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Sushi King Big Bowl Challenge Owned


I bet most of you guys heard about this Big Bowl Challenge by Sushi King which you need to finish this fucking-oversize-humongous-bowl-of-mee. I bet a lot of bloggers blog about this and even tried for this almost impossible feat. I know my post is kinda late but is better late than never. Well, how many could seriously finish that big bowl of shit within the time limit of 10 minutes and not to mention including finishing up the 1.5 litre of hot steaming soup?

I bet many had failed in this conquest and paid the consequences of overcharged bowl of mee while a rare few suceeded in getting some free meal. Let’s get to my main point and let me introduce this challenger, Soon Lam San.

Not me of course, I am not really a big fan of their mee. Soon Lam San is my senior in UTM and he had made quite a name for being a big eater. Let’s see how he can cope with this task, shall we?



Saw the smoky hot mee?

Going for the soup!!

Clean bowl with 4 minutes 21 seconds left…Monsters do exists

This dude finishes the bloody bowl of mee including the 1.5 litre of soup in 5 MINUTES 39 SECONDS which is 4 MINUTES 21 SECONDS to spare. He set the record time to finish it in Mahkota Parade, Melaka Notice that besides that bowl of soup, his bloody cup of green tea with unlimited amount of refill. I bet this fella is gonna stand around laughing at the noobs who couldn’t even finish on time.

Quick facts about Soon Lam San:
1. Devour 9 pieces of chicken and 2 and a half bottle of chilli sauce in KFC at one time right in front of me. Take note that there’s no chicken wings and only one drumstick in it.
2. 3 packs of maggie mee and a burger ayam double special(2 piece of meat and eggs)
3. Then 2 more pack of maggie for supper
4. Went to McDonald’s buffet ate the burgers, chickens and nuggets worth more than double the price he paid for the buffet.
5. 3 fillet o fish burgers, 1 large set of frie chicken, not to mention the ice cream
6. Midnight 3 am supper of one regular set of fried chicken, one regular set mcdeluxe, 2 apple pies which i ordered for him and he eventually got sore throat the next day
7. Religiously consume 2 set of different meals for dinner
8. Eating all that and still claim to had lost weight this semester….fuck me….
9. His brother and uncle too finished the task around 8 minutes..talk about heritage

Since he finished it in record time, I guess Sushi King would put up this banner whenever such challenge came to play to exhibit his success.

While they are at it, might as well set up on every buffet restaurant to avoid bankruptcy. Take this as a note, he do not need free meals to get by his day and he’s not a cheapskate anyway. Did anyone beat his time? If yes then please tell me.

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  • donna

    i need to hold my jaw from dropping when i read through the quick fact about your friend..is that TRUE???how is that possible??!!!! oh.. u're from UTM too? hmm… n 1 year younger than me.. which makes me your senior too.. hahaha..

  • Eric Lee

    yeap….every facts are true to the core….more things you didn't know about him though…hahaha

  • iriene

    Your friend should join eating contest that can win electronic gadget, vouchers and cash. Few years back, 1 Utama Shopping Mall & Plaza Damas has eating competition. Very interesting :)I enjoyed reading your post very much. Keep it up!Do drop by hwen u r online.

  • Jemsen

    I am a Sushi King fan. I saw this everytime I am there. I thought no one will join. Looks like your friend did it smoothly. Great job!Do visit my blog! Thank you..

  • Eric Lee

    really? there's such contest…although i think he have more electronic gadgets than he is supposed to or any human being supposed to… if there's such contest, kindly inform me…lol


    Wow, that is fantastic. I joined eating contest before. It is not easy especially when we are racing against time. Great post! Do keep in touch 🙂

  • Eric Lee

    Jemsen: Seems like an easy task for him…hahaJames: I would not even think of joining one…I like to take my time with food haha

  • KwOnG FeI

    wow ur friend is super geng..can bring him tour around msia for fastest food eating competition..

  • Eric Lee

    he's not human…that's why hahaha

  • Kennee

    Wow… eating robot!!! XD Superman also lose to him la…XDBtw, nanged ya post on innit and also clicked on ya ads here already… ^^

  • reanaclaire

    haha….your post is so funny and hilarious..did this Soon really wallop the hot steaming big bowl of sushi mee? wa lau eh… hahhaa…good for him ..now he can have free food in sushi.. actually what is the prize? http://www.reanaclaire.com

  • Eric Lee

    yeah…is true about him walloping the whole thing…..the price is you do not need to pay for that mee…haha if you fail to finish in ten minutes then you have to pay for it…

  • kenwooi

    wah.. so fast??the bowl is so damn big leh!!somemore hot right??food monster! =Dkenwooi.com

  • conan_cat

    gosh, your friend sure can eat a lot! D: you sure there's no blackhole in his stomach? 😡 that's a lot of food he take!!!

  • Eric Lee

    kenwooi: the bowl is roughly a bit smaller than his shoulder width i think hahaconan: he IS the black hole…

  • hooichie

    salute your senior!!! wow…i c this competition before, its really very difficult to finish this big bowl ler….O.O…salute him…

  • chris_lim

    Omg crazy eater. I even tried the sushi king big bowl challenge at the same place, mahkota parade melaka. Of coz, I FAILED! No wonder the waitress told me that some guy finished it in less than 6 minutes. Must have been him la!! crazy!

  • Eric Lee

    hooichie: yeah..,it's kinda impossible for me though hahachris: hahaha I bet you must have thought that the waitress is only lying right?

  • samantha

    Oh my~ Is he real? O.OThat's such a huge bowl >.<''Argh~ It makes me feeling full now~

  • Devella

    Ah Soon is SO SO COOL!!! Last time I still remember he told me that he ate 10 McD burgers in 1 time……LOL

  • Eric Lee

    Samantha: you haven't even see the KFC 9 pieces of chicken…make you feel like dowan to eat…hahaDevella: The 10 burgers is the McD buffet i mentioned…haha

  • DJ Isaac Z

    no wonder i'm so damn skinny

  • { aggie }

    I won't be even be able to finish it in 4 days -_____-"

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