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Tambun The Lost World Hotel & ETS Train Ride


What would sum up the perfect weekend getaway? A trip to a spa and hot spring resort obviously. When you mention hot spring and spa in Malaysia, one could not miss out on the amazing Sunway Tambun Lost World. And, that’s the place where this weekend getaway is taking place. The trip to Tambun Lost World, Ipoh began with our ride with the ETS train. For those who are not aware of the ETS Train(Electric Train Services) is an intercity train that currently operates between Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh. It is actually one of the most preferred way to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh or vice versa and for the rightful reason.

Unlike travelling with busses or the normal train, ETS train provides food for their travellers as well. So even if you are in an immediate hurry to catch the train, do not worry as there will be food available for you inside the train. There’s one reason why it was the most preferred way to commute to Ipoh from Kuala Lumpur.

Another reason would be their spacious cushion seats and interior. To top it off, the ETS train was actually quite silent on the go and the entire ride wasn’t too bumpy at all. The air conditioning works fine and seats are clean. Totally the opposite of what people thought commuting with trains might be. For your information, ETS trains were almost fully booked every time I tried to book their services before this and it is no surprise to why it is fully booked most of the time.

The journey took an approximately 2 hours to arrive Ipoh which is pretty quick. Travelling by car usually takes the same amount of time or might be even longer. Here, you can even avoid those ridiculous AES.

Upon arriving at Ipoh, we embarked on our journey to Sunway Tambun Lost World immediately. Each and every travellers couldn’t wait for them to reach the destination. After waking up early in the morning, the restlessness just grew on you and definitely everyone was anticipating to be at a hot spring resort.

The architecture design of the place is a cross between modern and classic. It had an European outlook to its design but at the same time, the usage of brown giant slabs of brick as the texture of the building, brought out an Egyptian and raw feel to it. The place blends in nicely with the nature while being a standout among the greeneries at the same time.

Obviously, I was hoping for some dinosaurs decor. Anyone get a  clue where does the phrase “Cuckoo Cuckoo Tockee Tockee” originated from which movie?




Upon arriving at The Lost World Hotel, the hotel room is quite spacious and they provide you with every essential things that you need. Toothpaste, toothbrush, towels etc.



They have a large LCD TV in the room as well. Room was pretty much spot clean.



Fluffy and clean beds where you can practise your trampoline stunts on.




Basically, that’s the interior of the hotel room. I usually wasn’t that picky regarding how a hotel room looks like because I know I won’t be spending a lot of time in the room. The only two things I need for a room to be good for me are clean and odourless. The Lost World Hotel nailed these two criteria down in my opinion. Now if only my own personal room in Kuala Lumpur could meet these two terms.

For more info:
Facebook: The Lost World of Tambun
Website: http://www.sunwaylostworldoftambun.com/
ETS Train Service – Ipoh: http://ktmintercity.com.my/index.php/en/perkhidmatan/ets

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