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Sunway Food Marathon at Atrium Cafe


What do you think of buffet in Malaysia? Sometimes due to the limited time, we tend to stuff ourselves as much as we could within the time frame. Being Malaysians, I think it is normal for people like me to be very “kiasu” and try to stuff myself even when I’m already at my limit. Ever wish your buffet time to be longer?

Last 26th June 2011, thanks to Rebecca Saw and Sunway Resort, I was invited to their irst ever Atrium 12-Hour Buffet Marathon. That’s right. An exact 12 hour long buffet with UNLIMITED entries. So how was it actually?

Arriving here at 11 am, me and Caroline decided to check out the food that are served. At the beginning, we were kinda disappointed as we thought only the food laid at the front are the whole buffet line. They might look good but we were expecting it to be more. As we walked around, we are actually caught in surprise by this.

A huge buffet line with lots of food from you to choose from, They have bread, salad, duck mean, chicken, lamb, beef and you name it, they have it. The food was quite good in my opinion as I do know that some buffet meals do not provide a lot of good food. I especially love the taste of this prawn. Probably because I’m a seafood and prawn lover, I found the prawn is cooked exceptionally well compare to other dishes. But there are all good actually so no fuss about it.

Besides that, some of the chefs actually cook the food on the spot. I always like seeing chefs preparing my food. Make me feel like a boss!

During our first session here, we have a Wantan Eating Competition. This is to see who can eat the most wantans in a period of 5 minutes.

The winner of the Wantan Challenge is John.

Of course, after all that stuffing, we took a break of eating and walk around Sunway Pyramid. We spotted this Mime performing. Pretty good actually as I never seen a real life mime before.


After that, we proceed to take a 5-min massage. Honestly, I wasn’t too big on massages as I felt rather uncomfortable regardless of whoever massaging me. but, it sure is a good break from all that eating and walking. Definitely a good warm up for second round of buffet.

For my second round, I decided to go for something light as I was still slightly full from the previous meal. Some cendol and porridge for me. Actually, I enjoyed the fruits and ice cream a lot. Probably these are really refreshing after a very hectic week I had. I was tempted to try some of the prawn salad there but I decided to make things light this round as I can always return for more.

The second round of challenge is a Sandwich Making and Eating challenge. Contestants are suppose to make and eat as many sandwiches as possible in the time allocated. When it comes to volume and speed eating, I would lose big time but the real reason I save my stomach is for the next challenge. The winner of this challenge is Isaac.

After our second round of meal, we went over to Sunway Lagoon Extreme Park for some go-karting experience. This would be my virgin go-kart experience and there’s only one word to describe it. Amazing.

Pretty surprised that Caroline decided to try as well. Although she drove slowly, but I’m still proud of her as I think it is quite an achievement for her to even step into that vehicle herself.

After some tiring “walking” (hey, it’s not a short distance from Atrium Cafe to the Extreme Park) and go karting, I’m slightly exhausted and then we head back to Atrium Cafe for some much needed food and rest.


FInally, the third challenge and the reason I’m saving for stomach for is up. The Spicy Popiah Challenge. We were to eat as many spicy popiah as possible within 3 minutes. Not meant to brag, but I’m very good in handling spicy stuff. The popiah isn’t that spicy afterall but I couldn’t eat fast enough. Benjamin had been an absolute monster out there kicking our asses and took away the winner’s prize. It’s definitely a good experience and the popiah tasted good as well.

We conclude our day with another round of meal and to be honest, I didn’t put my expectation high. For a 12-hours long buffet marathon, I would expect the food will be unchanged from 11 am to 11 pm. However, I’m wrong. We are being presented with a whole new buffet line which includes one of my favorite dish, spicy chilli crabs. Absolutely loving the perfectly cooked sauce to go with the crab.

I would say this 12-buffet marathon is worth every penny you spent. With only RM68++, you can have unlimited entries on a day from 11 am to 11 pm. Compare to the common buffet, where I had to stuff myself with as much food as possible, this is the only buffet place where I can take my time to enjoy the food and company. Not only that, I’m blessed with entirely different buffet line for dinner time and this is pretty good as I will not get bored eating the same food.

I know by now, most of you will be thinking that such good deal is usually applicable only on weekdays right? Dun worry, Atrium Cafe’s 12-hours buffet marathon is exactly the opposite. It will be available on Sundays and Public Holidays only where majority people will be free to spend time with their family members.Where else can you find such an affordable buffet in Malaysia? ot to mention, the quality of the food is pretty good as well. Worth every single cent that you need to fork out.

The surprises are not only that. You will get to watch the chefs in action as well which is something I personally enjoy. Feels like a boss waiting to be served. And also, there will be a different theme used each week so even if you came by for it every week, you would not be able to know what’s in it for yous. Some of the themes are Penang Tempo, Nyonya Warm Up, HOT-N-SPICY Altitude, Hawkerโ€™s Battle and Noodle Run. Atrium Cafe definitely serves up a huge variety of Malay, Chinese, Indian and Western food. Be warned that you will be spoilt for choice with all the delicious food served.

The Atrium Marathon Buffet allowing multiple entry, takes place every Sunday and public holiday from 11.00am to 11.00pm and is priced at RM68++ per adult. Children aged 12 years and below dine at 50% off. Prices quoted are subject to 10% service charge and 6% government tax.

For reservations, please call +60 3 7495 1888, email dinesrhs@sunwayhotels.com or visit the hotelโ€™s website at kualalumpur.sunwayhotels.com.

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