for my own makeover! Another reason for me to want to win this makeover.

This makeover is important for me to win so that I could prevent situation like below.

Yeah. I wanna win this makeover to save my life.

OH YES! Before forgetting, ZALORA is being generous and would provide one lucky reader of the winner to a makeover as well. SO comment over in the comment section on “WHY YOU DESERVE TO WIN THIS MAKEOVER WITH ME” in less than 10 words. Easy right? Who knows if I got lucky and win despite there are so many good quality blog posts around.

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