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Swearing Meets Gender


Since I had been blogging pretty serious and boring stuff lately, I think I should take a break and loosen up a bit with this post. What do swearing got to do with gender? I always ask this question to many hypocrites and none of them could come out with a satisfying answer. This is how usually the conversation that goes.

A: I hate girls that swear. If I’m gonna choose a girlfriend, she better not be swearing.

Me: What do gender got to do with swearing?

A: Don’t you think it is very unladylike to swear?

Me: No, I don’t. That’s why I ask. Why girls can’t swear?
A: It’s not good. They won’t appear to be feminine anymore. Which guy wants a girlfriend that swears a lot?

Me: You are choosing your girlfriend based on the language they use?

A: No, I don’t mean that. Just that girls that swear already show they had a bad personality.

Me: It don’t. Don’t you swear? Does that mean you have a bad personality?

A: It’s different with guys. Guys swearing is ok.

Me: Is it ok for guys to have a bad personality then? So you can be bad while your girlfriend had to be good la?

A: Is not like that. Do I look like a bad guy? I am not right?

Me: I don’t know because from your earlier definition, you were saying that cursing will portrays a bad personality. So are there any girls that want a guy with bad personality as a boyfriend while they themselves had good ethics?

A: It’s different. Society can overlook the fact that guys can swear but girls can’t. What will my parents say if they heard my girl swearing? What would they say? What would they think and what would others think? Even if I don’t mind, it is still bad for them to swear.

Me: Are the one marrying your girl is your parents or you? Does that mean you chooses your girlfriend based on what other thinks rather than what you two feels? What if the girl brings you back home and the parents found out you swear? If that girl really do not swears, I don’t think she will choose a hypocrite like you as a boyfriend. Does that mean you will dump that girl if she swears while she had to put up with your swearing being together with you? Is that even fair? Are you gonna say that you are a guy which leads to the necessity of swearing and she can’t because she’s a girl?

A: For your information, I don’t swear often unlike you.

Me: There’s a difference between never swear at all and don’t swear often. Don’t try to find an excuse for yourself. Does a person that only steals once awhile and not everyday make him a thief? Admit it. You are just a hypocrite and don’t be fucking lame trying to find an excuse for it.

A: ….

Trust me, that happens almost every time someone mentioned that to me. What I don’t understand is that swearing is not a guy thing to begin with. It doesn’t show manliness or machoness although at times it gain more attention than usual. We just swear for the sake of expressing ourselves properly. Does that mean girls are not allow to do so? It kinda puzzle me why swearing usually being limited to gender only. If swearing can project such a strong emotion and warning towards others, then i should say that girls SHOULD SWEAR MORE. Seriously, there is nothing wrong to me if a girl swears. Why would there be anything wrong?

If a guy keeps bothering a girl and she’s very pissed, what would she say to tell him off? Can you please go away and don’t disturb me? Or can you please get the fuck out of my sight before I smash your balls to pieces? Come on, admit it guys. When we heard a girl saying please go away and being very timid at the same time, most of us will eventually just continue and even putting more effort into it. Wait….may be that’s why guys don’t like girls that swear? Hmmmm…..I see…

It’s More Fun

Trust me, hanging around a girl that swears is so much more fun as they are the type that really opens up and you could actually had more interesting conversation with them. I myself do not like a girl to only listen to me like a newborn puppy. I rather to have debate or meaningful comments and definitely a conversation filled with sarcasm and jokes. Seriously, don’t guys always swear at each other and it is fun doing so? Why limit to only guys or to be exact, why wanna act decent around girls when you are not decent at all to begin with?

If you guys don’t think she’s cute, then you are either gay or having erectile dysfunction.

Besides that, I do not know whether is it only me but when girl uses words like fuck, cock, boobs bla bla during sexual activities are much more arousing? I blame it on all the education I gained from “action movies”, girls sound sexier and hotter using these words. Of course we need a little bit of a bad girl in bedroom in order to spice things up. Let me ask you guys this, if a girl just lies down on a bed and just do anything you want without showing any needs of participation in it, will it be fun? It will be a major fucking turn off for me if you ask me.

My Perception Towards Girls That Swears

May be because I’m a person who don’t usually judge a person by how much they swear because I’m a heavy swearer myself. But I think the most likely reason for me not to mind a girl swearing is definitely the influence of my family. I had a mother, an aunt and a grandmother who eventually swear at almost every single sentence exchange between them. Hard to imagine? Picture the landlord lady in Stephen Chow’s movie “Kung Fu Hustle” and then multiply her by 3. There you have it. Now imagine all three of them inside a conversation. I guess most of you guys understand where I am going at.

My mom sometimes swears so much that she dd not realize she’s swearing at herself. Why? I often got scolded when I’m young by mom and more often than not, she uses explicit words to begin her every single sentence. Let me show you an example.

Mom: Diu nia mah ke chao hai….Didn’t I ask you to pick up your things?

So basically, when I got screwed, I will get screwed real bad and will always filled with words like these. I seriously don’t think my mom is the only mother in the world that curses and swears when they wanted to scold her children. So let me ask you, if your mom swears, then what would you do if you hate girls that swears?

There are a lot of funny things regarding my mom but those are different stories. For your information, I still loves my mom a lot and me telling out these tales doesn’t not mean I’m trying to tarnish her image. Just facts. XD That’s all for now. Signing off.

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