Super GT Malaysia Is Alive!!

The Super GT is coming to Malaysia! The one and only Super GT race held outside Japan. I bet some of you have read it over here my previous blog post? So have you gotten your tickets yet? If you do, don’t forget to try to win you some prizes from the sponsor. Why you ask? Since you already had the tickets, don’t be satisfied with just that, try to juice out every single benefits you can get from the sponsors! They wouldn’t mind so why are you keeping it safe? This is the time to be kiasu!

If you are still not convinced that you should go to the Super GT or not. Let me brief you some details on why you should go.

  1. Hot and sexy machines
  2. Hot and sexy GT Queens (if you are a straight guy or a lesbian or a bi or whatever)
  3. Hot and handsome drivers (not really my concern but the girls got to be occupied you know?)
  4. On and off stage musical performance
  5. Bazaars
  6. Authentic Japanese ‘look and feel’ filled with gadgets and will also feature the finals of the Playstation Gran Turismo 5 SUPER GT Cup Tournament
  7. Me. Nuff said.

A total of 7 great reasons on why you should be there and what the hell are you waiting for? If you think you will be bored seeing foreigners in action, let me tell you this. This round of Super GT, we have a dark horse in the race. AND YES, like you guessed, we have our very own MALAYSIAN DRIVER alongside Hiroki Yoshida gracing the race track! How awesome is that?

Presenting the dark horse of the Super GT Malaysia!

The ever sexy Mosler MT900m

The last year wild card, a Mosler as well was doing incredibly well by leading the majority of the race. However, due to unfortunate power steering failure, they dropped to 13th. So can they win it this year? Why not drop by and find out for yourselves?

I’m sure about you, but I felt that this Super GT is definitely a one of a kind racing event. Never had racing been made so rewarding for the spectators, never been so family oriented, but still the same adrenaline pumping action filled race day for sure! SO what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets now!

Ok. Before that, I hope I survived Caroline. Get the tickets from and!

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  1. big tetek! LOL! xD eh the hammer that Caroline was holding not bad ah… the haft so thin also can support the weight of the hammer XD
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  2. haha im here again! XD
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  3. Wow! I admire GT Malaysia! I never seen something like this in real life. I hope i can visit Malaysia someday.
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  4. these people better pay you all well for doing so many post for them lol Prometheus – movie review

  5. Wah you got the ticket to go watch?? Awesomeness!
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  6. Wow! this is really a great competition, to be honest I never been to a GT, if only I live in Malaysia I can buy some tickets for my family to watch this race.
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  7. Guys really love this and they will surely enjoy this kind of post. This will definitely grab the attention of the people who will be seeing this great post of yours.
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  9. hahaha so cute that caroline hold hammer and prepare
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