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Superheroes and Bersih


Malaysians! We just had ourselves possibly one of the biggest rally in our history. And possibly one of the biggest peaceful rally in the world. It’s actually a surprise that the last Bersih 3.0 rally did not end up in the Guinness Book of Records for the world biggest peaceful rally. I label it a peaceful rally because it was a peaceful rally until the destined time the rally finish. True enough riot broke after the rally was officially declared over. However, I don’t really judge what happens after that to label the rally because honestly, would you say a marathon runner shouldn’t deserved to win just because he fainted after several moments after he passed the finish line? I don’t think so.


I didn’t show up for the Bersih this time despite wanted to see how it’s gonna be due to some personal reason. However, there are several things I predicted which actually came true. First of all, would be there will be a significant increase in participants and also a significant increase in members who dare to dress in yellow. The last Bersih had influenced many to follow suit. Not to mention, there are some people who went for the event just for the sake of trying to show off or blend in when they showed absolute knowledge and interest in politics, but that amount is little.

I too predicted that this rally is going to be a riot. I assumes that there will be certain agent provocateurs planted in the rally in order to give the rally a bad name. What I didn’t expect was the riot started only after the rally officially ended. I thought it would be much earlier than that. The after-rally scene was purely ugly. From both side. I can’t said who is at fault as I wasn’t there but I seriously think the police force had been handling things badly yet again. I couldn’t understand the logic of firing tear gas from every single direction and even blocking off escape routes. I always thought the purpose of firing these stuff is to disperse a crowd and not to cause hurt. Clearly, these police either did not learn a single shit from Bersih 2.0 or they had different intentions or they are plain stupid. Unless these tear gasses could miraculously teleports protestors to another place instantly.

There are a lot more I can say but I will keep it to myself for now. To those who fought for our cause and future on the faithful day of 28th April 2012, I salute you. You guys are the modern superheroes. Only those with noble intentions of course.

I designed a Facebook timeline to dedicate to everyone that fought for our future. Thanks once again. I think sometimes it’s also a childhood dream of everyone to be a superhero at least once. Like most of you should have known. I HAS A VIDEO!

I’m proud of the video but most of all, I am actually happy working with a bunch of enthusiastic people on that video. I like making videos but never had the correct people for it. I’m glad the video turned out better than I expected despite my poor handling of the camera. The video is about how several guys reminisce on their good old days where they were hugely influenced by the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. We do try to act like these super heroes and fighting off imaginary enemies. So here’s the video!


ย So what do you think of the video? Just comment your opinions on it regardless of it being bad or good! If you like our video, please do VOTE FOR US at this Digi WWWOW Awards! The link is here! You got to connect to your Facebook or Twitter first before voting. Thanks a lot!

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