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Sushi Meets Lou Sang At Sushi Tei


I was initially quite surprised when I heard Sushi Tei is serving “Lou Sang” for their Chinese New Year menu. Never have I heard before a Japanese sushi restaurant to actually serve a Malaysian Chinese cuisine.

The Sushi Tei that I went for is the one in Tropicana City Mall. Ironically, this is the place where I first met my good online friends and one of them, Lionel was there that night. Ah, the memories!

Sushi Tei Tropicana City Mall

Without anymore delay, let me present to you the star of the night which is Sushi Tei’s CNY Premium Yee Sang.

Sushi Tei’s Yee Sang
The fresh shrimps and salmon slices
Once Everything Was Ready To Be Mixed

Before coming here for the Yee Sang, I heard many good reviews about Sushi Tei’s Yee Sang. I was highly recommended over here to try it and being not much of a Yee Sang fan, I was quite doubtful. However, the fresh salmon slices and shrimps had made the Yee Sang very acceptable for me. Forget acceptable, this is probably one of the rare moments where I truly enjoy Yee Sang. Absolutely love how the shrimps and salmon slices blend in together with the whole dish.

Sakura Ebi Fuwa Fuwa ( RM 13.80 )

One of my favorite for the night is definitely this Sakura Ebi Fuwa Fuwa. It is a deep fried tofu ball with prawn on the inside. The Golden Brown texture is as crispy as it looks and as you chew on it, the softness and sweetness of the prawn inside is just to die for. I can never get enough of this.

Tara Shirako Karaage ( RM 49.80 )

One reason to order this dish is that this dish is actually a seasonal dish. This is because the Taka Codfish used can only be available during winter and the tender and sweet meat of the cod fish is something you rarely find.

Dosanko Sushi Moriawase ( RM 46.80 )
The Stars of Dosanko Sushi Moriawase

If you come to a sushi restaurant without trying their sushi, you are definitely entering for the wrong purpose despite it is just for their Yee Sang. This Dosanko Sushi Moriawase is simply delightful. The crab meat used for this sushi are actually from the claws of the King Crab specially imported from Japan. The shrimp used as well are imported from Japan. Their sweet and tender meat is very delightful and fresh. They are sweet and yet soft which the prawns and crabs here would not be able to achieve it.

Kaisen Shabu Shabu Collagen Nabe Sukiyaki ( RM 36.80 )
Kaisen Shabu Shabu Collagen Nabe Sukiyaki ( RM 36.80 )

I like Sukiyaki. This Japanese steamboat is also one of my favorite for the night. The broth used is very flavorful and fortunately it didn’t taste bland. The ingredients used are fresh. One thing I got to note is the the collagen in this sukiyaki tasted a little too perfect for me as there were not much hint of fishy smell. I definitely hope there isn’t any preservatives used in preparing the collagen.

Salmon Mentaiko

This Salmon Mentaiko is a must try if you are a fan of salmon. The meat is just done right to me liking and absolutely not overcooked.

Haru Cheese Roll ( RM 13.80 )

Haru Cheese Roll compromises of cheese and also soft shell crab in it. It definitely tasted unique and tasted slightly like burritos or popiah. You should give this a try is you are a big fan of cheese and soft shell crabs.

Homemade Mango Ice Cream with mochi and red bean paste

  Their homemade ice cream are definitely very flavorful. Although I prefer creamy ice cream texture but then this dessert is good enough for my liking. Compressing the ice cream, mochi and red bean paste together to be eaten like a pancake. This is definitely a delightful dessert.

Before I end, there is this one more dish that I would like to recommend.


Yes. A Banana Sushi. I was initially quite surprised by it. How would someone even mix a fruit with a sushi dish?

Tropical Dragon Roll

A combination of banana, king prawn, rice and roes. It is a very weird but creative combination and I initially had my doubt in how it would actually taste. I like banana (in a decent way as a fruit) and also prawn sushi. Mixing both my favorites still doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. But when I tried it, I absolutely love it. The sweet banana taste actually enhance the sushi taste and the sweet and salty taste (again, in a decent way) is something I never tasted before. Love the fresh and succulent king prawns and the sweet banana taste to enhance it.

The image below shows the pricing for the Yee Sang and it’s already available at the outlet until 6th February 2012!

Sushi Tei ( Tropicana City Mall branch )
Lot G-16, Ground Floor.
Jalan SS20/27, Petaling Jaya,
47400 Malaysia.
Tel : +603 – 7728 9299
Fax : +603 – 7728 4299
Website : www.sushitei.com

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